INDIA – Unity of the Seers


I wish here to mention a great Priest – Father Servulo Joseph D.A. Predade of Goa – who since 1986 promoted the mission strongly with the support his Bishop, and many Priests. This Holy Priest is now in Heaven, and I thank him for his work. I also wish to thank Fr. Joseph of Salam-Yhonanpet, who promoted this mission throughout his country, India.

Dorothy Valladares

Since 1986, there have also been Seers in India – one of them being Dorothy Valladares of Embassy Apartments, Andheri, Bombay.

Lucy Lalrinthen

In 1989, a very good lady named Lucy Lalrinthen, of Aizawl, India – a Magistrate of the High Court – began to write to me. She became our special Promoter, spreading the messages and going from home to home promoting the Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer.