OTHER COUNTRIES – Unity of the Seers

Other Countries


Mary Anne Nelson

In 1984, a Seer from Scotland, Mary Anne Nelson, united with me, and continues to correspond with me.

South Korea

In 1988 I became aware of the Seer Stigmatist, Julia Yoon Hong Seen, of South Korea, a visionary via a very good friend of mine, Fr. Leo Steinbach of Japan – a Maryknoll Priest – who joined the Order of Saint Charbel just before he died. Julia confirmed her unity with me but was opposed, strongly, by her Spiritual Director and the Archbishop.


In May, 1996, an Artist in Drama Theatre of the country of Ukraine, began to write to me. He receives messages from Heaven and was told to unite. He is also one of the Disciples. He advised many people in the Ukraine to believe in the `Little Pebble’. He has remained united.