CROATIA – Unity of the Seers


Croatia is a wonderful country of many different States, several of which I have visited on my overseas journeys. Many Seers have been raised over the years in this part of Eastern Europe and a good number of them have maintained unity with me and my mission.

In 1990 I met a Publisher of a Magazine named Darko Gopttlichen of Zagreb, while in Munich Germany. I told him of a prophecy for Croatia which was to do with the war; I also mentioned this while I travelled in Hungary. This prophecy was fulfilled a few months later to the astonishment of the Publisher.

Terezija Hrgarek

This elderly Seer and Mystic, Therezija Hrgarek of Zagreb, was much loved by the people of Croatia who referred to her affectionately as “Grandma” Therezija

As I had travelled much in Eastern Europe over the years, I came to know many Seers well. Therezija followed my Mission and had many revelations about the ‘Little Pebble’ since 1960. I met her in 1987 when I was in Croatia. She had her own Saint Charbel House of Prayer, and Jesus Himself had told her that: “The ‘Little Pebble’ will be Pope, and no one can change that.” Therezija wrote to me many times to tell me what Jesus and Mary had instructed her, and Their directions for me. She remained united to me and defended me until her death. In 1995, I was told by those about her that she prayed for me, constantly, and eagerly awaited the time when I would be proclaimed Pope. She asked Heaven when my Papacy would begin, and Their reply to her was 1999.

In December, 1996, Therezija was taken to the hospital in Zagreb. She was ninety-one years old and failing. However, she continued to make it plain to all that she believed, totally, in the ‘Little Pebble’ and, although he would suffer much, he would be victorious in the end. Therezija died shortly afterwards, but it is interesting to note that for many years she had lived in the same street and been friends with another famous Mystic and Seer, Julia (Julka Simicic). I remember Therezja writing about Julia in 1990 stating that she also had visions of me and believed in me as the ‘Little Pebble’.

I met many other Seers and privileged Souls in Croatia. One of these was a young Seer from Split, Adriana, who had many Apparitions in her local Church. She, too, spoke with me and defended my Mission. The other good souls, Amanda Stampaliga and Joseph Miroworiz, were of enormous assistance to the Mission of Our Lady in Croatia, and were loyal and faithful workers. I remember her often with fond love and gratitude. I have always believed in the Apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje and have visited the Site. In March, 1989, I was in Rome, invited by Jesus to see the Pope, and I was accepted by several Seers. I also met Vicka of Medjugorje as she was with the other Seers from Croatia who had come to see the Pope. One, Ivan Lepinski, of Zabreb, was there also and on 7th June, 1990, he received this Message from Jesus:

JESUS: “The meeting with Pope John Paul did not happen because of disagreements between John Paul II and the Cardinals. The Holy Father was inspired by the Holy Ghost to meet the ‘Little Pebble’, but because the Pope works to keep the Church together, he disobeyed, but Satan interfered.” (Jesus said to Ivan) “Pray for the Pope as he disobeyed the Eternal Father.” (and Jesus said) “Comfort your brother Little Pebble’ because I love him very much. Mother loves him very much, too.”

Julia (Julka Simicic)

Julia is a well-known Mystic. She was born in the early 1920’s, the eldest daughter of thirteen children. Her parents were poor but truly Christian, and God instilled into Julia a love of prayer and solitude, even from her earliest years. Julia was particularly devoted to the Rosary of Our Lady and the Cross of Our Lord. She had a number of Heavenly experiences in her youth, but in her simplicity and humility thought everyone had similar things happen to them. She had always desired to become a Nun, but as her parents were poor and could not afford the traditional dowry, she was persuaded to marry. She had two sons, one dying shortly after birth and towards the end of World War II, her young husband was killed during an enemy bombardment.

Julia decided never to marry again and Consecrated her life to God. It was at this time that Jesus appeared to her and gave her a mission. It is the primary mission of all Seers to preserve and confirm in all souls and in the Church the eternal and changeless Teaching of Our Divine Lord. Julia was commissioned to pray much for the souls on earth who committed so much sin, and to make reparation for them. Our Lord gave her many visions and instructions so she understood the evil in the world, not only in cities and countries, but also in the souls of individuals.

Three volumes of Julia’s visions were put into print with the Blessing of Pope Paul VI under the Title “Jesus Calls us”. She herself revealed to many souls that I would be the last Pope. Julia had known of my existence since I was five years old when our Lady had taken me to her, and Julia and I had played in her garden and she had taught me the Rosary. As I have said, this beautiful lady was united with me, and one of her Priest friends, Father Bogan, used to correspond with me. Father Bogan was friendly with Father Peter Paven, of Medjugorje, who was well acquainted with my messages.

Other Seers of Croatia:

Ivana Tomasevic

In 1990 the young Seer Ivana Tomasevic of the city of Split, Croatia, united to me. She is also well known in that country.

Barto Helena

Also the Seer Barto Helena of Croatia, united to me in the same year. She is a very great Mystic of that country, and well-known.

Josip Mironovic

I wish here to thank the very important Disciple of Croatia, Josip Mironovic, of Zagreb, and his people who have supported me through many trials over the years.

Anthony Stefanac

Also, I wish to thank Anthony Stefanac of Canada, of Croatian descent – for helping me and the people of his homeland in the distribution of my Messages.

Ranka Jovic

The following is an excerpt of a Message given to Ranka Jovic, Seer of Croatia, in April, 1997 (Translated from Croatian)

THE MOST HOLY TRINITY: “… A married man will be put on the seat of Peter. This is God’s will; you do not need to know why. You have to follow instructions given by God, and listen to Prophets – but do not persecute them as before! You may try to kill the bodies, but you cannot kill souls….”

Brother Ivan Lepinski

In 1990 another well-known Seer united with me from Zagreb, Croatia, Br. Ivan Lepinski. He was a member of the Prayer Groups of St. Charbel, and he received messages supporting me.

Goran Marijanovic

In 1987 – 1989: I met a Seer named Goran Marijanovic of Split. He was one of the main Seers with Adriana who received messages in the Church. Many believed. His mission was to place a white cross upon a mountain. This was achieved as he asked for my help and directions.

Maria Litto

Another little girl named Maria Litto, Seer of Split, was united with me.