June 2015 – Month of Mercy (Message from Jesus)

4 June 2015 @7:45 PM

LITTLE PEBBLE: I was saying my Rosary, pacing up and down in my flat — suddenly, I felt a presence behind me and looking over my shoulder. I turned around to see my Sweet Jesus hovering off the carpet. His presence gave me peace. He greeted me and said what I had been told this morning through inspiration came from Him — because this month is the month of the Sacred Hearts — of Jesus and His Holy Mother Mary. He is going to pour out His Mercy for mankind in this month of Mercy:

JESUS: “For those who honour My Most Sacred Heart, and pray one (1) Apostles Creed everyday for a soul of your choice — I will grant that soul nominated his salvation at the hour of death.”


JESUS: “For those who honour the Heart of My Immaculate Mother, praying Her Magnificat once (1) a day, will be granted the salvation of every member of their family going back to the second generation, who are still living.”

JESUS: “Son, I Bless you + and all My precious children + I and My Most Holy Mother will come to you again soon, for this month is one of Divine Mercy +.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then Jesus gave me some private words, Blessed me and left.

The Apostle’s Creed is available here and the Magnificat is available here.