ABOUT THE WARNING – 18 June 2015

LITTLE PEBBLE: During the evening as I woke up, Jesus came and spoke to me about the Warning. He told me He wishes His children to know these special actions of God’s intervention of the Warning. People may wonder what will happen to those people who know nothing about God’s Gift. God is most merciful to every soul who is not aware of what is going on. When the Great Darkness of Three Days comes, their Guardian Angel will bring a candle and take that soul to a safe haven, for the White Cross in the sky will illuminate their soul.

Each soul will experience Purgatory, dependent upon the state of Grace that soul is in. Time will stop for fifteen minutes while God’s Spirit opens-up man’s conscience. It will be a Mini-Judgement, and each person over the age of reason will see, that if he died at that moment, where he would live eternally from then. Some would go to Heaven and will experience a glimpse of Heaven, as a reward for their faith-filled lives. Those who still have sins to expiate will experience the level in Purgatory where they would go, but would be given a glimpse of hope. They would be told the length of stay in Purgatory before they go to Heaven.

Then there are those persons who would see themselves lost in Hell; they will experience Hell and be tormented by the demons; they would be shown the very caves/cells they would be chained in for eternity. But it is God’s Mercy that now gives them one more chance to change their lives, repent of their sinful lives and make reparation for the rest of their lives, until Christ Returns.

After mankind witness the spectacle in the sky and become infused with God’s Knowledge of the state of their souls, darkness will fall over the whole Earth for three days. During this time both Hell and Purgatory will also go into darkness.

Men of goodwill, will have nothing to fear, for the blessed candles must then be lit and the Guardian Angels will become visible to them, and prayers are to be said constantly, asking God for mercy for mankind. Many souls will be called to God during this time – over sixty-million persons will die. Many evil-doers will die a horrible death and will be thrown into the Abyss.

Many households will not be prepared for this event, but God will be merciful to those of goodwill, and the Angels will be sent to them with a blessed candle, food and water, for God is merciful.

All the Mystics, Prophets, Seers and Visionaries will go into ecstasy and be enveloped by the Spirit of God in a Pillar of Light and given instructions to prepare them to guide the Remnant Church after, when all things will return to normal in the world.

The Chair of Peter will be empty after the Warning for a short time.

The Truth will be revealed to the Remnant Church – the Priests and Hierarchy of every Church – and will be told who to follow after the Warning.

Concerning the little children under the age of reason – they will be in a deep sleep during the three days of the Warning.

The Warning will be the most severe upon souls in authority, as God will exact much from them after the Warning – correcting the laws that govern their countries.

There will be peace after the Warning until the Great Miracle is given, where the Mother of God will appear to the whole world as the final act of mercy for mankind.

As the whole world will be Christian for but a short time, the final evangelization will be given before the Antichrist has once again convinced the world that the Warning was only a sign to prepare mankind for the Second Coming of the Messiah, which he will claim to be himself, as he will encourage all to join his new One World Religion. Then will come the final persecution of Christians and the end of time will then arrive, with Jesus’ Second Coming, with the arrival of the Second Three Days of Darkness – where the Remnant Church will be raptured.

The Antichrist will be thrust down to Hell, and the world will be cleansed, and mankind returned to Earth in Jesus’ Second Coming. All of this Jesus told me and locked it in my mind, and said it would be unlocked once I prayed and asked the Angels. Saint Uriel, the Archangel, Saint Gabrielultis and Saint Menoloutis, were the three Angels that helped me to write this.

God Bless

The Little Pebble