Discernment – 25 June 2015

This is a major challenge for Prophets, Seers, Visionaries and even for Priests.

Saint Uriel, the Archangel, is the Guardian Angel for all souls who have been given a Mission from God. The Words from Jesus in the Gospel and the writings from Saint Paul and the Apostles, give us very clear directions.

“By their fruits you will know them!”

“It is not what goes into a person, but what comes out of him, that defiles a man!”

“A bad tree cannot produce good fruit!”

So to help all of God’s children I have been studying the Teachings of the Fathers of the Church and Saints, to help you. Please use these guidelines to discern the Seers.

How do you know a carpenter is a carpenter – or a doctor a doctor? By what they do – not by what is presented in the tabloids of the Media. Discernment is so important now in the 21st Century, because the Earth is roaming with many spirits, causing divisions and confusion. I am using the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas from a book by Father Bourdier by T.T. Tina 1 Robertson, Published by Augustine Pels 1988.

We want to know where these thoughts and feelings come from, or the desires? These come from ourselves. Our spirit has the faculty to think, to reason, to compare and to judge.

Jesus says: “Woe to the world because of scandal!”

Consolation gives peace, joy, and interior illumination. These are infused by God.

Desolation, gives aridity, dryness in prayer, temptation, sadness — to discourage and disgust souls — these are agitated by evil.

Extraordinary Grace of union with God is the reason the soul is being sent great trials – before or after a revelation. For example: contradictions, failure, delays if the answer is yes. It is a good sign, for the life of the Saints are full of these trials.

Study the Seers. Is the person sincere? Is he mentally well balanced? Is his judgement sound? What has he done? Has he progressed in virtue? This alone is a sign his Mission is true. The devil cannot lead souls to practise virtues.

One sign that a Seer is true – if the public are sceptical or hostile towards the apparition and if the people are critical and show doubt – the Seer remains humble, patient and confident. This is a good sign.

Study the revelations! All revelation is to save souls. Has the revelation produced good fruit? Are one’s fruits enduring?

Jesus spoke these Words to Maria Divine Mercy: “A true Seer cannot contradict another Seer!” (because some Messages may seem contradictory, but are not.)

So remember: do not judge, but use the points outlined — and as one of the Popes once said – I think Pope Urban VIII: “It is better to believe than not to believe, because you receive the Graces from God.”

I hope this helps you.

God Bless

The Little Pebble