Message to Seer Olya in Ukraine – 12 April 2005


This Message is from a Seer named Olya, in the Ukraine. The Holy Place near Source in Ternopil. She has received Messages from the Mother of God since June 13, 2003. She has now received over 200 Messages from Jesus and Mary. We received a collection of Messages via email on 10 July 2005.

The Message (below) is much longer, but this section refers to the Little Pebble by name. In the section just before this extract Our Lord is speaking of the Mother of God and Her Title: “Co-Redemptrix” asking all peoples to accept Her in this Role which caused Mary to suffer to such an unmeasurable degree for our Salvation.

It is significant that Our Lord is upholding once again, the Little Pebble as the last Pope.

EXTRACT – local English translation

OUR LORD: “… Who will accept this law, My spiritual persons, and spread it all over the world? My daughter, My servant, inform about this all people in town, in Ukraine and also man, who will become the last on the Apostolic Throne — My Pebble — My last elect — leader of Holy Christ’s Church. May he will reveal the Mystery of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus to the whole world. Just now time for it has come”.

“My daughter, my servant, you so asked to explain about Pope Benedict XVI. You implored in your prayers, because you wanted the greatest, My Glorification and the Glorification of My Holy Mother and only salvation to all of you. I’ll say you so — Pope Benedict XVI is that cover, which for a certain period doesn’t give Antipope to take up post of Apostolic Vicar. It is that cover which holds My Holy Church, Pause — period in order people to receive holy knowledge, to return to Holy Faith, to keep Holy Church. But you have your own will … And the rest is in the previous Message, where everything is clear and holy expressed how it must be”. (12.04.05)