Jesus speaks about Sandra Bland and called it Murder – 26 July 2015

News Article: The Texas Tribune – 21 July 2015 (includes YouTube Video of arrest)

LITTLE PEBBLE: Concerning the Matter of the young woman Sandra Bland, I send my condolences to her family. She now is with Jesus in His Arms.

Jesus has spoken to me about the sad event of Sandra Bland.

To the people of the USA and the World — Jesus wishes you to know of His anger and disgust of how far man has degraded himself.

That the Justice System has become corrupt and truth is being buried to cover up lies, injustice and uncharitable acts.

Jesus told me that Sandra Bland was Murdered and the actions of those concerned covered up the truth to protect those who Govern. Jesus said His Justice will follow!

Sandra Bland is now with Jesus.

Jesus said the World has become unjust towards many innocent souls and that He will soon come to correct the “conscience” of the World and many will feel His Justice — from His Eternal Father.

Riots and Revolution will scurge many Nations as mankind have placed God’s laws aside, going as they please — offending God. Jesus said The Rosary of His Holy Mother is the cure for all the ills of mankind.

Jesus sent His Blessings to the Families surrounding the tragedy.

The Little Pebble, (messenger of God)