Directions from Jesus – 24 August 2015

24 August 2015: Feast of our Lady Help of Christians

Jesus said mankind must pray for the countries of Israel and Iran as an attack upon these nations is near and to remember the Great Warning will not come until the war has broken out — so, there is the sign for you to know.

Jesus also said a major Volcano will erupt shortly — a Volcano which has laid dormant for centuries.

Dear people of God, shortly I will write to you about the situation concerned with “fleeing” — when, why and where — also who is to flee — as many people feel they must do so soon.

God bless,

The Little Pebble

8 August 2015: All Countries that persecute Christians and other believers — of other Faiths will now be punished by God — as God does not support regimes of governments or fanatical souls who kill, maim, persecute — and unjustly — imprison souls who worship God defending their various Faiths. All children must worship God in peace, harmony and freedom.

10 August 2015: Jesus said he wishes his children — before they close their eyes to go to sleep at night — to reflect on their day, and place before them — the good they have done — and the wrong they have done — asking Him for his Forgiveness and Divine Mercy, and to ask Him to bless those whom they have offended and ask for Mercy upon those who offended them, and more so God.

11 August 2015: Jesus said: mankind is busy speaking about human matters namely “climate change” — even trying to place these burdens upon man through Taxation — this is a fallacy as climate change is not caused by those things man is claiming — but more by their sinfulness, as this affects the Earth and the Planetary movements.