Policeman executes Deven Guilford – Jesus tells the Little Pebble it was Murder!

Dear People of God,

Jesus has told me that this was an act of murder, and that it was not only committed by the Officer, but by all those associated — condoning it, and God will judge them the same way that they judged this innocent young man.

This young man is in Heaven and Jesus sends His blessing to the family. Jesus then said further, those who commit such atrocities need to seek God’s Forgiveness and Mercy and God’s children must pray for all souls who have turned to crime and violence covering it under the law of the USA — but this law does not stand (what Jesus means by this is that the laws the authorities are siting to cover up their actions and statements is not the Law). Jesus continues and says, because all men have the right to defend themselves, as it states clearly in the Holy Word of God and in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments given to the USA under its Constitutional Law — given to them by their Forefathers inspired by Christ Jesus.

Jesus continued and said — regarding the law of God His Father given to Moses, it says “thou shalt not kill”. This law stands for every man. He who kills another human being, if they do not repent, will go to Hell at their Judgement.

But, there are justifiable moments where God accepts that a man kills another: 1) when a person threatens a person with a possibility of death; 2) where your children or family are threatened; 3) protecting one’s home or property; 4) and defending Their Country. Only under these circumstances. Jesus says: Many of my children have broken Gods Laws. Soon revolution will come to your land, pray for God’s Mercy. Jesus, Your Loving Saviour.

The Little Pebble

Jesus wants this message to reach The President of The USA — Mr. Barak Obama as Jesus asks him to do something about these unlawful acts as they are unjust and displease God.

See video of incident: http://youtu.be/h-uXeAvpVHk