Message from Jesus to a Nun in Germany – 16 June 1965




(NOTE: ‘The beloved servant’ is the ‘Little Pebble’)

JESUS: “Yes, My daughter, I will glorify the new day of the Holy Thursday in a unique way.”

“The Cross and the Holy Eucharist are inseparable; that is why My Shining Cross on the evening of the New Holy Thursday will remind everyone of My painful Passion, and My Holy Eucharist will grow like a Divine Sun before the eyes of all mankind.”

“Be happy, My daughter, because this will be a happy hour for you, for your relatives and for many souls who are waiting for Me and who realise that My great Second Coming is not far off. In this moment, My daughter, (Apparition of the Cross and the Holy Eucharist) the world will realise that I am bringing Order and I have already given all My Power to My dearly beloved servant, who is after My own Heart, and over whom so many have made a mockery of.”

“What a humiliation it will be for many to be obedient to him – as Us – whom they saw as a cheap object of mockery and scorn!”

“Then, My daughter, I am telling you, many in the Hierarchy of the Church – especially the high-ranked ones – will be forced to bow to him. What hard humiliations have I saved for those ‘great’ ones. The hour will come when many enemies will throw themselves before My dearly Beloved Servant, and they will bow their heads before him.”

“I will revenge and glorify My son because of his great loyalty and love; I will say to all his enemies: ‘If not those of unjustness, maliciousness and impureness, in what does your love for Me exist, you – who more than others – owe to your God? And your charity towards your brothers, where is it?'”

“The works that you offer to Me are neither from Me nor for Me. The ones from Me you have not completed, you even made a mockery of that.”

“Yes, My daughter, what horrible humiliations, what shame and what pangs of conscience for those souls. Everyone of these souls will be judged and punished according to their sin. I will not allow these souls to be lost, if they humble themselves and beg forgiveness, because no soul will be lost if it begs salvation in spite of their very grave sins. However, these souls will be punished according to their sins.”

“All those who stood by My servant, My beloved son, as he was alone and deserted, will be at his side. They will be witnesses of the infallible and unprecedented Justice which I will execute for the Glory of My great ‘servant of Love’.”