QandA – Little Pebble to Thornbush – 11 March 1996


THORNBUSH: Our Lord was present all throughout the Mass standing on the Altar, and I could see the Holy Eucharist through Our Lord. I could feel, deeply, all of the Wounds interiorly, even more than before, especially the Crown of Thorns. I offered this unceasingly. The ‘Little Pebble’ came, and I saw that he was also suffering.

Our Holy Mother appeared as Our Lady, Queen of Peace. I asked for the Sign, and it came. There were twelve stars over Her Head and on the veil upon Her Head were twelve gold roses, and they seemed to glitter. Our Holy Mother held a fifteen-decade Rosary made of wooden beads.

The Holy Ghost flew out of Her Immaculate Heart as a magnificent White Dove and was instantly transformed into a magnificent White Ball of blazing Fire just over Father Blais’ head as he was celebrating Holy Mass. Our Holy Mother always prostrated, very deeply, towards Our Lord on Her Knees, and Their Hearts became so full of Light that They were connected together by this Light.

At the final Blessing at the end of Mass the Holy Trinity Blessed us through Father Blais, and then Our Holy Mother Blessed us just after: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I prayed my prayers of thanksgiving after receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion – then They both came closer, standing just over the vase of roses. Our Lord spoke:

OUR LORD: “Through the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother Mary, I greet you, My ‘White Rock’, seeking to know the truth. I greet all of Our children.”

“As I have told you, we are pleased with the initiative that you have taken to ask numerous questions regarding various events of the past, present, but especially pertaining to what shall come in the future. I know well the hearts of all creatures, My little son; listen well, for your plea has reached Our Undivided and United Hearts. All of these questions could be answered very quickly, My child, with only one word. However, through My Infinite Mercy I will explain.”

“You need to truly realise that the time of the Apocalypse is now, for you are living in the time called the “Middle” or “Centre Point” of the end of time. My children must be very careful when they are tempted by Satan to believe that there is no hope for the future as nothing that was prophesied has occurred yet. Guard well you hearts from this temptation, My children, for it shall discourage many hearts to the point where you will not be able to desire to persevere, and you shall blame God.”

“Remember the time of Old when My Heavenly Father sent Moses to free His chosen people from the Egyptians who transformed them into slaves of Pharaoh, and mere animals, bearing little or no value at all. Now, My little ‘White Rock’ you are witnessing the same once again, only this time Our people have become slaves of the spirit of the world, which is ruled by Satan. Just as the Israelites have complained, continuously, so too, has this continued with this generation, which in reality has become ungrateful! However, Our Infinite Love, Pity and Mercy look upon this generation but there is also Justice. We have not abandoned this weak generation; it is just the opposite, for most of this generation have abandoned God.”

“They believe that what is of the world shall satisfy their needs and desires, but Our wandering little children must bear in mind and in heart that what is of this world is only a temporary mirage that will pass away and disappear.”

“How I have suffered within all of My entire Body and soul for this generation, and yet many have forgotten this event of Infinite and Divine Mercy Willed by My Heavenly Father to save this generation, and all generations.”

“My child, little ‘White Rock’ and future Vicar, My children believe that they have already suffered too much, but this is very little compared to what they shall suffer in the near future to repair the many offences that they have made towards the Goodness of God.”

“When Moses led the Israelites – the chosen people – out of Egypt, there were many obstacles, and yet through patience and true faith each obstacle was overcome. The chosen people were freed and Moses led the people on the long journey towards the land of which they were promised, called the Promised Land.”

“However, because so many complained and even became spiteful among themselves – but also towards Moses – many were not permitted to enter into the Promised Land, and a great number died before. Through the numerous trials and difficulties this chosen people took all that they were given for granted, and demanded more.”

“The very important and grave error that was made was this: this chosen people believed that because they were the “chosen elect” that they would be given the Promised Land without any effort or trouble, and that they did not need to sanctify their souls. This was not so – just as it is not so for the elect of this generation.”

“My Holy Vicar, John Paul II, is leading this generation now towards My Second Coming and the New Holy Era, which is the Promised Land, and after him shall come My future Vicar, Peter II. But I promise you, My little son, that the journey will not be any easier, for all who are called are called to become Saints, and to therefore sanctify their souls in all things by applying Our Holy Virtues in their lives.”

“The many prophecies have not yet come to pass for the simple reason that time was misinterpreted by Our children; because My Heavenly Father does not will that time be explained regarding the prophecies.”

“You must take courage, My little son, little ‘White Rock’ and ‘Little Abraham’, for all that has been prophesied shall all come to pass just as it did for Moses and Abraham. However, unlike Moses, you are called to enter into the New Holy Era with Our chosen flock. It is a question of true faith, My chosen ‘White Rock’, for when I shall return how much faith will I find?”

“If there were not a lack of faith now, and only a total lack of understanding, then the Church would not have become so ill, because true faith always overrules human understanding, and logical understanding. Be not concerned, My child, about the Warning and all of the difficulties and chastisements to come. At the given time you shall be aware.”

“There is no reason for Our little children to become preoccupied with dates or with the questions of how, where, when and why. Now is the time for all of Our children to pray with a great love and devotion My Holy Mother’s Holy ‘Weapon of Truth’. Now is the time for Our little children to sanctify their souls and to accept their small crosses, and to be virtuous. Now is the time for all of Heaven’s Chosen Communities to be formed under My Most Blessed Mother Mary’s Mantilla. Our children are to reflect upon the events that have taken place in the Old Testament to be able to persevere and to prepare for the future.”

“When all is accomplished for the salvation of souls and for the Glory of God, then all that is offered is not offered in vain, My sweet ‘Little Rock’. Remember that the Plan of God is infallible and perfect, and the time of each event is according to His Most Omnipotent Will.”

“You need to be aware that it is man’s free will that manipulates man, by their acts, because every act bears a consequence towards the following act – so therefore a domino effect is established. This occurs for every act, whether it is positive or negative. It is for this reason why decisions should not be made frivolously. This is one secret.”

“As we have already told you, My ‘White Rock’, help shall come from the True Church Authorities. Guard your patience. A division will occur regarding My Holy Mother’s Apparitions and the Revelations of which My Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II believes, very strongly. Already many of My sons within the hierarchy of the Church have decided to go against My Holy Vicar regarding this point, and also many other matters concerning My Most Holy Mother.”

“Many of Our Chosen Priest-sons shall enter into the Chosen Communities within the Orders. May souls will be inspired, very profoundly, to found and to enter into the Chosen Communities – this has already begun. This Calling will be so evident and clear that it shall be undeniable. I shall raise more Mystics, Seers, Voice-boxes and Privileged Souls so that the Voice of Heaven will be heard in all corners of the Earth, as a Sign of Hope.”

“The division in the Church, the division against the Seers, the division amongst the Apostles and the Disciples; the division between the Churches and the reason why this world has become disillusioned  is all because of disobedience.”

“My ‘Little Peter’: remember that I know My Own, and My Own know Me. You and all of My children are called to walk upon the waters of true faith and as you do, you will always know of My Presence, and My Most Holy Mother as our consolation and Guide.”

“My little ‘White Rock’: you needed to know that it is true regarding the fact that if ‘Little Bartholomew’ and ‘Little John’, our Chosen Priest-sons, did have their jurisdictions, the Communities would not have existed as they are now, because their respective Bishops refused to believe, for they do not understand why the Chosen Communities are necessary, and they see them as competition.”

“However, My little son, know that even this obstacle shall be overcome through true faith because My Chosen Priest-sons have truly obeyed the Voice of God and not the logical understanding of man.”

“The Victory shall come through My Most Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart, so therefore continue to listen to all that is true and just, so that you will be able to lead Our chosen people, the elect – when it will be time – upon the path of sanctity with My Chosen Priest-sons, towards the Promised Land, the New Holy Era, for you are all soldiers of true faith of My Most Holy Mother.”

“Be not afraid, dear children of God, to go forward in My Name and My Most Blessed Mother’s Name, and persevere through your true testimonies of your true faith, for your reward is a hundredfold.”

“I Bless you, My little son and ‘White Rock’ of Our Undivided and United Hearts: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen – and through the Immaculate Heart of My Blessed Mother I Bless all of Our little children: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“As King of All Nations and as your Merciful, Loving and Just Saviour.”