Jesus says: One Nation Will Convert Totally – 12 September 2015

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus said to me today, that one Nation will convert totally — and become a second Israel, who will oppose the Antichrist, and God’s Laws will govern this land — and that I would be called to lead these People together with the Holy Monarch, the one who comes from France — whom the People are waiting for.

There will be two other Nations who will form an Alliance with this Nation to oppose and fight the Antichrist.

Jesus said: “My chosen People Israel, though at first, defeated by the enemies of God — will once again return to Me (God) and believe in the True Messiah who was Crucified by their forefathers, but Rose from the Dead.”

“The mystery of Peter the Roman the Second, will be understood soon as Peter Abraham II will come from the hub under the Eastern Rites to be the Last Peter who will reign after the Great Illumination. This will inspire our Children to understand the meaning of the three Popes of the End Time.”

Jesus also told me some days ago that Halloween celebrations do not come from Heaven and people should not involve themselves with it.

The Little Pebble

Here (below) are two letters written to me a few years ago by a Charbelite Bishop. It is interesting when we read these letters in relation to the message below given to the Seer in Brazil in 2011:

The Seer Pedro Regis (Brazil): the message is from 14 March 2011 and says “When a man presents himself with three names there will be great confusion in the House of God

[We believe it refers to: Costellia – Peter – Abraham (the Little Pebble)]

Letter #1 from a Charbelite Bishop:

Dear Little Pebble,

​May God bless you with a happy new year and with a return to freedom. We continue to pray for you and for your intentions. We are also continuing with our preparations in this, the first year, of the Great Tribulation.

I have been reading the Divine Mercy messages at our my slow pace and recently re-read the contentious text that was cited against you this past summer.

“Peter the Roman is My Peter, the original apostle who will rule My Church from the Heavens under the command of My Eternal Father. Then when I come to reign, at the Second Coming, he will rule over all of God’s children when all religions will become one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” (MDM 2012-04-12).

A careful reading of the text does not support the idea that ‘My Peter’ refers to Saint Peter, the first Pope and head of Our Lord’s first group of apostles.

Firstly, ‘Peter the Roman’ is a reference to the last pope listed in St Malachy’s prophecy, and there has never been a suggestion that the first pope could also be the last. This prophecy from the 12th century has long been recognized in the Church. The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia provides some general information about it and confirms its surprising accuracy with respect to labels for Popes reigning before and during the beginning of the 20th century. Clearly, Our Lord’s reference to ‘Peter the Roman’ is intended to validate St Malachy’s well-known prophecy and to show how Peter the Roman fits into His revelations about the End Times.

Secondly, the Lord identifies Peter the Roman as ‘My Peter, the original apostle …’ This additional clarification also does not refer to St Peter. According to St John’s Gospel, the two original apostles of Jesus were initially disciples of Saint John the Baptist.

“… watching Jesus as he walked by, he (John the Baptist) said, Look, this is the Lamb of God. The two disciples heard him say it, and they followed Jesus” (John 1: 37-38).

One of these is presumably Saint John and the second is Saint Andrew who, subsequently, introduces his brother, Simon (Peter), to Jesus the Christ (John 1: 40-42).

The phrase ‘My Peter, the original apostle …’, continues to expand on the role and identity of Peter the Roman. Like Saint Peter, ‘My Peter’ will be a rock, but, on this rock, the Lord will build the restored Church of His Kingdom:

“he will rule over all of God’s children when all religions will become one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”.

He will also be the original apostle of the End Times or of the latter days.

The reference to ‘My Peter’ highlights his foundational significance as well as Lord’s intimacy with him. The unity of the Church in Christ’s Kingdom is the outward sign of the unity of the will of each of the Church’s members with the Will of the Father. As the original apostle, who even during the years of the Tribulation … will rule my Church from the Heavens under the command of My Eternal Father ‘My Peter’ must already have demonstrated this unity of his will with that of the Father.

In order to comprehend how the two very different interpretations of the passage from Maria Divine Mercy could have arisen among followers of the Little Pebble and members of the Order of Saint Charbel, we need to revisit the parable of wise and foolish virgins (Saint Matthew 25). Unity with the Little Pebble demands more than simple fidelity to the current Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. As Our Lord has pointed out, the Church has no dogmatic statements about what will happen in the End Times. It’s advice or opinion has been formulated over time with the Church’s usual prudence. However, just as the bridegroom in the parable shows up rather suddenly ‘at midnight’, the time of the Tribulation has also come upon the Church, and all of us, rather suddenly. Without that extra measure of faith in the revelations from Heaven, including those of the last 30 or so years from the Little Pebble, Catholics (as well as the rest of the world) do not and will not have the living faith they need to illumine the darkness and confusion of the End Times.

God bless,

Charbelite Bishop

Letter #2 from the same Charbelite Bishop:

Dear Little Pebble,

Once again, I want to share some thoughts with you. I’m returning to the widely misunderstood MDM message of April 12, 2012 which refers to Peter the Roman. In a previous letter [see Letter #1 above], I pointed out that ‘Peter the Roman’ and ‘My Peter, the original apostle’ cannot refer to Simon Peter, the first Pope.

This letter focuses on the next phrase ‘who will rule My Church from the Heavens under the command of My Eternal Father’. The key to understanding it may be found in Revelation (19: 7-21).

Saint John saw ‘heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true …’. Even though Saint John sees him initially in the heavens, a few verses later, he says the following:

“And the armies that are in heaven followed him on white horses…And out his mouth proceedeth a sharp two-edged sword; that with it he may strike the nations. And he shall rule them with a rod of iron …”

He leads the armies of heaven to restore the natural order among the wayward nations of the earth, and these verses leave no doubt that this will be achieved. His rule over the nations is clearly consistent with St. Malachi’s prophesy about Peter the Roman who, as the last Pope, will become God’s Vicar in His Kingdom on earth.

The verses towards the end of the chapter provide more detail about the decisive battle: Faithful and True is the man to whom God entrusts the battle with the Antichrist.

“And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies gathered together to make war with him that sat upon the horse, and with his army.”

“Finally, the beast and the false prophet ‘were cast alive into the pool of fire, burning with brimstone. And the rest were slain by the sword of him that sitteth upon the horse …”

So the victorious outcome, which was implicit in the verse about the nations, is confirmed by this last verse.

This chapter of Revelation has quite a bit of information, then, about how Peter the Roman comes to rule God’s Church from the heavens, and, as the Word of God, it also implies that he is ‘under the command’ of the Eternal Father. Similarly, in the Gospels, Jesus states that the timing of these and other related events is in the Father’s hands. The strong, explicit statement about Peter the Roman in the MDM message, however, suggests that there is more to this phrase than what is revealed by a very cursory review of the Gospels.

A more recent MDM message takes us a step closer.

“… know that I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth. He will do this at a time when no other Cardinal, Bishop, priest or any sacred servant of Mine will have the courage to do so” (MDM, 5/10/2014).

This message from Jesus highlights both the isolation and the courage of the Prophet-Leader but it also goes on to describe how, in speaking out, others will rise up.

“When his is raised, I have other plans to bring all those faiths together, who do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, as being the Son of God.”

These plans for our time that Our Lord refers to are presumably those of the Father. Faithful and True is an explicit part of the Father’s Plan, and, in this way, under His command.

This would seem to be the MDM message that Our Lady refers to in her message to you [Little Pebble] on May 18th 2014.

“… I chose you to lead God’s people in the Conflict in the Church and in the world. A few days ago, My Divine Son, Jesus, revealed the same to you, to confirm to you and to the world [that] what Jesus revealed to the Last Prophet coincides with the messages given to you.”

In addition, this other message to you, from Jesus on May 16th — your birthday, provides a direct reference to the verses of Revelation considered here.

“… it was not by chance you were born in the year of the Great Dogma of My Mother’s Assumption into Heaven, for on this day, I Ascended into Heaven also, and this signifies your Calling as My Last Leader for God’s children during the time of the reign of the Antichrist.”

For someone called to be under the command of the Eternal Father, God would know about it from the moment of their birth.

Your messages and those of MDM also provide other background information that allows us to flesh out the symbolic images of the Faithful and True verses and to apply them to this time.

This information falls into 3 themes to be discussed here. The first expands on the idea that, before and after the Second Coming, it is God’s Prophets who must represent Jesus and lead the faithful. Secondly, an example is given of how prophecies of the Gospels and the Hebrew Prophets are being fulfilled at this time, along with the prophecies of the current Prophets.

The last theme is a comment on the sense of isolation of the Little Pebble (and other prophets) and its contrast with the image in the Faithful and True chapter of a leader at the head of great armies of heavenly warriors.

Prophets as representatives of Jesus — consider the MDM message, in which Our Lord explains her role as the Last Prophet of the End Times.

“I speak through her. Her voice becomes Mine. Her sorrow and pain are Mine. Her love for others is My Love. Her joy comes from my Sacred Heart” (Book of Truth, Vol. 3, p 291).

These words do not say that she is Jesus or that her soul is the soul of Jesus. It is clear, however, that Our Lord wants to emphasize that her messages exactly convey His words, His thoughts, and His Love for us. She is able to do this because she has surrendered her will to His. In this way, she becomes a model for us, who are also ‘required to do My Holy Will at all times’ (from same message).

Similarly, in your birthday message (Message 701), Jesus acknowledges the gift of your free will to Him. Of course, this is just one of many acknowledgements of your union with the Divine Will and your mystic marriage with Mary, whose Immaculate Heart is united with His Sacred Heart. Jesus has made it clear that, even after His Second Coming, He will not walk the earth or talk face to face with His disciples as He did in His first public ministry. Instead, the faithful in these End Times must recognize that He speaks directly to us through MDM and the Little Pebble, His two Prophets, who represent Him here on earth.

Why are they necessary? Just prior to the chapter about Faithful and True, Revelation describes the institutions of the world at this time just before the re-establishment of God’s Kingdom as ‘Babylon’ or the ‘great harlot’:

“… for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for all nations have been deceived by thy enchantments. And in her was found the blood of the prophets and of saints, and of all that was slain upon the earth” (Rev. 18: 23-24).

Merchants and billionaires, not men of God, serve as the models for greatness, and this deceit reflects a tyranny of evil that actively destroys those who promote the Truth, namely that God exists, that He created us out of His Love for us and that our dignity and happiness come from God. Because the Truth is the light of men, its destruction has as it’s end, the destruction of human life, including the many millions of unborn children. The blood of these innocents slain by abortion and of the prophets and saints rends the Heart of the Creator.

The Little Pebble and MDM messages alert us that now is the time to prepare for and enter the Messianic Kingdom promised by Jesus. This promise of the Gospels refers to the re-establishment of the earthly paradise. In this Kingdom, He will be recognized and obeyed as both King and God.

Another name for the book of Revelation is the Apocalypse. The Greek roots of this word, apo-, “reversal” + kaluptein, “to cover” clearly indicate that God plan is to disclose and reverse the cover-up. The contrast of the tyranny of deception with the joyful proclamation of Jesus’ Second Coming and His Kingdom makes the promises of the Lord and the messages of His Prophets so compelling. As the hero of the book of the Apocalypse, Faithful and True, the Little Pebble, judges truly and fights for the good. Moreover, Revelation declares that ‘his name is called THE WORD OF GOD (Rev 19:13).

Fulfillment of prophesy from both the Gospels and Hebrew Prophets The promise of the Gospels is also the promise of the Hebrew (Old Testament) Scriptures. Two verses in the passage of Revelation point to Chapter 63 of Isaiah:

“… he was clothed with a garment sprinkled with blood;

… and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God the Almighty” (Rev 19: 13,15).

Isaiah 63 begins with two questions. The first is about the identity of a person ‘coming from Edom, with dyed garments from Bosra, the beautiful one in his robe. The second focuses on his clothes that are stained bright red. He answers:

“I have trodden the winepress alone, and of the Gentiles there is not a man with me: I have trampled on them in my indignation, and have trodden them down in my wrath, and their blood is sprinkled upon my garments, and I have stained all my apparel” (Is 63:3).

In Isaiah, it is the blood of the Gentiles, the enemies of Israel, that squirts out of the treading in the winepress of God’s wrath. One must remember here, that ‘gentiles’ is not used the same way Saint Paul used it. In his letters, ‘gentiles’ refers particularly to non-Jews who believe in Jesus, who have abandoned their previous worship of idols, and who, as Christians, are co-heirs of the promises of God to Israel. In Isaiah, gentiles are the people who persecute the people of God and seek to enslave them. Their city is the original Babylon.

Their blood stains the garments of the beautiful one, Israel’s triumphant Prophet, walking ‘in the greatness of his strength’. This image highlights the power manifested in the person of God’s Last Leader. He alone warns of the Anger of God directed at His enemies, at those who will be destroyed should they continue to implement their plans. The following words are from the mouth of the Eternal Father.

“… My Heart is breaking at this time, as man, through the wickedness of his sins, have finally tried My Patience. My hurt and pain is compounded by My Anger, as I cannot allow the infestation, which has befallen humanity on such a level, to continue…My Hand of Justice now falls on nations who defy, blatantly, My Laws” (MDM, Vol 3, p. 256).

In Revelation, the reference to the ‘garment stained with blood’ takes on another meaning, in light of Christ, the Son of God, whose Blood paid the price of our salvation. To the faithful destined for the New Era, the Eternal Father confides a different message.

“Prayer will be the weapon, which will slay the beast. It will not be thru war, through the power of those elected in high places or those who lead my churches on Earth, that the infestation will stop. It will be through the faith of those who are loyal to Me, God the Most High, and those who accept My Son, Jesus Christ, as Saviour, that the world will be saved” (MDM, Vol. 3: p 95).

These two perspectives may explain why Faithful and True wields a sharp, double-edged sword. For the stubborn enemies of God, it brings an end to life in both the physical and spiritual senses of the word. But, for those who repent and welcome the promise of redemption, it is the Blood of Christ that gains eternal life for them. As part of God’s Plan, His Prophets, and the faithful united with them in His Army, are invited to atone for the sins of others. This treading of ‘the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God the Almighty’ invokes the redemptive Blood of Christ upon them.

In the Disciple’s Prayer (72) from MDM, we ask the following of Jesus:

“Take me into Your Sacred Heart and cover me with Your Precious Blood so that I am filled with the graces to spread conversion for the salvation of all of God’s children in every part of the world no matter what their creed is”.

The MDM message of May 10th reflects on the success of those united with God’s Prophets in praying and atoning for those caught up in the deception of the Beast.

“So powerful will this generation of Mine be, in spreading the Truth, than many of those who were misguided and who were led down a path of great error will turn and come running back to me. They will spread so quickly that for every heresy committed against Me, millions of souls will be converted …. While the new religion will devour souls, through lies, I will regain three times that amount, by ensuring that God’s children do not forget the Truth.”

In this time of God’s Great Mercy, then, it is mostly the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, which stains the garments of His Prophet and Leader.

The isolation of God’s Leader while leading the heavenly armies — the isolation of the Little Pebble in prison is a fact. He is removed from his family and Community and only receives very restricted visits from his friends one day a week. This sense of isolation is captured in Isaiah:

“I sought and there was none to give aid …” (Is 63:5).

A number of MDM messages also talk about the isolation of the Prophets as part and parcel of their giving their will to Jesus.

In contrast, the Faithful and True scripture emphasizes the unity of the leader with his heavenly armies. This difference seems to be mostly accounted for by different perspectives, that of the human Prophet vs Heaven’s view of what is being achieved.

Current messages have mentioned a number of times that all the saints and angels of Heaven are fighting at our side. Even though we humans cannot see them, we are still asked to invoke their aid as we persevere in our mission to serve God. Thus, the images about Faithful and True encourage a sense of solidarity with the Church Triumphant.

At your prayers in prison and at our prayers with perhaps a handful of fellow members in our Charbelite Chapels, this sense of isolation can also lead to discouragement about the fruits of our labors. In this respect, Heaven has also been very reassuring about the contribution our prayers make to the ongoing battle for souls. This was highlighted in the message on your birthday.

“… the Mission given to you so many years ago will, by the time I Return in My Second Coming, have saved some ten million souls from damnation, and your personal sacrifices will save one million souls, and the Mission under My Most Holy Mother under Her Title as Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians, would have released ten billions souls out of Purgatory to come and live in the New Holy Era of Peace to come after I come again”.

Perhaps these souls constitute but one of the heavenly armies.

In any case, the view from Heaven is very different from our earthly perspective, and, for most of us, that is not likely to change. Nevertheless, these reminders about the big picture are one of the many ways we are constantly being upheld, inspired and comforted by Jesus, Mary, our patron saints and guardian angels as we — you and your fellow Charbelites — trudge along our apparently lonely paths.

I send my love. Your present abode seems way out-of-place for someone with a “biography” in the book of Revelation, and we join our prayers to yours for a change of address. We look forward to your next trip …

God bless,

Charbelite Bishop

NOTE: Since these letters were written, the Little Pebble has been released.

Now read the Message (below) given to the Seer, Yolandita in 1996. This Message supports what has been written by the Bishop in his two letters above.


YOLANDITA: The Blessed Mother appeared in Her red warrior-robe, holding a sceptre in Her left Hand and an Ark in Her right Hand. She wore a large golden crown. I tested, and was given the ‘Sign’.

OUR LADY: “My daughter, Yolandita: you are beginning to see now that your mission is very important in the greater scheme of events and circumstances. You are to tell My son – My little ‘White Rock’, the ‘Little Pebble’ and next true Vicar of Christ – to wait.”

“In the wee hours of the morning – when the snow melts, in the spring – major events will occur at that time. That is when I will come to all of My children – ready or not – as the ‘Morning Star’. It will be the time of the great warning, the event which will touch the hearts of all people in all nations.”

“All that survive shall know God’s Truth and His Justice; His fury shall wreak havoc upon the world! At that time, enlightenment shall come to all My children – which will include the Truth about the one who will be the next Vicar of Christ.”

“Many who were once against you will be fervently on your side – defending you until their death. Still others shall fall away from their God, completely. Enlightenment shall come to My children as a Gift from their God, and they shall know the error of their ways.”

“Do not be concerned and worried about the future, My son. Remember that I and My Son, Jesus, are always at your side to guide and protect you. We are at your beck and call. I assure you; My Motherly mantle is wrapped around you tightly so that no real harm can ever befall you. Soon the trumpets will sound to announce your arrival as the true Vicar of Christ on Earth, and He will not fail you. Know that all of your prayers are heard; they do not fall upon deaf ears. Soon, all will come to pass, My son. My Immaculate Heart will triumph, and all will follow you as the one and only true Vicar of Christ on Earth.”

“You must surrender all of your fears and concerns to My Son, Jesus, and they will soon be no more. You must not allow frustration to get the better of you. When you feel such anxieties coming on – immediately release them into My Son’s Most Sacred Heart, and they will penetrate His Holy Wounds.”

YOLANDITA: I see Our Lord holding the ‘Little Pebble’ in His Arms, tightly, with the ‘Pebble’s’ head pressed against Our Lord’s Sacred Heart. Our Lord’s Chin rests on the ‘Little Pebble’s’ head.

OUR LADY: “Let him know that We, of Heaven, Love him very much, and that a vast army of Angels and Saints surround him at all times. For such is the Power and the Plan of God, Almighty.”