Message to Little James – Uganda – 9 September 2015

Message to Little James in Uganda, Africa

9/09/2015 at about 7:05 AM


Little James: I can see the holy martyrs of Uganda, a few minutes later suddenly an overwhelmingly mild force envelopes me.

With me I can see St. Theresa of Jesus with a golden crown upon her head – she holds in her arms a book and an inscribing pen.

Few minutes later we both appear kneeling in front of a holy tabernacle in an enclosed sanctuary. A bright beam of light descends from above through the vault. Gradually the tabernacle vanishes.

Then mist – gold clouds envelop and fill the small sanctuary and celestial choirs of Angelic Spirits of different hierarchies are seen. A great rapture follows.

Then in the midst of the great rapture I can see the throne of the Most High God – we both prostrate then afterwards kneel again.

In great serenity St. Theresa of Jesus says a prayer. “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”.

Saint Theresa of Jesus: “O God Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier I solemnly consecrate to you my finite nature, my intellect, my will – in the liberty of my human understanding and all the abilities of my feeble faculties – for the defence of the mysteries of our Redemption and Salvation which You have freely bestowed upon all human souls to labor with fidelity, humility and charity for the glory of Your Name and for the propagation of the intentions of holy Mother church – that humanity may recognize its heritage and destiny. I accept with love the designs you have decreed to become of me to be always disposed in accordance to Your Will. Amen. Amen.”

Little James: Shortly I can see an Angel clothed in dazzling white holding a sword and a shield carrying the inscription of the divine priesthood. He stands before me with a tender countenance and says

Angel: “Peace to you my brother and fellow servant of God. Be not afraid I have been sent by the Most High God to you. Soon the Queen will come to you – for I am sent to prepare for Her coming. She has much to speak to you”.

Little James: The Angel then thrusts his sword into my breast and he says:

Angel: “This is the amour of God and His divine Word – it is a sword to strike His enemies and pursue them. This sword is transmitted to you. Peace be to you servant of God and the Great Empress and Mother of God”.

Little James: He suddenly vanishes and I can see myself kneeling with St. Theresa of Jesus in the midst of a radiant cloud.

Then I can see Great St. Melchizedek and St. Padre Pio kneeling with me – they suddenly turn into doves – the celestial choirs of Angels are seen in great numbers chanting the “Ave gratia plena”.

Then in a few minutes a float approaches with Our Lady enthroned under Her title as the Co-Redeemer holding a golden scroll in Her right hand – the scroll starts to produce mystic flames. St. Catherine of Siena and St. Theresa of the Child Jesus also join St. Theresa of Jesus. Shortly Our Lady says:

Our Lady Co-Redeemer: “My little child – peace to you. I come today as your divine Mother and Co-Redeemer. Today be ready for in the later hours I shall come again and deliver to you my communication – to you and all my little children throughout the world. Peace be with you.”

Little James: Then Divine Infant Jesus appears folded in the arms of the divine Mother. He tenderly smiles and blesses me. The vision runs for a moment before vanishing.


Little James: At about 15:40 p.m. during recollection and meditation I can see St. Michael the Archangel with his sword along with the Angel who had appeared in the earlier encounter – they both stand before me with a tender gaze. Then St. Michael says:

Saint Michael: “The hour to dethrone evil and crush its blasphemous pen is here and now – set yourself for the final battle – for God has set this time for the Triumph of Our Queen”.

Little James: Shortly St. Michael leads me to a secret place – I can see a great assembly of satanic sects. The sworn enemies retort at forever crushing all Truth and Virtue before their matter of darkness – all denominations from secular to highly ranked religious gathered.

Then one of the descended spirits next to Satan takes on the likeness of man and all sects adore the personified evil and proclaiming it their lord.

The beast wages war against the church – conquers the holy see – this great fury spreads throughout the world.

At this, greatly deceptive disillusions, signs and portents are revealed by the beast – the world goes wild and recognizes its reign as king.

In great tyranny it stoops over the throne and says “Where are the keys for this throne of abomination for ages proclaimed sovereign from our power. This is the time to dethrone it and crush this blasphemous body which has insisted at fighting against our designs and will – the so called Catholic Church which has so emptily promised men freedom and peace without achieving it but rather promoting its ill desires and forcing its yoke upon people’s consciences. This blasphemous body of deception that has separated men will never be remembered.”

“Its stones are scattered and its foundation laid wasted. Let us crush those scattered stones so that there will be no hope of gathering them again.”

Little James: At these words another figure of a human being steps forward and with its staff for a shepherd’s staff it forces the dominion of the beast and wields its authority and his own upon men.

All the sects celebrated the usurpation and proclaim it an hour of freedom and peace to all men who will do without God’s world.

Shortly the personified evil starts its address:

“Great are these days – throne and blasphemous body are both destroyed. They no longer have value and influence in the life of man. Man is now free to follow the whims of his independence from God. To act contrary in abuse and compromise – men are now vandals and little malcontents, who have empowered themselves with great prosperity of our world of intellectuals.”

“Let us empower man so that by the magic of his mind may callously put off the yoke of God – His laws and precepts – and that of the blasphemous church. Let us tirelessly drive man by means of his great progress in self-content and spiritualism that he may far away throw the name of God to substitute the worship of self – he will by this contradict and compromise all truth and morality and will obstinately reject all necessities to his end.”

“By this our reign will stand secure for many years as many will realize their potential to live without God but rather professing our new order as being the best. Then shall our empire and dynasty stand forever, I shall be declared king and lord and I shall be like unto the Most High. All those who will act against our new order let them be condemned.”

“Let each one of our number in his own capacity work towards this to strengthen our empire and soon the world will be set aglow without God and I will be like unto the Most High.”

Little James: All those descended spirits and evil sects then prostrated before the beast proclaiming it lord promised uncompromised fidelity to work by that revealed plan.

Then I am carried back by St. Michael, then I can see St. Theresa of Jesus kneeling with me before the throne of Our Lady Co-Redeemer. Shortly St. Catherine of Siena and St. Theresa of the Child Jesus also appear kneeling with St. Theresa of Jesus slightly behind me.

Few minutes later the celestial choirs of Angels surround the whole place and a strong trumpet blast is heard.

Shortly the seven Archangels, the twenty-four Patriarchs, the holy Martyrs of Uganda and the Apostles also appear kneeling before Our Lady.

Then suddenly a mysterious cloud carries us and I can see the throne of the Most Blessed Trinity.

God Eternal Father appears as the Most Glorious Patriarch of eternal ages, Our Lord Christ Jesus appears as the Eternal King and Chief High Priest while God the Holy Ghost is personified and takes on the reflection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Shortly the throne of the Most glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph also appears with his scepter – great rapture is seen in the sanctuary of God.

Then Great St. Melchizedek and St. Padre Pio appear with golden censers burning with incense whereas the act of Benediction goes on all Patriarchs and saints prostrate before God – they all then kneel and bow reverently.

Then Great St. Melchizedek and St. Padre Pio take on the form of doves – the doves approach more closer at the foot of the throne of Our Lady.

Our Lady then stretches out her right arm and the fore-finger torches my breast – prints of the passion appears upon my body.

The scroll in the right arm of Our Lady then produces flames – gradually I am transformed into a dove.

At this I can see the Line of Grace of the Supernatural Order holding sceptres kneeling before the throne of Our Lady and in front of the blessed Apostles and bow most reverently.

Shortly Our Lady Co-Redeemer issues her tidings:

Our Lady Co-Redeemer: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Peace, Grace and Mercy upon you.”

I greet you My little prophet, I greet you My holy little mystical spouse, I greet you all My little children of the predilection all over the world. I am your heavenly divine Mother – the Co-Redeemer of the human race. In these your times of tribulation and great adversary, I come to consolidate you and console you as the Co-Redemptrix.”

To you My little prophet your days have come for the Church and the entire world to know of you – the time is near and now for you to start your public mission of proclaiming the Divine Word of God and to reveal the hidden mysteries of His plan amidst the hour of great darkness – you are soon entering the Church and start rebuilding Her ruined and distorted foundation. Do not fear – for this is the Plan of God – the Most High.”

My little mystical spouse – Little Abraham II – and to you all My little children you are living the days of Satan – a great shadow of darkness clothed with an artificial light is coming and going to be manifested – many will be sifted including the elects as they are going to be made fools, by the so many arguments to compromise the truth revealed to you. Satan – the beast personified – is going to idolize humanity by the means of intellect and will – to lay waste his inheritance and destiny.”

This will start by a great campaign to reform all truths of the Catholic Church – falsehood will reign over justice and insolence will subdue humility. Men will celebrate the triumph and defeat of what they will call a barrier to humanitarianism – this is pure deception through which the evil sects of the antichrist will promote the empire of doom – that abominable dynasty – a bear of apostasy which is presented as a new world order – an absolutely recreated world far estranged from God – this is already in course and occurring within the realms of the Catholic Church promoted by prelates and priests and at all levels of professional, semi-professional and non-professional cohorts from within and without – enemies who seek the ruin of man and the destruction of the church.”

Many will soon unmask the venom of malice against the church – then shall merge the alien spirit of false prophets, visionaries, seers, mystics, disciples and apostles to trumpet the deception of the man of evil and his slave – the false prophet. The impurity unseen before shall cover the Church of God – to term her blasphemous prostitute who causes confusion and division of man. This is when martyrdom of the little children of Truth and virtue from within will take its worst stage – then the hour of affliction shall become all virtuous souls around the world.”

In such ordeals God will raise a priest in white to reform the ruined sanctuary and alter. He will stand to pursue the infidels and false minions. A priest clothed in white – a martyr of justice and virtue shall be raised as shepherd – it is he to guide our entire flock of the little remnants and through him Christ Jesus the Good Shepherd and your Master will teach you a proper way that will lead you to true peace and freedom from the tyranny and malice of the imposter and his infernal minions.”

Be steadfast in faith – pray to God for help and for your rescue in these perilous hours of darkness. Pray – pray the rosary as a prayer to sustain you in state of grace.”

Be united in mind and will with my Little White-Rock of the predilection and listen to his voice as your guide and teacher to lead you through.”

Be not deluded by the false doctrines and the misinterpretation of prophecy which will come about to distract your good purpose of following the truth – made revealed to you on several occasions.”

This is the time for My Triumph to come true as your Mother and model who is leading you to God.”

May Grace, Peace and Mercy be upon you all My little children. I am your Mother and Queen Mary Co-Redeemer of humanity.”

I bless you all, In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace to you all.”

Little James: The vision runs for a short while before gradually vanishing.

I wish to extend my word of unlimited gratitude for everything you do in the cause of truth and virtue as we slowly approach the close of time – may prosperity and effectiveness be the fruit of your fatherly concern and efforts.

I humbly beseech your fatherly blessing.

With gratitude and fidelity.

Little James