THE ENVOY – 20 October 2015


20th October 2015

Dear Children of God, the Peace of Our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ be with you!

Over the past six months or so I have introduced you to many different Messages from God’s Seers and Prophets from around the world. The Most profound Messages of recent times have been those given to the Prophet, Luz Maria from Argentina. I have compiled some of her Messages of 2015 and I believe you need to read them.

Never be afraid for Christ and His Holy Mother are always watching over us with Their Love and Care; the Angels and Saints are our companions.

All the Prophecies, though very frightening, are there to help us to understand where the world is heading. You, My dear souls, will be protected and all souls of good will.

We have entered the Great Tribulation, so in a short time the Antichrist will make himself known. Jesus has instructed all of us what to do. Trust in God’s Love – He controls all.

Wishing God’s Blessings to you in this final hour of Redemption, and a Blessed Christmas.

William John Costellia

8th October 2015

MARY: “Just like in the past when Christians were taken to be devoured by lions – so it is now; at this moment many Christians are crucified by the hands of their own brothers.”

“My beloved, you are living the beginning of the Great Tribulation. War is coming with giant steps in double time. Vaccines contaminated with viruses will carry death or disease with them. France: it will be shaken by terrorism.”

“Rome: terrorism lurks and will deal a mortal blow.”

Very soon they will begin the obligation and the implantation of the Microchip and this is Satan’s Seal. My Son’s Church will be shaken.”

“Mark the countries where the Rulers are Communist; mark where the Rulers are Freemasons or Illuminati.”

“When the ‘bear’ awakens he will give you great pain.”

“A comet will come to Earth and will cause the Three Days of Darkness.”

“My son will send one He Loves with special liking to encourage My Son’s people during the major and greatest instants of Tribulation of this generation.”

“Weapon will arrive – a weapon unknown by you; a weapon created by man that will cause great sores – ulcers on the skin.”

14th October 2015

JESUS: “The Great Powers that think they rule humanity provoke one another and this will cause a fatal outcome, with the use of nuclear energy. Prepare some hermetically closed foodstuff (long-life food). Do not exaggerate, as My Angels multiply – and those who have nothing, I will give manna from my House.”

“Woe to you who hurt My Instruments consciously. Pray for one another, because war comes relentlessly.”

“There is a disease that will advance and affect, directly, My children’s skin. I will not abandon My people; I will send help so that with My sword in His mouth, he will encourage you.”

4th October 2015

MARY: “After the Public Appearance of the Antichrist, My Son will send a creature to help His people; this creature will revive your faith.”

“Christians will have to hide from their persecutors. It will be then when I will send the Angelic Legions. How close you are to the announced Third World War.”

30th September 2015

JESUS:“France will suffer great pain.”

“Pray for the United States – it will suffer at the hands of humans and nature. The water will penetrate the land to wash away man’s sin off it.”

“In the Celestial Vault phenomena never seen before; signs that forebode.”

“Pray for My Church infiltrated by Freemasons and the Illuminati. The Great Warning is My Love.”

27th September 2015

JESUS:“Remember the Blessed Grapes (San Damiano)”

“From the sky you will see a great light – asteroid – come down towards you; volcanoes will wake up; Ice of great size will descend over the people; the sun will separate man from technology for several days.”

23rd September 2015

JESUS:“Gog and Magog move skillfully. Syria: there will be a major international conflict. Israel will fall into enemy hands.”

“The Earth will shake strongly. The moon will be so close to Earth that its influence will be greater. The Great powers want to eliminate most of the world’s population. Famine will spread all over the Earth.”

21st September 2015

MARY:“Pray for England – it will suffer at the hands of men. Pray for the United States – it will tremble.”

17th September 2015

MARY: “Pray for Europe. Nature will unleash its elements from a country to country. Hunger will reach this continent; Spain will suffer the rebellion against God. Italy will know about pain – blood will flow on its streets.”

“The Warning is near; right before you will see fire plunge towards Earth; money will fall like a piece of paper in the wind, without much hope. One single currency for Europe, then the world. Pray for the United States – that land that did not shake will be shaken.”

“News from Royalty – death looms. The cataclysms, which My Son will stop in part – the annihilation of humanity by means of atmospheric phenomena and the happening son the Earth’s crust. The coastline will change and the Planets’ geography will not be the same. China will attack.”

13th September 2015

JESUS: “The strongest Media on the Planet hides the truth from you. Europe will suffer by surprise, betrayed – and nature will strike. Pray for Costa Rica – the volcanos will awaken again. Water is contaminated by radioactivity coming from space; incandescent fire will fall on Earth.”

9th September 2015

MARY: “The collapse of the world will give rise to Ten Powers.”

“Pray for India – nature will make it suffer. Pray for Nepal – it will regret when the Earth moves.”

5th September 2015

JESUS: “Men of science have created another ‘Tower of Babel’ – the Higgs-Boson (CERN website – he (evil) will cause great and catastrophic harm to all humankind.”

“Europe will suffer more, due to this war – although it will be universal – attacking Spain. From Asia arrives the desolation. Terror will come to Rome.”

“My envoy is waiting for My Will to send him to you, but this will only happen after the Public Appearance of the Antichrist, to avoid any confusion and so people will not fear him.”

1st September 2015

MARY: The Eternal life does not close the doors – thus He will send His love in a creature who will guide you and will let you feel the sweetness of Truth and the Protection of His Word.”

27th August 2015

JESUS: “Israel will enter great conflict. Man’s weaponry is about to be used for sorrow for mankind.”

16th August 2015

MARY:“Evil controls the world through the economy; the economy will fall. The first thing the Antichrist will do to begin his manifestation before all humankind, will be to bring down the world’s economy, because, by subjecting all the countries, all the peoples, through the economy, he will keep them all under his control. The Antichrist will arrive to help; he will appear as a ‘Great Saviour’.”

1st August 2015

MARY: “California and San Francisco …. will be shaken strongly. In the land where Magog 4 stood, there is a Great Power that together with its allies, will invade Israel.”

“The Warning is coming soon. The Sun will launch a strong flare and humanity will live in anguish.

12th July 2015

MARY: “This is why He will offer humanity to send to them His envoy, so that by means of the Divine Word, He will encourage and rescue souls for My Divine Son. He will bring humanity wisdom from the Holy Spirit, so souls won’t be lost any more. My Son’s Church will suffer the schism.”

4th July 2015

JESUS: “The Poles (North and South) will be inverted and My disobedient people will cry until the tears dry up.”


26th January 2012 – No. 4

RAINBOW ROSE: I pray and see Jesus present – I feel a great call to write, the words flow out easily, and I hear Jesus powerfully within.

JESUS: “My hope is in the Name of the Lord, who hath made Heaven and Earth! Behold come unto Me and see My salvation; see those things that I have planned and from those things the redeemed shall rejoice. From those things, all will know that I, the Lord, Am like a tall mountain full of good things for men, and on this mountain shall a rock be – a rock that no one can move except I, the Lord.”

“See him, yes, see him, who is the answer to My enemies; whom God will cause to flounder and will loose the chains of His Church; Saints shall fly through her doors! See him who is the answer, like a river to drown evil doers! See him who has pleased the Lord through infirmity and calamity! See him, this brave stalk, from which all things in the coming days shall flourish! See him who I have set on and around, a great garden of souls, resplendent, in these days of men full of dirt and derision! See him who cannot be killed! See him whose voice shall raise as a trumpet, a horn that all shall hear and more, cannot refute as this story is told.”

“See him who has been set around a garden of roses without thorns. A strong flower, a flower bright and knowing; a flower that shall remain to the last days; a flower that all else rejected, amen, except this mountain where it grows. Jesus does not speak in mystery, Jesus speaks clear that all know My Words do not change. I shall raise him; I shall raise him despite the effects of men and their plans of iniquity. He knows his name; the mountain always knows his name, fear not! As the skies rain down all foreign things; as the skies fill with fire, smoke and fog; as the sun is obscured from the eyes of men, the plans of God are not obscured and all true men shall know their rescue is at hand, because I Am come to prepare and shall make ready the ground that will again support My Feet.”

“Men shall know birth and re-birth; men shall know love; men will know discipline in orthodoxy; men, lions, shall know their truth, the truth that made them and I shall raise in these quick, coming days such an answer, such a rebuttal, to all those who denied My means of work and promise. I shall raise such a storm – a great wind to sweep across the nations carried by Me Who made him and all those Angels around him. Do not deny what is of God, for you will be sorely disappointed, chastised and laid down.”

“We do not fear, we are simply waiting and we have been waiting. We will not be crushed, but raise the firmament! I Am proud, so proud of these times. I Am so proud of him who I send and I have made. I Am full of pride, a holy pride that includes the great number of little children who follow him. You need not worry little children, for none can hurt you; I Am who I say I Am. Be delighted!”

“You want more from Me and you shall have more. Changes are coming to the Mass, more changes, changes of old that please Holy God. And as one set down gives his life as a herald of the Church of Christ, no one will deny him, frightened, because he is indefatigable, made so by Eternity. Jesus is not done speaking, I still yet speak: let those with eyes see and ears hear what I Am saying because they hate the dark! Look and see; look and see this stone, great and true, great and ready to break out, who shall be broken out in surprise and there is nothing, nothing to be done as God has brought his means of rescue.”

“Repent, you who know your wrongdoing, you who have complained of time as being too long! You who could not wait a minute more; so see, Jesus controls all time and I have watched and waited, disappointed at the loss of faith. Sad, droopy flowers who reject the goodness of God to search and find your own means; your well is dry and you shall thirst, your place is taken up in this disappointment.”

“Rejoice and be made glad in your patience – in your ready patience; let all those who hope in the Lord come as one under the new Order created, recognized and brought forward in the Church; this is your day of knowledge, do not be tired. Sip from Me, your Well. Little flowers, I know your names, your love, your presence on this mountain soil: rich, deep and good around our oak, our stone, our hope, on the top of this Heavenly Hill.”

“Praise be to Our Father in Heaven!”



29th July 2012

GOLDEN ROSE: During prayers on my mother’s birthday, Our Lady appeared in front of the room, as Our Lady of Reparation, with Her Hands folded in prayer. I asked for my sign and it was given. Then, the Baby Jesus appeared in Our Lady’s Arms.

OUR LADY: I greet you, My daughter, Golden Rose of the Triune God. Be at peace and know that I am always with you in a special way. Place all your trust in My Divine Son Who is by your side always, helping you every step of the way up the steep climb toward Heaven. Do not dwell on this situation any more, for it will impede your progress. Let nothing disturb your peace, My little one.”_

GOLDEN ROSE: I, then, saw next to Our Lady a vision of the Community at Nowra – with a large rainbow over it. At the grounds at Nowra, under the middle of the rainbow is Bishop Broussard and next to him, the Little Pebble. The Little Pebble is dressed in the garments of the Pope. He is seated on the Chair of Saint Peter. There is a Heavenly glow all around him, which emanates from his heart and is encircled by a crown of thorns. There are some drops of blood falling from his heart and within it (the heart) is Our Lord as the Baby Jesus dressed very regally, like the Infant of Prague, with His right Hand raised in the form of a Blessing. Instead of in His Hand, behind Him as a back drop, is a globe of the world. In His left Hand is a golden sceptre.

Sister sees Our Lord dressed regally “with His right Hand raised in the form of a Blessing.” “In His left hand is a golden sceptre,” as Sister further states. So, the expression “instead of in His hand”, as Sister has stated, is not clear, nor necessary in itself as stated, but that “behind Him”, that is Our Lord, “is “as back drop…a globe of the world.”

GOLDEN ROSE: Several figures have now appeared around the room with their hands folded in prayer; Religious from the Order now in Heaven helping us men and women. I recognize Bishop Ignatius and Bishop David, but not the others. Our Lady speaks:

OUR LADY: “This will come about, as I have shown you in the not too distant future; it is unfolding even as we speak, just as it has been foretold. There will be many at that time who will return. Many who disbelieve now will return and believe as they did before. God’s Plan will unfold and be fulfilled, as prophesied.”

GOLDEN ROSE: Our Lady is now showing me another vision of Pope Benedict as he is shaking hands in a large crowd of his followers. The scene suddenly changes, and I now see Pope Benedict’s body lying in state at the Vatican. The streets there are filled with long lines of people waiting to view his body and pay their last respects. I have not been given an exact date, but it seems like late spring – midyear or possibly the first part of May.

The vision now focuses on the Little Pebble seated on the Chair of Peter (Bishop Broussard is standing to his right.) He [The Little Pebble] gets up and stands before a large crowd to address them. Loud cheers and applause follow his speech. (The vision then fades.) Our Lady (speaks again):

OUR LADY: “Be at peace and know that this will unfold, as you have seen. Our Lady, then, indicates, to me that She and the Baby Jesus will now give us (all in the Order of Saint Charbel) a Blessing. + + +”


14th January 2013

GOLDEN ROSE: While praying after mass , Our Lady appeared to the left of the Altar. I asked for my ‘sign’ and received it … She then showed me the following vision:

I see Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth, seated on a Throne. The Little Pebble is kneeling in front of Her, wearing white papal garments. Next to Our Lady is a purple satin pillow with a beautiful crown that has many gems of different colours on it. Our Lady picks up the crown and places it on his head. The gold crown then becomes the mitre of the Pope. Our Lady then hands him a gold staff.

The scene has now changed and he is on horseback, making his way through a large crowd, carrying a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in one of his arms. The crowd cheers – as they have been waiting for his arrival; the arrival of the true Pope in the Line of Grace in the Church, who will lead them into the new Era of Peace. Our Lady is also there, next to him; She is also on horseback. She is dressed as Queen, dressed in royal robes and wearing Her Crown.

The scene now pans out for me to see that where they are located is high atop a hill, overlooking a city sparkling with Heavenly Light. I am being told this is the New Jerusalem.

OUR LADY: “This will happen within one month of My beloved son, Pope Benedict’s passing, which will occur in early May of this year. Then he will be taken off the cross of his current sufferings. By the end of May his suffering will be no more.”

GOLDEN ROSE: Our Lady then gave me a blessing and the vision faded. A while later while at home praying the Rosary, The Baby Jesus appeared. I asked for my sign and it was given…

THE BABY JESUS: “My daughter, hold this close to your heart. This is the last message to my son, the Little Pebble that you will receive.”

GOLDEN ROSE: I was then shown the following vision:

The Baby Jesus is riding atop a white pelican and is dropped off in front of me, wrapped in a white blanket. He removes the blanket and stands. He is wearing a beautiful crown – sparkling with diamonds all over it. There is only one other gem; a large ruby, a little to the right of the centre, in the front. The baby Jesus removes it from the Crown and shines it, rubbing it with the blanket next to him. When he is finished, he puts it back in His Crown. As soon as it is back in place – I see a reflection in this shiny gem; the face of Saint Charbel appears in the ruby…He then appeared in front of me…

SAINT CHARBEL: “I greet you my little sister in Christ, Jesus! I come to you tonight to give you this, your last message to my beloved son, the future Vicar of Christ upon earth.”

GOLDEN ROSE: To my great surprise, Saint Charbel did not say anymore. Next to him, Blessed Pope John Paul II appeared and he addressed the Little Pebble…

BLESSED POPE JOHN PAUL II: “My dear son, the future Vicar of Christ upon earth: be at peace, for soon the event you have been waiting for will occur and you will be released. Do not grow weary, my son. This great event will occur within the next five weeks and will be a sign to you of your imminent release. I will now give you a three-fold blessing, + + + . Amen. Then, Our Lord as the Baby Jesus and Saint Charbel gave us a blessing + + + .”

GOLDEN ROSE: Later on, while praying I was given to understand this bit of information. There will be a glitch found in the court paperwork. Both sides will find it. The other side will find it first (when it is time), and it will lead to his quick release.

PLEASE NOTE: I haven’t received personally any messages about the Warning. Just that a reoccurring message about great earthquake will occur just off the south-eastern coast of Africa (just south of the equator) that will be an earth changing event – so much destruction and fires all over that continent that entire species of animals in Africa will disappear). I have received this message since 1997 – with no date. The part about it coming just before the Pope passes and that it will happen very soon. That is new.