Urgent Message from Jesus – 22 October 2015

Asteroid that will come towards Earth – Tidal Waves in Australia & New Zealand – Israel invaded – Australia attacked from the North.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came early in the morning around 2am. He was not happy as the world was not listening to His Holy Mother’s Words.

The Asteroid that will come towards Earth will cause the Moon to change its orbit, bringing it closer to Earth – interfering with the magnetic grid – making the oceans rise and bringing a tidal wave towards Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding region. Jesus said the plates will move causing much destruction to many lands. The volcano in New Zealand will erupt and part of the North Island will sink.

The mountain chain in Switzerland, as well as Mount Everest, will collapse, causing many deaths due to the evil experiment of the CERN.

Jesus said to warn Israel – His people – that it will be attacked very soon by their enemies and invaded and become captive slaves, like they were from the Pharaohs of old and the Babylonians; Iran will use nuclear weapons.

Jesus said that because Australia has rejected His Holy Mother’s Messages given to them for many years, God, His Father, will punish this nation with an invasion and an attack from the North; this was also due to Australia giving over the land of Papua New Guinea to Indonesia.

Australia must bring back the troops from the Middle East, as its allies will be defeated as America will be inundated with an attack from its enemies upon its own soil. ISIS will target major places in the United states as well as England and Sydney, Australia.

The Agreement between the United States and Russia is false; all that is portrayed in the Media is covered up – as truth is not given. All of this is because men have turned their backs on God. Men must take up seriously the prayers given to them by Heaven, especially the Holy Rosary and more so, receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Confession – the forgotten prayer.

Jesus said that His faithful children have nothing to fear as God protects them, especially through His Holy Mother Mary, with the Blessed Angels.

Jesus said to me: take courage and do not fear as He controls all, and He sent His Blessings to all His children.