Message 725 – 31 October-1 November 2015

Consecration of Russia to be done by Benedict – Great Powers preparing the world for the Antichrist – Two more Seals will be opened – MDM is being prepared now to return to her Mission – Read the most important Messages given to Luz de Maria and My son, Pedro – An Asteroid, hidden by God, will hit the ocean and be seen only a few days before; this Asteroid will cause much damage to mankind.

31st October 2015 – 7 pm

OUR LORD: “As My Holy Mother’s request since many years, to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, has not been accomplished, Russia – the Bear – has spread its errors around the world, through the evil ideology of Atheistic Communism, bringing forth wars and the annihilation of small Nations, swallowing their identities – bringing forth persecution of the Church in many lands.”

“China – the Dragon – too, has done the same as a secret ally to Russia, causing threat and instability to Asia and the free world.”

“The Eagle – who once brought peace and Christian values to many lands – is no longer the Power it believes it is. It has also betrayed many and, as the great families behind the secret doors also govern the United States – as they do the Great Powers – all work towards one end and that is to prepare the world for the entrance of the Antichrist.”

“But, as My Most Holy Mother has cried and pleaded your cause over so many years, to Consecrate Russia, I, as your Saviour and Creator, have decided to make it possible for this to occur in another way, as men are weak and fickle. The punishment that Russia will still mete out to man, will remain – but now I ask this of My Church – still possible while I remain on its Sacrificial Altars and in the Tabernacles of the world – I call on My Vicar, Benedict, who was deposed in reality, I ask him, with the faithful Bishops around the world that I need one-thousand Bishops who are true, one- hundred-thousand Priests and ten-million faithful of My Remnant Church – united as one heart – to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of My Holy Mother, Mary – as a Gift to Her – by Her next birthday. If this is done I, with My Most Holy Mother, Promise Russia and China will be converted and much of the major chastisements will be mitigated during the Great Persecution that will follow the Great Warning.”

“Clamour, My children, to My Holy Vicar, Benedict, to take this upon himself. Inform My faithful Hierarchy and My faithful children. This will be My Gift to My Beloved Mother, Mary, in these crucial moments.”

“My children must now pray an extra prayer each day, so that this Grace can be given to the world. The hour is near when the Warning will come upon the Earth. I ask every child on Earth now, to Consecrate your lives daily, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that the Consecration will be done. Pray often now, My children, also to My Divine Holy Spirit, so that you will be enlightened in these moments of Great Darkness.”

“The Blessed Eucharist of My Flesh and Blood is your strength and weekly Confession, as the Sacrament of Love and Mercy, with your Rosary in your hand. These are your weapons of Divine Grace, My children.”

“The Great Events are now at hand, where two more Seals will be opened.”

“I love you so much, My children. My Mother and I watch closely every soul on Earth – bringing you closer to the love of My Father in Heaven, Who seeks your salvation. Tomorrow, the great Saints of Heaven will all come from Heaven to the Earth, to console you all.”

“Remember those who have passed into the next world – they need your many prayers – for they know that I will soon come to bring all of them home to My Father’s Kingdom in My Second Coming and they yearn to be with the Militant Church, to help their brothers and sisters in the final battle with Satan and his Antichrist.”

“As for you, My beloved son, continue to go forward – your release is near. Trust in My Word. I love you immensely, My faithful son. I Bless you and all My precious children around the world: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Pray, My children, for the families of the World Power Groups, who have given themselves to Satan and His Antichrist, as they control most of the world and seek only the destruction of many – but they too, can be saved.”

“Look at the prayers I gave My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy, through the Crusade Prayers – there you will find the prayers that will soften hardened hearts. My daughter is being prepared now to return to her Mission.”

“I call My children also, to read the most, important Messages given to Luz de Maria and My son, Pedro – and many Messages still being given throughout the world. I love you.”

“Your Jesus, Saviour”

1st November 2015 – Feast of All Saints

SAINT MENOLOUTIS: “Good morning, my brother! I, Saint Menoloutis, have been asked by Christ Jesus, God of all Hearts, to speak to you on this Feast of All Saints. Jesus told you last night that Our Holy Queen and Mother, Mary, will come today with the Heavenly Choir of Angels and Saints; Our Blessed Mother will come later today.”

“Men have been speculating about the fly-by of the recent Asteroid, believing it is the one that will hit the earth, prophesied to you and many Seers recently and also, many years ago. No, My brother, the Asteroid that will hit the ocean will be one hidden by God from the sight of men, until only a few days before it will hit. This Asteroid will cause much damage to mankind, where Islands surrounding the Pacific Ocean will go under the sea, killing millions of souls. God’s children are waiting anxiously for major events to occur, so that prophecies will be fulfilled. Men of God: do not preoccupy yourselves with the major events to come, as they will truly come, as God is God and His word is Truth.”

“Learn to live day by day, dear brothers and do not become complacent, but spend your time in prayer, reflecting on one’s life. Clean your hearts and souls. Reflect on good deeds towards men and ask God for mercy, not only for yourselves, but for your brothers and sisters. Call on Us, the Heavenly Spirits, the Angels and Saints, who wait eagerly to help you and bring your petitions to the Triune God and His Holy Mother, Mary – Our Queen.”

“This I tell you, My brother, whom I guide and guard, I give you a sign, when major events are to happen in this Nation, Australia, where Sydney will be punished by God. Once you are free and you leave the city – within seven months of this event, the city and other places will be chastised by God, as the Words of the Mother of God were placed aside and ignored by the majority of the Australian people.”

“Take courage, My brother, as all will go well, as God the Eternal is in control of all events. Pray and continue to offer all as you have done and do not lose heart, for God loves you very much, as I do, as well as your Guardian Angel.”

“Peace My brother, peace! In the Name of God the Saviour of Humanity in His Son, Jesus Christ – God Blesses His children through His servant from the Guardian Angel Choir.”

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

1st November 2015 – 1.15 pm

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the White Cross in the sky and coming from behind it is a huge Angel, who is holding an Asteroid Comet in his hand. It has a white fiery tail and on this rock is a black cross. He is bringing it towards the Earth. Our Lady came through the White Cross, gliding towards me. All of the Heavenly Hosts are present and the Saints – who are each holding a palm, many whom I know – are lining the street of light, as Our Holy Mother glides. I see Saint Peter on one side right in front and next to him is a palm tree and Saint Paul – next him is an Olive tree.

Our Holy Mother is Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her Immaculate Heart is on Her Chest and She is holding the Brown Scapulars and the Rosary. On Her Head is the twelve-pointed Crown of the New Holy era. Beneath Our Lady’s Feet, I see Purgatory open and souls are in flames, reaching out to Our Lady and the Heavenly Hosts. Our Lady dips the Brown Scapular down to them and some souls hang onto it and are pulled upwards. Saint Michael greets them, as do their Guardian Angels. Our Holy Mother smiles and greets me:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father, and f the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son of My Immaculate Heart and all My precious children around the world – today is a great Feast Day in Heaven, for all these souls and Spirits won their Crown of Glory, because they said their “Yes” to God and remained faithful to their individual calling in life. Yes, many were great sinners while on earth. However, they became humble and lived their lives perfecting themselves in serving out their vocations, always seeking God’s love, forgiveness and mercy – using their God-given talents to do God’s Will.”

“You too, My beloved children, who now live in the “Valley of Tears” must do the same. Pick up your crosses and follow My Divine Son, Jesus – always saying these words with a convicted love-song: ‘Thy Will be done, Father, as it is in Heaven.’”

“Children, even though the flesh is weak at times – lift yourselves up, turn to My Jesus in His Sacrament of Divine Mercy and continue on your way until the final moment comes, when Jesus will say to you: ‘Come, My sweet child, for you now have completed your journey – come and take your place in the Kingdom that My Father and yours, has prepared for you.’”

“My children, the world is a cesspool of sin and full of corruption and iniquity, because Satan roams the world seeking to devour every child of God – but he knows his time is at an end and My Heel of My Immaculate Heart, with My Remnant Church, will crush it. This is that time, dear children. Do not lose heart; take courage in My Divine Son, Who has sent His Mother to gather you and protect you under Her Mantle.”

“You are now entering the final Battle, Armageddon; the Seals will all be broken soon, as the battle between good and evil rages. Satan’s troops are ready – its leader, the Antichrist is ready to make himself known, as he prepares the world for war – starting soon in the Middle East, Israel, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt and when the Super Powers are fully entrenched within these countries and others, know the Great War will begin.”

“Israel will be crushed and enslaved first. Millions of people will perish as the nuclear weapons will be used. The war in Asia will also erupt and then the Antichrist will appear to bring peace. Francis will work with him to slowly dismantle Holy Mother Church. The schism will come and divide God’s House upon earth. But now, before the Great Warning comes, My Divine Son, Jesus, will send a sign – a minor, but large chastisement – where man will know that the end of this Era has arrived.”

“Jesus has asked once again that the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, be done. He has placed conditions now, so that mankind can fulfill all that Heaven has asked. Pray, pray, pray, My precious children, whom I love so very much. The Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular will save the world. Forget not My suffering children in Purgatory, for they in return are powerful advocates for your salvation.”

“And lastly, My beloved suffering spouse of My Heart – Heaven has heard your prayers and they will be granted. The Words given to you through My Yellow Lily, Raindrop and Lily of My heart, are signs to you that now is the hour; freedom is near, for much work is waiting, as My millions of children are in need of help.”

*“Heaven has sent you the help – all will be well. Nothing is impossible for God, My son and My children. Always remember, next to the Divine Sacrifice, My Rosary is the most powerful prayer.”

“I ask too, that My children call on the Angels at this time, so that evil will be pushed back. The Chaplet of Saint Michael and the Angels will help you. The work of the Angels given to My child in Austria many years ago, must now be resurrected.”* (Seer from Austria: Gabrielle Bitterlich – Opus Sanctorum Angelorum)

“I Bless you from My Divine Son Jesus: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Long live those who love and serve My Divine Son, Jesus – in this world and the next: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”