Message 726 – 13 November 2015

Dear people of God,
This is my last post until I notify you, as the authorities have been monitoring my site for some time. As a gesture of goodwill, this will be done, however the normal posts from other Visionaries and Seers will continue, including the transfers of the old website to the new website, as the old servers since 2000 operate no more.
I wish God’s Blessings to you for Christmas and the New Year. Be at peace.
William John Costellia
Formerly William Kamm

The enemies of God believe they have won – One who is powerful is coming your way, as Promised – The world is a cesspool of sin and iniquity – There is a Hell; there is a Heaven and a place of purging – Satan is orchestrating the Great War to come – Australia, do not follow the enticement of the Antichrist; he only wishes to enslave you; you are now no better than Gomorrah and Sodom – The schism is coming.

LITTLE PEBBLE: It is 3pm and I am waiting for Jesus. I am praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Jesus arrives during the prayers. He nods to me to write, once I have finished praying. The White Cross is in the sky and Jesus stands over the Statue of the Blessed Mother.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My son, blessed of My Father and servant of My Blessed Mother. Be not troubled in heart, for the enemies of God believe they have won but, on the contrary, My Word can never be silenced. One who is powerful is coming your way, as Promised, for all that My Spirit has inspired you, will come to pass.”

“My beloved children of God, you must not fret when the dark clouds surround your lives due to the tempest of the tongue of Satan. Remember how My Apostles were on that stormy night at the Sea of Galilee: My son Peter was called to give forth his faith and trust in My Word, as I calmed the sea and asked him to come to Me. All of My children must come to Me in faith, trusting that I will never abandon them.”

“My Hand calmed the storm – so will it be for you, My son of predilection. I control all that surrounds the lives of Our children, for all that happens is permitted by a Divine Decree for the good of each soul, as I only seek the salvation and wellbeing of every soul that My Father Created. God loves each one of you as if you were the only one He Created. God does not seek the destruction of a soul, but at times, He must correct and chastise a soul, so that he does not drift away.”

“The world is a cesspool of sin and iniquity, which Satan and his demons have perpetrated and planned since time began, to take away souls from God, as they were Created in God’s Image. The battle now rages for souls, but all My children must know and believe there is a Hell – there is a Heaven and there is a place of purging, to cleanse the souls who were not able to pay their debt to God while on Earth.”

“God Created you for Heaven – not for Hell or Purgatory. You, My children, have the freewill and choice to go to the places which God Created. This is the hour of choice – through free-will. Satan is pushing man to his own destruction, by orchestrating the great war to come, so that millions of children – good and bad – will be murdered through a holocaust of great devastation. But like the time of old, men do not learn from the past, but walk headlong into the Abyss of no return.”

“Men believe the Peace Treaties are real. They are not, My children – they are false – to deceive many leaders and little souls. Iran has nuclear weapons, but they were moved to another land to deceive the Western World. Men play games and Satan, like Nero of Old, plays the harp knowing that men will burn.”

“All that was prophesied through My Most Holy Mother will now unfold rapidly. Men must now pray earnestly, especially Her powerful ‘Beads of Love’, because I have entrusted the salvation of the Human Race to Her Immaculate Heart.”

“I once again warn the children of this Nation, Australia: Do not follow the enticement of the Antichrist, as he only wishes to enslave you. Become children of God and leave your lives of sin, because you are now no better than the Cities of Gomorrah and Sodom and look what happened to them!”

“As a sign to you that I speak these Words – a great vacuum-hole will appear in the Sydney Harbour and a volcano will emerge in one of your cities.”

“Pray, pray, pray, My children while you still have the time. I send My Fatherly Blessings upon all My children: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray for the Church in Rome for the schism is now coming. Remember that I was born for you – make Jesus your Christmas.”

“I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. News that will please you comes.”

Your Jesus of Bethlehem