Compiling of Messages – Luz de Maria – Extracts from 2014

Compiling of Messages of Luz de Maria – Extracts from 2014

January 5th 2014

The great Goliath of this instant nuclear energy will rush upon all like the shadow of death

The fish altered by radioactivity will come to shore so that man sees how much damage he has caused.

January 12th 2014

It is soon children, the instant in which the sun will let all its fury fall upon the planet. There will be an explosion so strong that you will fall on your knees.

Communism will fall upon America

January 25th 2014

The great cloud advances and from on high a light unexpectedly approaches the earth with speed.

February 13th 2014

The oceans will be the scourge of man. Pray for South America. The great mountain range will shake.

February 19th 2014

The sun will get closer to the earth and will emanate much heat

March 5th 2014

The Great Powers will fight against one another.

March 10th 2014

You suffer because of contaminated food.

Pray for New Zealand it will be shaken.

Alongside My legions, a person will bring you Heavenly manna

March 27th 2014

I will send the one who speaks My Truth and brings it throughout the whole world – preparing the way for My Apostles of the end times.

April 24th 2014

Pray for Japan it will be an instrument of division and pain for humanity.

May 6th 2014

Pray children for Israel War will come soon.

May 18th 2014

I will send someone who will carry My Word in his mouth and will not be able to be confused with evil, for My Will shall dwell in him.

June 8th 2014

Pray for Italy it will perish. Pray for San Francisco for it will cry.

June 18th 2014

USA will suffer in the hands of its enemies. Pray for England – the antichrist walks in its streets. Pray for France it will suffer greatly, especially Paris. Pray for the Middle East it will be detonated.

July 4th 2014

Science utilised with purposes contrary to My Will – have contaminated in most part what My children ingest in their food and these strange elements to the human body alters man greatly. It clouds the mind and thoughts. It gives free reign to his degrading urges and anger rules the mind and thoughts.

July 7th 2014

Very good message about the power of prayers.

July 11th 2014

Pray for the country of painless and rivers. Pray for France it will be attacked. Yellow Stone shakes, a leader of nations falls surprisingly.

July 14th 2014

The sun will unexpectedly cause man great pain.

September 29th 2014

The war is right before your eyes and you still don’t realise it. The mind of My children was invaded and through technology has been trained to the service of evil through video games.

At this instant you watch the development that is taking place in the war like something normal in man’s life – oh how the misused technology is scourging humanity.

Through harmful technology developed in the video games this prepares the human mind to act without feeling.

The antichrist is not an invention, it is satan’s offspring. How will you expect to recognise the antichrist, the one who will sit on St Peters Chair on earth?

October 5th 2014

Pray for England, it will suffer. Pray for Sweden it will weep. The earth’s electromagnetism will not be the same, the axis will move shortening the days.

October 8th 2014

In the bloodiest instant of the purification I will send from My House someone who will talk with My Word and My Truth and will open the narrow minds and hardened hearts.

October 13th 2014

To breathe air that is totally contaminated – the brain is altered and emotionally controlled. It causes imbalance in man.

Our Lady – My heart trembles to see the nudity with which women dresses. My heart trembles to watch how man has lost his manhood, how he is tempted with the flesh of women as total sex objects and how she tempts him with her naked body.

USA and nuclear energy will cause pain and terror due to many diseases that will come to Mother Earth. Mother Mary says to purify water, boil and drink a lot of water to detox the body. Eat mulberry it purifies blood.

October 22nd 2014

The sun will advance its fire upon the earth. Vegetation will burn. The satellites will fall in an instant silence – no means of communication.

November 5th 2014

Pray for Paris. It will suffer bitterly. Pray for England, it will be scourged unexpectedly. Pray for Italy it will be shocked.

I will send him who will help My people – and this messenger will confront the forces of evil – he will have My Word in his mouth – and like fire will burn the snares of the antichrist.

When the sun will bring to earth to suffer darkness, darker than itself. The innocent, do not fear, My legions will raise you up so you won’t suffer. The stars and moon will not be seen as usual and this is a sign of what is coming.

November 3rd 2014

St Michael – a meteorite will fall in the sea and will cause a great tsunami in the Atlantic ocean. Several islands will be flooded. Volcanoes – fire – Indonesia There will be great discoveries.

November 5th 2014

Saint Michael – The land will sink in several parts of the planet bringing about great astonishment. Man will discover life in the depth of the earth. Those intelligent creatures will be horrified to see what humankind has become.

November 10th 2014

My Apparition Sites are held in my Sons Hand, so that in the tribulation whoever comes will be protected and will be safe from evil.

November 22nd 2014

A signal above will make a lot of human beings turn their eyes to the Heavens.

December 8th 2014

San Francisco will shake – a volcano will emerge from the bowels of the sea. My messenger will come to give strength to My people.

December 11th 2014

Our Lady says to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and then the Rosary on the 12th December 3pm, offer it to Mary and she will send us special graces.

The following is from 2015 of note: November 2nd 2015 An Apocalyptic Rider traverses Earth. My children suffer because of it. Earth continues to crack out of pain. The sun will emanate a gust of heat so strong that it will greatly affect communications. The security systems of the world powers will be paralysed. Volcanoes will emerge in unthinkable places. Volcanoes will become active – Italy. The earth will shake with force in several countries on the same day. Notice that the one who will raise the antichrist with most strength is already showing signs of his power and leading brother countries to become his allies.

The ocean will be shaken and will hurl itself on the land in the state of Mexico – after an earthquake of great intensity in Mexico. Humanity, My people wake up. The warning is near.