Luz de Maria Extracts 2013

January 7th 2013 – The earth will move at high speed, so much so that it’s orbit will not be it’s orbit nor it’s axis. It will be so distanced from the sun that it will be plunged into darkness for several days and pain and lament will be heard outside and in the depths of the earth.

January 9th 2013 – The hand of the enemy will fall upon one of My beloved Prophets, a persecution will arise against My Prophets.

A standard bearer of Mine will help you with the Truth in his mouth, not yet but when the great purification comes.

January 30th 2013 – The imposter approaches, you will not recognise him.

February 13th 2013 – The imposter of the Seat of the Seat of Peter will sit at some instant on this throne of Mine.

March 10th 2013 – Many of My children will die when a meteor unexpectedly enters earths atmosphere and reaches earth.

June 19th 2013 – The one who will come with My Word to each heart is more than a Prophet – breaking down hearts of stone. I alerted you so that you are not confused.

July 10th 2013 – You will see great devastation. A weapon will cause this harm and will detonate a severe crisis and confusion.

August 28th 2013 – In every age my Son has sent a chosen one to guide My people – and this is not the exception.

Europe will suffer like one condemned to death.

The USA will be abandoned by it’s allies. The holocaust will be the anguish of humanity.

October 16th 2013 – My Son will send the Comforting Balm of His Word as a comfort for the instants of a great tribulation. The creature that will accompany the faithful – not diminishing the authority of the hierarchy.

September 2nd 2013 – The one who will be a blessing for all men will arrive, he will receive My people and will guard them as long as they remain faithful and attentive to Me. He will guide them in the instants of darkness and they will recognise him, for he will carry My very Word. He will open the path through which My flock must be guided, advancing steadily and safe towards My second coming.

October 16th 2013 – Beloved children, the continents will change in their geography. Those faithful to my Son must not fear. You will be the seed for the future of peace and love that awaits humanity.

November 7th 2013 – Do not forget My Heavenly Hosts will make themselves present on earth and will be visible to the eyes of humanity.

November 21st 2013 – People pray for Holland it will sink in weeping.

December 15th 2013 – Dust will descend from the sky and will cause an internal heat in people.

December 18th 2013 – A beloved prophet of mine will perish as a great martyr of my Sons Truth. He will perish in the hands of the followers of the Antichrist not without first unmasking them before all humanity.

December 22nd 2013 – Pray for Brazil – it will suffer a tsunami.

A star will be more brilliant and once more my Son will send protection for His people. From on high will come the blessings for the faithful and it will sustain them in the midst of confusion.

December 31st 2013 – The Yellowstone Volcano will mercilessly scourge all of humanity.