Luz de Maria Extracts 2010

January 11th – Today I alert a beloved people: Costa Rica, so that it redoubles prayer – for it will suffer, it will suffer. Pray to placate the strength of this countries volcanoes. In this moment, you have your gaze fixed on a giant, but another one will also awaken and cause pain.

Miami will soon suffer before the snows approach. The temperatures in Europe will fall mercilessly. I warn China.

March 8th – Russia: return to the Lord.

There will be tribulation in Israel

Bolivia: Look at me!

The eagle that extends its wings through all the earth from its throne will weep. The water will flood its banks.

March 13th – The west coast of the United States, the city of the great bridge will suffer.

March 17th – Today I call you again to anoint the doors of your home, for the plague is approaching humanity.

April 2nd – Very soon, the one who will raise up a false doctrine will appear; and with the bad behaviour of some who have infiltrated the centre of my Church, they will deliberate it before humanity. My faithful will feel alone and will have to profess their faith in silence. My temples will be profaned.

April 10th – Terrorist attacks will increase because of human egoism.

May 12th – I still await the Consecration of Russia to My Heart in order to avoid the third world war. But you have ignored my pleas that would bring good to all, avoiding human kinds suffering.

Masonry and so many other sects in alliance with communism have planned strong strategies against My Sons Church which are bearing fruit against My beloved Benedict XVI and will culminate against the already announced persecution of the faithful people and the establishment of the antichrist’s seal.

July 4th – Darkness will come for three days surpassing the sun.

August 20th – Fire will fall from Heaven and a comet will appear suddenly before the astonishment of all. Man will not find a hiding place, he will turn out the animals from their burrows seeking a refuge.

Fire will come out of the earth causing great astonishment.

August 29th – My Cross is victory and it will shine in the firmament during seven days and nights. It will shine constantly. It will be a previous sign for all that My people await, and for those who do not believe it, it will be a great confusion. Science will try to give an explanation to that which does not have a scientific explanation.

September 9th – Mankind has given rise to confusion: men and women do not dress as such, do not behave with dignity

September 10th – Man will see the sky light up, receiving constant attacks that will descend continuously. Storms will be continuous, they will punish time and time again without mercy. Churches will be invaded by non believers, sacrilege will take place time and time again. Once again war will be a terrible scourge: in seconds it will cause entire nations to disappear. Little ones, when you see the moon tinged with blood, praise My Son. The public appearance of the false prophet is in the blink of an eye.

My beloved Israel is at the doors of a great warlike conflict. I convoke you to pray for Israel: Gog and Magog are prepared for war

September 13th – Oh humanity! Three days will come which will submerge you in darkness, so much that many will feel it is the end of the world. Darkness like that of long ago in Egypt, darkness of the soul, physical darkness. Everything will tremble. You will feel as if it is the end of the world; you will feel ashamed for having offended God so extremely. Whoever survives those days of sufferings and fear will believe he is the only one left on earth.

England will tremble before these days. Spain will suffer having precipitated itself in the abyss of sin. The Tiber will overflow and will leave the city covered with fish.

September 18th – Earthquakes will leave countries beneath ruins, nature has united with a same feeling, in order to awaken man, image and likeness of God.

You move in the midst of a great crisis that increases more and more, until reaching global collapse. Extreme hunger will take possession of My poor children

All the prophesies will be fulfilled in this generation. Their consummation will lead to the height of the Eternal Kingdom of Peace and Justice.

September 23rd – The lamentation falls upon the City of the Seven Hills, a black eagle will go to it and will spread pain for all of humanity.

France will suffer greatly: three times, WOE! Poor France! It will ask for help and will lack it. My heart suffers for those who are Mine. Fire will fall upon France without it knowing where the fire comes from.

September 25th – Pray for My Church, it is going to split without obeying My Vicar.

September 27th – Man has been trained 24 hours a day in the new concentration camps called “homes or centres of recreation.” This has been a plan plotted by the enemy and it will bear its fruit.

September 29th – Children, you will see a sign in the moon. The sea will rise like a giant. You will see the prophesies be fulfilled.

October 3rd – Beloved: persevere in faith. A racial battle is coming in which My children will suffer in the United States and other countries of Europe.

December 8th – If you had faith the size of a mustard seed you would never stagger, you would not fear. Who fears? Who are the ones who deny my true prophets? Who are the ones who deny My Word and My calls? Those who live in sin and fear; they fear because they sin constantly.

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