Directions from Jesus to the Little Pebble – 20 December 2015

Here are the directions Jesus gave me. In the last few days Jesus has spoken to me about the situation for the World.

Jesus told me this week Italy was going to be punished — a major earthquake – and Mt. Etna was going to erupt, plus a disaster in Rome. The volcano in Hawaii was going to erupt in a big way. Jesus said much prayer was needed.

This morning Jesus came to me and answered a request I had been praying for. Then He spoke about other things He was concerned about. Jesus said a major event will occur in AUSTRALIA that will shock the World; many will die. The fire would continue followed by heavy rain.

The terrorists will destroy a famous monument which represents Freedom and Liberty and many people will die. Jesus said He has called and called and called for His children to pray, as the times men live in are very dangerous especially for their souls. Jesus waits with His arms stretched out in Love and Mercy.

Jesus said that an amazing find of the Ark built by Noah would be found and within the Ark will be found a chest, which will house two scrolls: the writings of Noah about the Time of the Flood and about the World at that time — and about Jesus. Also a second scroll written by Adam dictated to him by St. GABRIEL, about the missing years. Also, within this chest is a small white stone.

Jesus said some very important archaeological finding would occur regarding the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, a sign left there from Abraham will be found. Jesus said: proof that the Continent of Atlantis would be found, as part of it would be raised out of the sea.

All these are very important signs for mankind as a reminder of God’s actions over time.


I was reminded at MASS something Jesus told me a month ago. I was troubled in my soul, as Heaven told all Seers since some forty years, that we were not to receive Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist standing or on the hand, or from an Acolyte or Special Minister or a Deacon, as this was an offence to GOD. Yet how can a soul in our time follow these conditions, because a person who is a dedicated Catholic has great difficulties, as there are few priests who hand out Holy Communion — leaving it to the Special Ministers. Furthermore as most Altar railings are removed, very few souls can then kneel. So in most cases the soul does not receive JESUS.

I asked JESUS to suspend these conditions to help His children. Jesus said we were not to worry because He knows the hearts of His children. So to put everyone at peace, JESUS said: when you go to receive Him [in Holy Communion] an Angel will place his hand over the hand of the person handing out the Holy Eucharist, so that a contamination and sacrilegious offence would not occur. Jesus loves us so much and desires us to receive Him every day if possible. I was so happy with Our Lord’s answer.

Jesus Blesses us for Christmas and asks us to pray very much because next year will be a most difficult year.

I wish God’s blessings to you all for CHRISTMAS.

William Costellia Kamm