PART ONE: Groups of extracts of some of the Prophecies given to the Little Pebble

From the public messages 1983 to 1999. Most have been fulfilled.


11-11-1983 ​Australia devastated by natural disasters – Australia will be invaded.

01-12-1983 ​The Spring will begin to flow on the Holy Grounds Nowra.


13-02-1984 ​Australia will not escape invasion by Red Forces – Tridentine and Novus Ordo Masses will be said side by side.

04-03-1984 ​Australia will soon have a place like Lourdes.- Chamberlain case (Criminal case, Australia). No crime was committed.

19-03-1984 ​​Another council will be convened in Rome.

08-05-1984 ​False pope will be elected on the Throne of Peter

13-05-1984 ​Extraordinary Synod in Rome – Beautification of Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima

13-07-1984 ​Miracle will occur on the Sacred Grounds, Nowra, Australia. – Enoch and Elijah part of Garabandal miracle – Antichrist now on Earth – Mary says: “You have my promise and that of my Divine Son, when my Divine Son returns to Earth, you will be clad with the gift of immortality in your bodies and your souls. No more sin, no suffering, no tears – When He comes will be the Reign of Peace.

15-08-1984 ​Sydney, Australia will be swallowed up through an earthquake.

11-12-1984 ​Suffering to come to Surfers Paradise-Queensland, Australia.


22-01-1985 ​Lindy Chamberlain will be released soon from prison. Australia.

13-06-1985 ​Pope to visit Australia next year.

13-07-1985 ​The great chastisement will remove 3/4’s of mankind.

29-09-1985 ​Comet Wormwood will hit the Earth – Comet Kahoutek will bring the Warning – Vatican-Synod for November.

05-10-1985 ​Great Miracle on the Holy Grounds on the 13th of the month, Nowra, Australia.

02-11-1985​ Islands shall sink into the sea – Synod in Rome will bring changes in the Church.

01-12-1985 ​Schism in Holy Mother Church.


01-01-1986 ​Rare Marian Year proclaimed.

15-02-1986​ India – Great Miracles will occur in Goa.

19-02-1986 ​Many cities in Italy will be levelled.

08-03-1986 ​Chicago will be levelled – City in Chile will be levelled.

23-03-1986​ Fr. Popieluszko from Poland will be raised to Sainthood.

13-04-1986​ Holy images will weep blood.

03-05-1986​ City of Wollongong, Australia will be levelled.

19-05-1986​ Statue of Our Lady of the Ark will shed tears.

01-06-1986​ Great catastrophe threatening Spain.

07-06-1986​ Great rains in New York and the USA.

13-06-1986​ The city of Amsterdam, Holland will go under water – Holland devastated by large waves – Europe devastated by atomic bombs – New York devastated by earthquake – Atomic bombs devastate USA. California, by fire – West Coast of USA devastated by huge waves and earthquakes – Earthquake in Nowra, Australia. Earthquake in Perth – Sydney, Australia: Harbour Bridge will tremble. Sydney streets under water – A massive earthquake in California; The State slides into the sea – Warheads are flying towards USA and Sydney. Australia and Europe Third World War – A fireball coming from the sky, part breaks off, hits New York and another piece in the sea – Three days of darkness.

29-06-1986​ There will be an explosion in the city of Wollongong, Steelworks Australia.

26-07-1986​ Australia will suffer great heat 30 degrees.

27-07-1986​ Australia – a crucifix will be bleeding oil. Many cures. This came due to a person bringing a bleeding crucifix. Many cures.

02-08-1986​ Vatican on fire – Tremendous explosions in Hong Kong and New York.

13-08-1986 ​Australia-Adelaide devastated by fire. The earth will tremble in Adelaide.


13-03-1987​ The Antichrist, Lord Maitreya, coming to deceive mankind.

10-04-1987​ Annelise Michelle from Germany will be raised from the dead; a great holy Saint.

12-04-1987​ Incurable disease will affect women who have aborted their babies.

09-05-1987 ​Volcanic eruption in Guatamala.

13-05-1987 ​Church will raise Padre Pió as saint.

13-08-1987 ​The Ark will be found bordering several countries – Italy will suffer great Earthquakes – Earthquake, South America, Chile, Australia.

23-09-1987 ​Medjugorje will triumph – Great prodigies will be seen in the Holy Grounds, Nowra.

26-09-1987 ​War will break out in Germany. Many will die – A leader from Westphalia will be raised.

18-10-1987 ​Adelaide, city of Australia will be annihilated –


27-03-1988 ​The Church of St Peter will be split in two.

05-06-1988 ​America will be enslaved under the rule of the Iron Curtain – Fleet of Russian warships near the Ord River region of Australia – President Ronald Regan will be martyred – Russia and China to invade USA.

07-07-1988​ Pre Vatican Rite will soon be restored regarding the Latin Mass.

13-09-1988 ​Accidents in the air, on land and in the sea. Thredbo, Australia – Devastation will hit the Church and the flock will scatter.

03-12-1988​ War in the Middle East.


07-01-1989​ Syria-soon blood will flow.

04-02-1989 ​Ice and snow storms – Disease of the mouth and tongue to come – The earth will tremble in Sydney; A great warning from the Eternal Father.

13-06-1989​ Event in the South Pole causing freezing in Australia. Many deaths.

24-08-1989​ Assassination attempt upon Gorbachev.

26-08-1989​ Chernobyl: Another will come soon upon the world – Death from radioactive contamination – Poland: Currant government will not succeed for long.

04-11-1989 ​Attack will be launched through Cuba – Attack will centre on the gulf of Mexico, Alaska – A great dam shall burst in Australia and many will die – Berlin Wall will crumble – Another great earthquake in Los Angeles – Stock exchange collapse will signify the beginning of the end.


14-01-1990​ A Bishop will bring Grant Duffy’s coffin to the Holy Grounds.

03-02-1990​ The Antichrist will take control of the Church and the world – Danger from something in the atmosphere.

07-04-1990​ China will invade Asia

13-06-1990​ Australia: Heat waves, storms and rain to come.

04-08-1990 ​There will be a bridge disaster and many deaths – The air disaster, a bomb was planted.


13-01-1991​ Crisis in the Middle East, Africa and South America. The beginning of sorrows.

13-04-1991​ Huge tidal wave in the North Pacific – Pacific Islands eruption.

13-10-1991 ​Estonian States. Blood will flow – Blood flowing in Ukraine.


13-01-1992 ​Baltic Nations. Fire all around borders: War – Mongolia: Fire – Morocco: fighting – Moscow: fire

14-01-1992​ Grant Duffy soon resurrected; body in incorrupt.

04-02-1992 ​False Prophets performing wonders.

07-03-1992​ Japan: Natural disaster. Invasion from old rival.

13-03-1992 ​Croatia to undergo many trials. Many removed through natural disturbances.

30-03-1992​ Harmful bacteria from yellow gas.

04-04-1992​ Europe: Vision of fighting Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Russia.

13-05-1992​ Planets become irregular causing disturbance on earth – Apostasy with us for four decades now – The Solar System will become irregular. The world will see many wonders in the Heavens.

13-06-1992​ A New Era will soon come to the world. An era of peace.

07-11-1992​ An explosion in Wollongong, Steelworks.

13-12-1992​ I can see the Northern part of Australia, part of Australia and the Eastern Coast receiving heavy bombardment, not only from rain, but small pellets washing away sections of the coastline. This will bring water upon Central Australia, flooding in Darwin, Cairns, also to Sydney. Parts of the coastline shifting into the sea – I see a split in NSW along Wollongong up to Sydney, Newcastle; Large fires – Central Africa: large fires – Central America: volcanic eruptions – Estonian States: blood flowing – Europe: Northern countries, Holland, Norway, Denmark under water – Serbia: Blood flowing – USA fires


24-04-1993 ​Hawaii – tidal wave.

03-07-1993​ Japan disaster to strike islands. Soon many will perish in rubble.

03-09-1993​ Air disaster bomb planted – Shipping disaster will cost many lives – Bridge disaster many deaths – Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes in the USA – Australia.

06-11-1993​ Guam: Soon to sink – Tidal wave from Japan; earthquake; volcanic eruption.

08-12-1993​ Canada: Civil war soon.


13-01-1994 ​Australia NSW: Gethsemane rock to produce holy water – Many miracles and Graces; more fires. Rains; many homes destroyed, lives lost – Guatamala: nation chastised; Eruption of many volcanoes.

05-02-1994 ​Atomic weapons will be let loose upon the world – Cambodia: Military preparation; War soon; much death – Burma: military preparation; War soon; much death – Mongolia: Nuclear explosion; yellow dust over Eastern Europe, Asia – Laos:– Military preparation, war soon; much death.

13-07-1994​ Assumption of St Joseph; Church will acknowledge.

13-08-1994​ Anti pope will reign after Holy Vicar is removed.

03-09-1994​ Antichrist now on Earth – Australia: fires, much water; crops will fail; food very costly.

01-10-1994​ America-great rains will come – New York-great rains shall come – Great sufferings to come to Nations of Africa – Many martyrs for the defence of the Faith in Rwanda.- Canadian waters poisoned shortly – Accidents that are not accidents-in the Heavens, water, land.

13-11-1994​ Pope preparation regarding chosen communities but much opposition against him.

13-12-1994​ Australia – Chamberlain Case-no crime was committed. One day this matter will be cleared up. Lindy Chamberlain will be released soon – Bosnia war spread to other nations. – Drought continues, pestilence and disease.

31-12-1994​ England: heavy waves inundating the coastline – Hong Kong: Civil disorder, rioting and killing – Ireland: Heavy waves inundating coastline – Japan: Severe earthquakes – Morocco: Fighting – Nepal: Communist uprising; heavy fighting – Yugoslavia: Heavy fighting – There will be a chastisement in Nepal; heavy fighting – Fighting in Croatia and Bosnia – Heavy fighting in North Korea – Fighting in Morocco – Glacier to break away in Canada, causing flooding – Earthquake in Japan – Cyclones in North Australia – Diseases of the past and many more to return


13-03-1995 ​Diseases: one of the liver, one of the lung. Death shall be swift – Very large disaster, nuclear reactor. Major awakening, many will die.

13-04-1995​ Explosion like a mushroom cloud near the rear of Dome of St Peters.

07-10-1995​ Something very serious to come from the Mururoa Atoll.

28-12-1995​ Unmentionable crimes. Great wars and bloodshed.

31-12-1995​ Church will claim Pope cannot govern due to serious illness. In a short while the Anti Pope will be installed. Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal, Priest against Priest – Many great wars will occur and major disasters of nature.


01-01-1996​ Russia to attack the USA; move through Europe, Italy, Turkey.

13-02-1996 ​War in Indonesia, Timor , Java – War in France, Ireland and Sweden – War in Canada, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Argentina, Vanuatu, Middle East, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, Russia and Siberia – War in Puerto Rico and the Gulf of Mexico – War in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and Swaziland – War in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

13-03-1996​ Australian warships in the South China sea – Tanks amassing along the border of Czechoslovakia – Disasters in the regions of Japan and the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong – Fire in Lebanon, Israel and Palestine – Missile lands on an American ship – Hong Kong in flames.

04-05-1996​ Russian, nuclear powered U boat, weak, rusting; cause meltdown – Lake Michigan: something terrible is going to happen there – Nuclear problem in the North Sea near Norway.

01-06-1996​ Assassination – great one removed from Palestine. Blood will flow – Dome of the rock in Jerusalem will be blown up – Israel and Palestine will go to war – South Korea to be attacked by North Korea in one swift movement.

06-07-1996​ Volcano to erupt in New Zealand

13-08-1996 ​Chastisement to Canada through water and plague of the water.- Russia will invade Poland.


13-01-1997 ​Dam will cause drowning and flooding – Europe will be frozen – Islands rising from the sea producing huge mountains – Japan oil spills – Australia: Kerry Whelan will soon be found.

28-08-1997 ​Miracle-people found who are buried alive – Princess Diana was a victim of a murder plot organised by the Secret Intelligence.

06-12-1997​ Australia. Fires will rage within the South, within the North – Victoria, Australia: Eildon Weir in danger – Great rains will come to Australia.


13-02-1998​ Muslims preparing an attack upon the Christian world – Great heat; much rain in Australia also great cold never witnessed in this country.

13-06-1998 ​Jaidyn Leskie will be found soon.

01-08-1998 ​An investigation will occur soon for the Mission – New Zealand volcano to erupt – Skin disease similar to leprosy will break out.

13-9-1998 ​Many waters will be poisoned.


01-13-1999 ​Events in the Middle East, Asia and East Europe will soon ignite and bring forth the sorrow of sorrow s for the world – A Dogma that surrounds me: Co-Redemtrix and Mediatrix of All Grace will soon be proclaimed through my Holy Vicar. When this has been done events prophesied will come to pass.

13-02-1999​ The Chastisements will increase until the Great Chastisement of the Warning, then mankind will be illuminated and many shall perish in this Illumination of Conscience.

06-03-1999​ Much will change in the coming months because, My sweet children, the end is near; not the end of the world but the end of your time. A great war will soon break out.

02-04-1999​ Pray for My Vicar JPII for soon I will come for him. Pray for the Church that I founded upon Peter, for this Church will be torn asunder.

13-06-1999​ What you see in Europe is ‘false’ peace. The Great war will come and many will perish and it is only then that mankind will be illuminated in their spirit.

07-08-1999​ LP – I can see that the Angels hover above the souls behind me, then take from beneath their wings a cloak, which I hadn’t noticed until now and wrap the souls here with them; It is called the ‘Seal’

13-09-1999​ The situation in Timor will get worse – Conflict between Indonesia and Australia.

02-10-1999​ Australia: Great fires and much rain this summer. Tremors and earthquakes in the region of Wollongong and Sydney and other parts of Australia where previously there has been no chastisement.

13-10-1999​ Australia soon at war with Indonesia

13-11-1999​ Russia is using Chechnya in preparation to attack the western world – The Great War that will end all wars is close at hand – The blood will flow in Palestine so all may believe that My coming is near – Shortly, the last third of the tribulation will come upon you and then you will under- stand the Seals that have been opened.

13-12-1999​ The triumph of my Immaculate Heart is near and the offering of my holy son John Paul II, will be complete.