Vision and Message from the Holy Spirit – 17 January 2016

17 JANUARY 2016

“I Promise he who looks upon this Image in the time of great need, with hope and faith, will obtain salvation.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Today at Sunday Mass I was asking God to forgive me, as I was upset with God yesterday, because the world was in such a bad state seeing so many children and families suffer and I said: “You are God and could change it!”

During Mass, as it started I saw this most magnificent vision. The Holy Spirit Appeared as the Dove all in splendid white, with outstretched Wings that were very large – as big as the Church. Seven Fires appeared on His Wings and Head. On His Chest – very large – was Jesus’ Face and Shoulders reaching towards the Sacred Heart. There was also a White Cross above the Holy Spirit.

The Love from God pouring over me was so overwhelming, that I was crying inside, trying to stop the tears from falling over my face, as I was in Mass. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me:

HOLY SPIRIT: “I will soon give the world a Divine Manifestation of My Great Love for men. Son, I wish you to have this Vision painted and made into Holy Cards – for I Promise he who looks upon this Image in the time of great need, with hope and faith, will obtain salvation. The world will feel My Great Love and those of faith will receive the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then the Holy Dove picked up the Earth and embraced the world with His Wings and kissed the world and the Love that came from God just overwhelmed me. I wanted to cry so much and once again dedicated my life to God.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke again and said that He was not offended by what I was thinking and saying, because men cannot understand how God works, as he is only man; God looks at the heart of a man and his intentions. He told me to continue with faith and hope as God has permitted things, even though not directly His Will, but His indirect Will. God said how much He Loved me and then disappeared.

As the Priest lifted the Host, Jesus appeared as the Mercy Picture Image, opening His Arms and said:

OUR LORD: “I Love you William!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: This Love penetrated my heart and I could feel God’s Love flood the Church and the whole world. I was crying so much interiorly. Jesus told me other private things.

God told me to have this Image painted and given to the world.