Prison Record – 8 October 2015


2nd February 2016

Today after nine years of incarceration from the sentence laid down in the District Court, Downing Centre, Sydney – with being transferred to Silverwater Prison in Sydney, to Goulburn Prison, then to Junee Prison, and finally to Long Bay Prison.

The inhuman treatment of myself; their victimization, prejudice, religious persecution, humiliation – which all smacks against Human Rights, and International human rights violation.

The history of my incarceration is supported by my diaries and documents. When I first arrived in Silverwater after being sentenced I was placed in a dry cell at reception for well over an hour, with no food, water, or toilet; it was very late at night before I was placed in Darcy 1 in a dry cell with 24/7 monitor. No sheets or pillow, only one hospital blanket. My cell had a Perspex door and window to the exercise yard where I was constantly abused. The food given to me by the inmates was thrown at me, or kicked into my cell, at times. The first three days I was allowed no showers or phone calls. There was a concrete bed with foam mattress an inch thick. I remained in that cell for seven weeks with only half an hour exercise per day and phone calls. My wife flew from Victoria to see me during that time with several of my younger children – but the children were not permitted to see me, and it devastated them.

After the seven weeks in Darcy 2, I was assessed by the Psychologist and staff, and they were shocked to learn I had remained in the dry cell for seven weeks, and I was only supposed to be there for one week, which was all they were allowed to do. I was then transferred into Darcy 2 into a filthy ‘hole’ – cell – then after some weeks into Pod 15.

In January 2006, and other times, I was called late to visits allowing me only fifteen minutes – at a great cost to my family who had to travel three hours each way. Complaints were made to Corrective Services Hot Line due to the short time out, and phone monies not deposited, and this was an on-going problem. Often food was tampered with and left on the floor at our cell. On many occasions I received death threats, which I placed before the Prison Officers, many times. When we went to Court we were woken up at 5am and, at times, not given breakfast. Then around 6am we were placed in a holding cell at times, with nothing to eat or drink, waiting up to two hours before we were taken to Court. Once in the Court cells we would not get any food or hot drink until 11.30am. Some Officers joined with inmates in being rude to other inmates persecuting them. Most times when we returned from Court I was placed in the reception waiting cells for hours – many times without toilet facilities, water or food, and returned to my cell about 9pm or even later and given a cold meal.

In March 2006 I was transferred to Goulburn MPU, D Deck, and there was nothing in the cell, and no shower curtain, so when you had a shower the cell flooded. Most of the D Deck banged on the doors and walls 24/7 non-stop. The air conditioning was on all day and night. During my stay in Goulburn from M.P.U. to visits, I had to walk approximately five hundred metres past hostile inmates who were behind a high mesh fence. The Officers did not accompany me, so the inmates threw apples, piss, milk containers etc., verbally abusing me each time. I was hit many times, but the Officers never stopped it until I put in a full complaint to the Officer in charge, and the Ombudsman. Eventually the Officers had to securely escort me as on one occasion I was hit by an apple in my eye.

Previously in Silverwater, in Darcy 2, boiling water was thrown on me and I was taken to the Clinic. I was constantly transferred from Silverwater to Goulburn, then back again. You are supposed to be able to use the phone to advise family members, but this never happened. It took me several months to get my children approved so they could see me. I saw my children after five months – in April 2006 – for the first time.

On the 8th April 2006 I asked for medical help. I needed to see a nurse, and on three occasions I was told I would get help, as I had a perforated bowel. I even had to use my lawyers to help. I saw a nurse who told me I needed a doctor. On the 13th April 2006 I pressed the emergency button, and again the next day. I was simply told to wait. On the 24th April 2006 I found a sharp piece of plastic in my food on two occasions. An Officer investigated this. 13th April 2006, still bleeding, a nurse gave me suppositories. I then saw a Doctor who ordered medicine, but there was none in stock. On 2nd June, 2006 I was feeling very ill, with vomiting, high temperature and chest pain. The Officer was advised, who then contacted emergency. No one came.

On 1st June 2006 I put in a complaint to the Governor regarding my health. Going back to Goulburn, during my stay in D Deck MPU the Officers were trying to make a fool of me by making me walk backwards so that I could use the phone. It was on 28th June 2006 that the Doctor gave me some medicine. On 5th July 2006 I was transferred back to Goulburn. The air conditioner was on during the winter in A-D Deck MPU. 14th September 2006, was taken back to Silverwater. As always, no matter where one is moved to, the phones can take up to a week before they are reconnected. Every Court movement by truck the Officers would often take the long route, and go very fast, so that it became extremely uncomfortable for the inmate. (See 15th September, 2006) From 13th September to 13th October I had bleeding again. 3rd November 2006 was moved to Goulburn again.

29th November 2006 saw Ombudsman concerning visit complaints and constant transfers. 3rd December, 2006 – Goulburn: Officers were ordered to take me the safe way around to visits, as I was constantly attacked by inmates. When I got hit by an apple in my eye, the nurse gave me drops.

In 2007, while in Goulburn, I went to the Yellow Yard. I was told by the Officer in charge at MPU before I was moved to the Yellow Yard, that if I did not feel safe I only had to ask to come back. This I did, but the Officer in charge of the wing of Yellow Yard refused. I was placed with an inmate who had killed his cell mate – chopped him up and was not allowed to have an inmate with him. In the winter we were outside all day and we had showers with the doors wide open with the cold airflow howling through. Forty of us inmates were only given twenty minutes to shower and step back out in the cold yard. The lighting in the 150-year old cells was so poor – they had six inch small fluorescent lights only, and the toilets were against the bed head with no splash board, no ladder to climb up the bunks, which were higher than six feet, plus the width of the beds was a little over 18 inches with no safe ledge, so that you would not fall off. This same problem, with no safety shelf, existed also in Junee and Long Bay. The lighting in Goulburn damaged my eyes so much that now, in 2014, I have macular degeneration, and have been complaining to the nurses in Long Bay since 2011-2012.

19th January 2007 was moved to Silverwater again. 29th January 2007, after Court, I was returned to Silverwater at 6.30pm. I was put in a dry cell with no water or toilet. I told the staff that I needed to go to the toilet; they came at 9pm. I wish to point out as well how one is treated in the Court cells. You can be left in them for many hours after the Hearing before you are returned to prison. The other matter is that the movement trucks are disgraceful; they are very small with only two inch windows with bars, and difficulties with drinks and toilet. Several times when travelling from Junee to Sydney at later times they would not stop, and it took some four hours to seven hours. I tried to get private travel – paid by me – but Corrective Services refused. 26th February 2007 I was shifted again to Goulburn, even though my trial case was thrown out of Court by Judge Solomon. Had a urine test and was told that if I did not I would be charged. This type of continued pressure is placed upon all inmates, and they are constantly threatened.

7th March 2007 moved to Silverwater again. 20th March 2007 moved to Goulburn again. Cell searches over the years seem to be targeted, when done by a squad. They turn the cell upside down, tipping tinned coffee, or other things, over the bed or floor. 13th April, 2007, I was moved to Silverwater again. 23rd April 2007 I was moved back to Goulburn again. 28th April was moved back to Silverwater. On 6th July, was moved back to Goulburn. Had problems at visits several times in Goulburn, Silverwater, and Long Bay due to the Officers who were arrogant and prejudiced.

11th August, 2007 Officers refused to take me the way, as instructed, for my protections, even though they knew of the Governor’s instructions. They told me you either go this way or we will cancel your visit. An Officer knew I would be hurt that way. I can quote all names of the Officers, if need be. 12th August 2007 I was attacked with apples from the Red and Blue Yard. I reported this to the Officer in charge of the Yellow Yard, who said he could do nothing. 21st August went to the clinic and saw doctor who said my blood pressure was dangerously high. 22nd August 2007 went back to MRRC. 27th August 2007 an inmate threatened my life in Pod 16. I requested to be moved or reclassified.

3rd September 2008 I went to the Clinic. My blood pressure was 170/95. 11th September 2008 was sent back to Goulburn. the 14th September 2008 went to the Clinic and had my blood taken and was close to fainting. With all the movements to re-connect the phone and receive your own property is also a very difficult process. 5th October 2008 an inmate from Green Yard spat at me in the face. On several occasions when I sent letters to my friends or to my office, when they were received pages were missing. I have witnessed Officers removing mail and disposing of it. I told my Officer. 12th October 2008 an inmate wanted to harm me. 4th November 2007 a person was stabbed. 16th November 2007 an inmate of Green Yard offered an inmate (a bribe) to kill or bash me. 7th December 2007 I went to the Clinic with abdominal pain, which I had had for two weeks. 14th December 2007 An Officer and the Deputy Governor spoke to me advising that there was a plan to have me killed in prison, and to watch my back.

4th January 2008 Dental still has my name on their list. On 15th January 2008, dental pain. Nurse only gave me Panadol. 11th March 2008 was moved back to MRRC and was classified SMAP again. 24th March 2008 went to the Clinic. My blood pressure was very high 180/110. 28th March 2008 I saw the doctor – my blood pressure of 170/110. 22nd April 2008 – gave letter to Deputy Governor for my dental requirements and to remain in MRRC. 23rd April 2008 – Blood test at Clinic. My Legal mail was opened, and reported it to the Ombudsman. 13th May 2008, the matter regarding my dental problem was still being dealt with. 22nd May 2008 spoke to the Hot Line dentist. He said he could not help as prison will not allow an outside dentist. 30th May 2008 returned to Goulburn. Requested to be returned to MRRC for dentist through Governor – a 340 letter. 9th June 2008 moved back to MRRC. 18th June 2008, moved back to Goulburn. 30th June 2008, moved back to MRRC. On 6th July 2008 moved to Junee – Pod B3.

7th July 2008, I was bashed by two inmates. I reported it and placed it before the Police to charge them. I found out later that Management are fully aware when an inmate comes from another prison, who have similar charges, are always purposely placed in that Pod so that the SMAP inmates bash them on the first day then they get transferred to LA Pod B1. This was confirmed by other inmates in Pod B!. I reported it to my lawyers. I was also taken to the Clinic with a full report. The doctor said I had heart problems. 13th July 2008 my cell was searched twice and trashed. On the 8th August 2008 Management said it would cost $60,000 to go to the dentist outside.

Many visits in every prison were often cut short, or visitors treated like the inmates. I was victimised by the Prison System and at times we were asked to give urine samples. The Officers put so much pressure on me, and other inmates, threatening to give a jail charge, if not successful. In August 2010 I was moved to Long Bay after being forced to sign off from LA to SMAP – even though I did not sign the papers, because I was bashed in 2008 when I was a SMAP. I was told I was needed for work, therefore Management were responsible to move me if anything occurred to me. It is to be noted that the conditions of the Area 2 in Long Bay Prison Building are very low standard. Some years before the same type of buildings built in the early 1900’s in Parramatta, were offered for sale to the RSPCA, who declined them saying they were not fit for animals – yet they were okay for prisoners.

I put in a request to see an Eye Doctor and on 3rd February 2011 – Area 3 – Clinic advised my X-Ray which showed I could have a disease of the liver. Had new blood tests done. 24th March 2011 I saw the doctor. I had a swollen spleen but not blood result yet. I wish to point out as well that the phone was often turned off. It was claimed the lines were the cause, but good Officers stated it was switched off to cause frustration. 18th May 2011 I had the flu; was sent back from work as I could not move. However the Officer in Charge insisted I go down to muster. He had a great dislike for me. I also had a very bad infection in my left leg. They wanted me to walk from my bunk to the Clinic and all I was told was they do not do house calls. I made it to the Clinic, and all they gave me was a Panadol. I told them I had thrombosis. 21st May 2011 my leg swelled up. An Officer of Wing 14 – a much respected Officer – took me to the Clinic himself. I was taken to Hospital to the Emergency. I had a cellulitis infection and was put on a drip for three days, and was discharged on the 26th May, 2011. The van to take inmates in handcuffs to and from hospital is a disgrace; it is a bubble vehicle and those who are classified C1- C2 and C3 are not required to have handcuffs, but most Officers humiliate the inmate. In my case, when I went to hospital with my bad leg, the Officers made me walk some 500 metres and dragged me through the emergency foyer in front of the public, and when I came back I was not given any help to get in the van.

On Friday 3rd May 2011, we missed out on dinner. The Officer in Charge due to look-in did not worry. 4th June 2011 was to see doctor for follow-up on my leg. I was to get antibiotics to keep leg healed, but leg regressed. 20th June, 2011, saw doctor who put me on more antibiotics, but said this type of thing constantly flares up. It is to be pointed out that the squad at times would bash an inmate in a cell. There was a problem of inmates of the Main placed together with SMAP at Long bay Hospital waiting for X-rays. They were bashed and an Officer told the inmates not to say anything as he saw nothing. I can get witnesses to verify this. I reported this to the Attorney General. The lock-ins are endless.

A point to be raised is that I was deprived of my Religious formation as my Priest was not allowed to bring the Sacraments to me at any time. This is Religious discrimination.

12th January 2012 – Called in by 2 (high ranking officer). I was going to be charged as I had put a private phone number on the legal line. I explained how it happened – three different papers with different numbers. However in the records there was a charge registered. This occurred due to a new form changing from ten numbers to thirty numbers, but the computer did not register the new form. Therefore the private number went into the legal number section. An Officer defended me. I was given a caution. 16th January 2012 – To use letter of Woodham. Officer told me Woodham sent letter to prison. It must have been a response to my letter as no one is to change things unless he is told. 18th January 2012 – still not feeling well as my body is aching. 28th January 2012 – pain in both my arms.

15th February 2012 – I have not been feeling good. 16th February 2012 – Heavy pains in my right arm. 16th February 2012 – See reports regarding phone. Spoke to a friend.. They placed her number on a previous phone system. Officer Brown checked for the third time; did not place … number to number 3 – they connected the old form which was on No. 2 on the legal port. Yes I was warned four weeks ago even though it was accidental. I will check up in two weeks. 21st February 2012 – Prison has changed my number 3 from my friend. Someone is playing around. I will report it. 25th February 2012 – my health not the best. 28th February 2012 – my arm is in a bad way. On 29th February 2012 – Saw Clinic; gave me anti-inflammatory pills for my torn muscles in my arm and shoulders.

On 2nd March 2012 – Spoke to my friend, but number has not been moved. 4th March 2012 – Spoke to my friend on No. 2. They did not shift my number to my friend but even though in legal section money is taken. 5th March 2012 – An Officer said the phone for your friend should be fixed. Tried but number still not moved from 11 to 3. 7th March 2012 – The Officer advised phone form lost; need to put another one in on Saturday. 10th March 2012 – Placed in form again for my phone. 15th March 2012 – No. 11 – still not shifted. 18th March 2012 – Phone No. 11 transferred to 3. Wednesday 21st March 2012 – Still not feeling well. Asked outside Nurse on Sunday while my arms were all paralysed during sleep. 3rd April 2012 – I am getting the flue. 4th April 2012 – I am still not feeling well. 16th April 2012 – Pulled a muscle in my left thumb. 18th April 2012 – Went to Nurse and need to have X-ray as my hand is in pain. 20th April 2012 – went to LBH Hospital for X-ray for left hand. 29th April 2012 – Went to Clinic. No broken bones; blood pressure good.

3rd May 2012 – Squad came. I received a letter from the Attorney General, Greg Smith which was very good. 10th May 2012 – Spoke to the Case Officer; will look into classification C3. 16th May 2012 – another attack upon me on Current Affair, but I did not see it. 27th May 2012 – Still have a problem with my right eye. 29th May 2012 – Still have problem with hair in the eye. 30th May 2012 – Eye still troubling me and feel tightness in upper body frame. There was a ramp in the cell. 31st May 2012 – Placed in a request to see the doctor regarding my eye. Monday 11th June 2012 – Head was bleeding today; am still waiting for Doctor. Tuesday 12th June 2012 – Have pain in lower bowel. Wednesday 13th June 2012 – Phoned the Health dept and complained. Still not seeing Doctor. Head wound worse. Asked a good Officer about my own mail – “NO”. Asked friend if she received mail. She said “No”. I said we need legal action. Officer then came to me and said there was a large amount of mail, but night shift had not sorted it out. Sent letter to the Attorney General re problems. 15th June 2012 – An Officer brought me 10 letters, going back to 5th June. He told me I was right. 27th June 2012 – was ill last night and all day today. I had food poisoning. When I went for pills all they said was “fill in the forms”. Called by Doctor and he booked me for Specialist for my head and gave me antibiotics. He believed that I had no melanoma.

1st July 2012 – Went to Clinic and they said I will need to go to hospital to cut growth. 3rd July 2012 – Went to Clinic and they were supposed to change dressing on my head. Said it was clean and not needed. That is on the outside. My leg is hurting more. 4th July 2012 – Went to Clinic. Said they would call me back to clean wound, but did not. 5th July 2012 – Did not get dressing changed for 2nd day. Was told I would be called. 8th July 2012 –Officers on strike. Visit only 10 minutes due to strike. 18th July 2012 – went to Clinic to change the dressing on my head. Nurse said not needed until tomorrow. That will make it the 4th day. They said I will be in hospital in a few weeks. Had heavy heart palpitations as if there were a blockage; I have this every month – once per week. We went from work to have a shower., the Officer rushed everyone out of the shower; we only had two minutes. Thursday 19th July 2012 – went to Prince of Wales Hospital; checked head. He said it looked serious; could not cut it out as too big. Will book me in priority for a small operation. Friday 20th July 2012 – have not been feeling well – went to Clinic. 22nd July 2012 – Riot in 16 Wing. Squad called in. 24th July 2012 – Supposed to have dressing changed; tried twice to see Clinic and they said I should be going to Hospital very soon. 25th July 2012 – Could not see Clinic to change dressing. 27th July 2012 – Went to Clinic as did not go yesterday, even though we tried. Saw Doctor and he said my head wound is serious, but would go to Hospital soon. 29th July 2012 – The Nurse is very good. she said I should not have had so many bandages on my head as the skin is rotting, and the dressing should be changed every day. 30th July 2012 – Went to Clinic 7.30am as they asked me to come in. Did not change dressed, but said: “Come back later, we will call”. They did not. (Change dressing soon) I went back …….. anything to do with it) Leaking – will do it tomorrow. Even after Nurse said yesterday they must change the dressing twice a day until you go to hospital.

1st August 2012 – Went to the Clinic – said I should be in Hospital tomorrow and went to Hospital at 8.30am. I expected to have the lump removed. Saw the Specialist, and he said I had skin cancer although he does not believe it has gone deep. He will operate in two weeks. Parole came and advised what I need to do. Called by Physic – …… and she said they were looking at my case. Called by Clinic and saw doctor. He wanted to know what happened. Thursday 2nd August, 2012 – checked with Clinic. I saw Doctor or nurse. He believed I had cancer. Had hoped to be operated on when I went in lasts. He believes it is a contraction cancer – outward, not inward – due to a rapid growth. Inmate heard I was going in today at 4pm. Clinic did not change my dressing. Sunday 5th August, 2012 – Visit from outside Nurse. She said they should clean the wound twice a day and should have operated long ago; also if they had looked at it from the beginning they would have burnt if off. No operation. Dressing changed. 6th August 2012 – The Officer at kitchen checked for the dressing on my head; they told him “tomorrow”. Previously the Nurse said must change dressing twice a day. Tuesday 7th August 2012 – Contacted Lawyer, to start legal action. Officer asked again about my head dressing Clinic said they will call later, but did not. I went to the Clinic window and they said “tomorrow”. This is now two days. Thursday 9th August, 2012 – Clinic did not call me to change bandage. My leg is not good. Also had pain in my back and kidney. My letter has gone to Health Minister. C/C has written to an Officer as to why my letter is missing. Received letter from Cubit Course. Advised my case for Cubit. Did not go to Clinic. Friday 10th August, 2012 – went to Clinic only because my boss, asked me to. Saturday 11th August 2012 – Went to Clinic – no tablets and did not change dressing. Sunday 12th August 2012 – Went to clinic; changed dressing, but Nurse said only every second day.

Monday 13th August, 2012 – Health Department said I heard voices. I said No! Tuesday 14th August, 2012 – Rushed to Clinic. Three Nurses and three Officers, including Special Officer – then they took bandage off, and it bled. The Special Officer pushed to send me to emergency Hospital. Nurse agreed. They could not do anything to stop the bleeding. 15th August 2012 – I went to Hospital – it was very good; saw two Nurses and a Doctor. They said that Justice Health was no good. Used wrong bandages. Nurse spoke to Specialist, and will try to push operation earlier. Bandage should not be changed every day as it is breaking the wound open. Doctor was good. Spoke to Nurse, she says it will be operated on within three weeks. Dressing not changed. 16th August 2012 – Dressing not changed. 19th August 2012 – I went to the Clinic Said dressing should be changed every second day. It had not been changed for four days Nurse told me the Hospital said every seven days, but I said x Nurse also said I needed antibiotics for my leg. 20th August 2012 – have checked with Clinic twice now – were going to change dressing, but are too busy. Am to come back tomorrow. 21st August, 2012 – My bones are bad, and my leg. 26th August 2012 – I went to the Clinic to ask for the bandages to be changed. They said: “No” – on Monday. 27th August 2012 – My face is swollen and also my leg. 28th August, 2012 – I went to the Clinic with an Officer. He had an argument with the nurses. They told him off and blamed me for stirring Officers and the Nurses. Nurse wanted me to have a shower to clean my head in the Wing. I said: “No”. He said the wound was good – no infection, only fungus – that is why it smells. One Officer told the other Officer that he should stay out as I was only an inmate.

On 3rd September 2012 – I went to Hospital and had the operation on my head – cancer. Officers who took me were not good. They put me in handcuffs in the very back, hoping I would get sick. 4th September 2012 – Hospital … The surgeon advised operation was successful. 5th September, 2012 – went to LBH Ward D. Officers very good who took me. From 6th September – 23rd September – LBH. 13th September 2012 – Went to the Prince of Wales Hospital to take off bandages. Doctor said all is going well. Cancer not known. 17th September 2012 – taken to the Prince of Wales – blood clot in my leg – taken twice by ambulance. 9th September, 2012 – infection started – put on antibiotics. 24th September 2012 – returned to Wing. 26th September 2012 – Saw Doctor and Nurse – head wound healing well.

1st October 2012 – antibiotics stopped – healing going well. 3rd October 2012 – went to Clinic; can shower now. I saw wound – very big scar. 5th October, 2012 – Nurse said all was well and the scar going good, but will take two months to settle and heal fully, but there will always be a scar. 7th October, 2012 – doing the dressing every second day. 8th October 2012 – around 2pm my heart did not beat well until around 4pm. 17th October 2012 – The Clinic are following up all the time now. 18th October, 2012 – Attorney General’s Office responded to my letter and confirmed second Review – still considering my clemency. 24th October 2012 – Received a letter from the Health Minister – advised that cancer was not malignant. Gave dates of my hospitalisation. 31st October 2012 – saw the Doctor today; he called me in because they received a letter from the Commissioner who questioned me as to why I complained.

On 6th November 2012 – went to Clinic and saw Nurse. She said the healing is good and to keep it covered. 12th November 2012 – Went to an Officer – one pippa for classo. My record is good. Working towards Cubit for release. Could get my C3 but would be moved to Junee. 19th November 2012 – Saw Nurse – made an appointment for me regarding my leg. Saturday 24th November, 2012 – Still waiting to see Doctor as leg is playing up. 3rd December 2012 – Another Nurse placed me on more of an urgent request to see the Doctor re: my leg, which is infected again. Nurse placed me on Doctor’s list two weeks ago. Thursday 6th December 2012 – went to the Clinic. Nurse ordered the antibiotics for my leg. 8th December 2012 – An Officer gave me permission to wear a hat at muster. 11th December 2012 – saw the Doctor. Head is good. Leg okay, just inflamed; will take antibiotics. To be taken off warfarin next year. 21st December 2012 – went to clinic – Nurse checked warfarin reading – all good. 26th December 2012 – have infection in between toes. Went to Clinic – gave me cream. I also have had strong abdominal pains for 2 weeks and my arms are infected. 28th December 2012 – Squad. Sunday 30th December, 2012 – pain in right hand.

On 18th June 2013 – Squad came and trashed my cell – Took my diary dated from 1st January to 18th June 2013. 19th June 2013 – Was charged because I had another inmate’s ID card, which one of the Officers made as a joke. I sent a request form to SAS re: my book as advised by my Case Officer, as my book was not in their office. 20th June 2013 – my leg is causing me problems again. 21st June, 2013 – Received reply re: my diary – no record of diary taken. 22nd June 2013 – An Officer – two, is the one who charged me twice since I came to Cubit. 24th June 2013 – Guys asked if I would stand as a representative. I asked the Wing Officer who said I could not stand due to my prison charges. 25th June, 2013 – The Wing Officer helped me restore my phone connection. 26th June, 2013 – spoke to Ombudsman. He received my letter on 21st June and I will soon receive a reply.

On 3rd July 2013 – received a letter from the Ombudsman. Proceeding. Received a letter from the Justice Health Complaints Commissioner. 6th July 2013 – had Mass … Intel questioned … about me. Psychologist told them I was excommunicated. Can’t give Holy Communion – he said I can not now receive. 7th July 2013 – Guys said Intel Officer went into my cell. 12th July 2013 – received certificate for head cover at visits. 16th July 2013 – saw my Lawyer, … 17th July 2013 – … Parole has advised they have made an error; will have a meeting. Spoke to Solicitor, … who told me first and will look into my jail charges. 22nd July 2013 – I have an infection in my right foot. 23rd July 2013 – saw Head of Parole – regardless of the error of Parole Board. She will recommend I finish my course. Does not believe my case is denial. They will not allow me to return to the Community where I lived on the outside. Still have problems with my foot. 30th July 2013 – will be going to have an ultrasound. 31st July 2013 – Went to LBH. Ultrasound – no problem. Kidney, bladder and liver are okay.

1st August 2013 – Hearing. Moved in one cell with another inmate. Top Bunk. Blood pressure very high as I could not get on top bunk easily. 2nd August 2013 – Had terrible night; have been ill all day. An Officer moved me to my own cell. 3rd August 2013 – am still feeling ill. 8th August 2013 – Supposed to do a Course, but we were locked in until 12noon. 20th August 2013 – Went to Clinic and saw Optometrist; said I needed to see Specialist. Had something in right eye – not serious, but need to check. 24th August, 2013 – Head of Intel called me in and asked me basically to stop the action of the Ombudsman. He said Officers did make a mistake and phone charges were issued against me, and I could make as many phone calls – not three ways. 26th August, 2013 – Today I heard from the Parole Board; they rejected manifest justice. 28th August, 2013 – My psychologist checked with Intel and said I got it wrong. Charges stand, but regarding the phone matter with my friend, they do not know who is to blame. 29th August 2013 – Spoke to Legal, and Lawyer – very good. We have a case regarding phone charges against Corrective Services.

6th September 2013 – felt my sickness again. 7th September 2013 – have not been feeling good. 25th October, 2013 – Had my cell searched; they took photos of my children. Made inquiry – waiting! Due to the fact that the squad trashed my cell twice within two weeks they stole my book of 2013. I handed the matter over to the Ombudsman and to my Lawyers. I was victimised and persecuted, and they were prejudiced against me. See the attached. Intel is the cause and those in charge. I can name every Officer involved, and the matter is being investigated of the shifting of my phone number into the legal section. This can be proven. All is recorded – also with the Attorney General and my Lawyers.

2014 – My partner, was searching for an address for us to live as I was due to be released in February-March 2014, and was instructed by Parole to find a place. The placed offered by my friends in … was approved by the Parole Officer, but rejected by Management. I was advised by Parole when my address was approved that I would be released within two weeks; this was February. The flat was approved. All the matters regarding Parole and the many delays are contained in the attached report given by Parole and my Solicitors and Barrister. I will be seeking compensation for Corrective Services misleading me in requiring a place to live, causing us to look into a contract, otherwise no Parole – then requiring me to do “day leave” before I was approved by Parole. I therefore paid a rent of $590.00 per week, and have been paying since February 2014, where they should have advised “day leave” first, then for me to look for a place.

A claim is in progress for the cost of my legal team, having to challenge the Parole Board since February 2013, as I should have been released in April, 2013. I also place a claim, as they had years before this to have me do my course, where they finally placed me in a course two weeks before I was due to be released. We will not count the cost of the emotional strain and damage done to my children over the many years. I also place a claim against the Parole board who released information to the Press before I was given the result – this can be confirmed by my letter to the Ombudsman – lawyers. This was a violation against my privacy. When the Parole Officer approved my partner as my support person in March, she told her she was no longer able to contact my friends who lived on the property of my Community. This was a violation of human rights as she was not the inmate. Also, as I was supposed to have been released in February-March we made arrangements to be married, but due to the delay we had to wait. I wish to comment on the fact that in all my dealings in prison there were also many good Officers plus the official visitor was very helpful.

1st May 2014 – Needed follow-up of blood tests going back to 2013; still nothing. Clinic also advised there were no details regarding my eyes. I asked about the diabetes and was told there was nothing to be worried about. It is to be noted as well that the New South Wales Health department will be held accountable for their negligence, causing me untold suffering and bodily damage. It is also to be noted that Corrective Services are to blame for causing mental deprivation on myself and other inmates due to their lack of care, so that inmates can conduct themselves fairly at court engagements; depriving them of food, water, sleep and dignity – making it impossible for an accused to be alert and attentive to his court duties where many accused person gives up and accepts any deal the DPP makes, thus an innocent persons accepts to plead guilty.

As you can see Corrective Services is a power thrust Organisation built on colonial values of archaic proportions, subduing vulnerable people and subjecting them to inhuman conditions purposely, to degrade, humiliate and punish them. Yet the model portrayed to the public is to be a caretaker and rehabilitate.

A very honourable two pippa high-ranking Officer once said to me that an Officer is there to take care of inmates and their needs. An Officer is not the arbitrator of punishment as the Court has made that decision by handing down a sentence, and the punitive result to a prisoner is loss of liberty and freedom. It is not the Officer’s duty or right to aggravate that circumstance.

It is to be noted that the most honourable Officers of Corrective Services are the non-custodial Officers of industries who help and uphold the dignity of their staff, namely inmates. I could name the Officers who were caring and those who were not. I could also take individual Officers to Court for over-stepping their boundaries – should the Court ask me to do so. It is to be understood that in spite of many Officers being cruel there are also many I would consider a friend outside of prison – those who upheld the dignity of a human being. These names will be forwarded to the Corrective Services Commissioner for recommendations.

You will note how often I was moved from MRRC to Goulburn, and returned – 22 times. These movements are purposely done; they call it “treatment”. It causes an inmate much suffering; they claim it is needed because of bed space. The Department should consider the cost of transport.

The other item that causes many problems for an inmate is lack of privacy in a two-bed cell, or even more – 5’ x 20’ cell? It is like living in the bathroom – yet several prisons are closed, whereas if opened it would allow more single cells.

I wish it to be noted that Corrective Services are the cause of many delays of inmates who need to go on to Parole. Very little is done to enhance the availability for them to do their various courses, and this compounds the major problem in the system, at a huge cost, which could be eliminated. See all my inclusions on these subjects.

As for Justice Health – very little good can be said about the health assistance required for inmates, as can be seen in my report. (Bondi Vet pets get better health care than most inmates.) However, the LBH Hospital in Long Bay is highly recommended.

I wish to give the Government an idea of a better system for Corrective Services if the Prison System is to remain as it currently stands. The perfect system is no incarceration – only rehabilitation.

1. If remissions are returned it would give inmates an incentive to improve.

2. Have progressive programmes starting from the moment of incarceration.

3. Two bed cells for the young and single cells for those more mature inmates.

4. Better conditions in prison, giving inmates more availability in their cells.

5. Segregating prisons: Prisons for each crime, lessening conflict e.g.:

Sexual crimes​ — no urine test required

Stealing​ — no urine test required

Murder​ — no urine test required

Violent crime​ — no urine test required

Drug related​ — urine test is required

By doing this the cost of the constant test of urine analysis is minimized. You then have the programmes adjusted to each prison.

The Squad should not have the freedom they have to act like a ‘Thug Squad’.

The Prison System should be a gradual movement up the scales, and if there is a need for continued Court matters, a separate prison for this should be made available so that movements will be lessened. The communications should be much better, as well as the visit arrangements, because this is important to maintain family unity rather than disintegration. They, like inmates, should have access to toilets during visits.

Finally, all those doing Cubit and live in an enclosed area should be moved to a wing to prepare them for release into society, not back into the main-stream prison – thus reducing further contamination.

Day leave should commence during the various programmes allowing inmates to readjust in society. Kitchen industries should use all the extra food and give it freely to Officers, Inmates, or Charities, because there is so much wastage.

There is so much more that could be said. There are good Officers as there are bad, as it is with inmates – those who are guilty and many who are not – but all are tarred with the same brush.

All the matters raised have been given to the Corrective Services Commissioner, the Attorney General and my Lawyers, for any action to be taken to correct a very abusive situation and lack of duty of care. It is because of the way prisoners are dealt with that organisations are built to help them to have a voice, like Justice Action, run by a very respectable man, Brett Collins: P.O. Box 386 Broadway, N.S.W. 2007 – Phone (02) 9283 0123

For this reason, after experiencing so much negligence, persecution and abuse by the Corrective Services and the New South Wales justice Health, I have decided to form a new Political Party for Prisoners and all those souls who have no voice: The Republic Reform and Justice Party, with policies like this:

1. Bill of Rights

2. Reform Law – the Justice System

3. Reform the Prison System

4. Bring in a new Review Commission

5. Criminalise false Media reporting.

These are but a few ideas. If you wish to comment on the New Party, sent it to the Website “Contact”.

It is to be noted we are in the process of proceeding legally against Corrective Services and various other departments for gross negligence.

God Bless

William Costellia