Message from Our Lord to the Little Pebble – 5 February 2016


No. 730

God will now act more intensely, sending many chastisements, to wake man from his slumber – Volcanos will erupt simultaneously around the world, creating a dark ash like cloud, darkening out the sun for many days – Terrorists will try to blow up the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and St Peter’s Church in The Vatican

LITTLE PEBBLE: Dear friends, I am sending you the message Jesus gave me. He spoke to me as if He just wanted to speak to a friend rather than a seer. Jesus was so sad that I could have planted so many kisses on Him to console Him. Jesus needs as many kisses we can give Him. Please tell everyone to send Jesus kisses.

During the week Jesus came as I woke up to start the day. He stood at the end of the bed and, as always, he was so beautiful, but was very sad. Jesus began to explain to me how His Father was so angry with mankind because they were so ungrateful. God has given so many Blessings to mankind and has visited the Earth on numerous occasions, through the Apparitions around the world – calling mankind to repentance.

Jesus says His Love overflows to the world, but his children ignore it and seek only human gratifications. Because of this incredulous humanity God will now act more intensely by sending many chastisements, so that man will wake up from his slumber.

Volcanos will erupt, simultaneously, around the world, creating a dark ash like cloud, darkening out the sun for many days, causing the crops to whither. People in certain countries where these volcanoes are, need to ready themselves and when they notice the first signs of the rumbling of the Earth, they must leave these places and go to safety .

Jesus said there will be volcanos in Iceland, Sicily, Japan – Mount Fuji; the Hawaiian volcano, Guatemala; the one in the North Island of New Zealand, Indonesia, the Island of Reunion, one in Africa and one on an Island in the Pacific Ocean, in Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Argentina, and Italy.

Jesus said that people will remember these words, as these will be a sign to mankind that God is very angry. There will be a Great disaster in two cities – Singapore and Hong Kong. I was not told what it was but that it would cause the land to sink.

In the Arabian Sahara Desert a huge sinkhole would occur and will expose a huge lake, which would rise and flood the desert. Jesus did not explain if it was water or lava. Jesus said that because men continue on the road to perdition He has no alternative but to allow the Eternal Father’s Arm of Justice to fall upon mankind, until men turn away from their destructive path.

A change of heart is necessary – one of remorse for ones sins, asking for God’s forgiveness – and His Divine Mercy will descend upon the world.

Terrorism will continue by those who have lost all sense of reason. These souls are part of the Antichrist’s, army of hate. Yet Jesus calls all men to pray and to pray for these lost souls. Most will end up lost for eternity, as the promises offered to them by the enemy of God, Satan – Antichrist and their leaders – are empty promises and lies, which will only take away the freedom of a soul and place him eternally in chains.

Jesus calls us to pray the Rosary and spend time to read the Messages of Heaven and arm themselves with the knowledge of the Teachings of the Church. God’s enemy is very astute and will convince many of God’s children that all is fine in the House of God, until he has succeeded in weakening the soul’s resistance to God’s Truths and will lead them into error – compromising the Faith.

We must pray to His Holy Spirit who will enlighten their intellect. Jesus wishes us to be prepared at all times and seek His Eucharistic Presence, as this strengthens us. The battle for souls continues between the forces of Good and Evil.

Jesus also said the terrorists will try to blow up the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and St Peter’s Church in The Vatican, as a sign of Pride and Hatred towards the three regimes, which signify freedom – even though these Countries are truly no longer representative Nations of true Freedom and Liberty. They have sold themselves to the slavery of Satan’s precepts – as also have done those who destroy men with little thought of consequences. These souls are slaves of evil already and God’s Justice will soon fall upon them.

Jesus then Blessed us with His Love and reminds us to turn to His Holy Mother, Who will always place Her Mantle over us.

William Costellia

(Jesus said yesterday – the 8th February – that an earthquake would occur in the Atlantic Sea and cause great flooding. An earthquake would also occur in the Antarctic, allowing a large piece of ice to break away and cause havoc.)

NEWS: The prophetic Word of God is being fulfilled. Here is just one example this week.

Volcano in Guatemala – 7 February 2016