To the President of France – 21 February 2016

Most Honourable Monsieur Le President Francois Hollande

55 Rue du Faubourg, Saint Honore Paris 75008 France

Francois Hollande, blessings to you.

My name is William Costellia, I am a Catholic Visionary since 1967, I have met privately with Pope John Paul ll in 1985.

Since 1983 I have been persecuted by the Catholic Church due to the visions and messages I receive. You can see the message on our website:

Jesus has spoken much about the problems facing your Country France. He told me about the terrorists attack to your Nation last year and previously.

Dear Mr. President, it saddens me as others, about these terrible things that these evil people do. It is for this reason I write to you and your Parliament. Please place more security around the Eiffel Tower as the Enemy will try to destroy this Monument. Jesus has told me this, so that you protect your People.

Wishing God’s blessings,

William Costellia