Message to the Little Pebble – 28 February 2016

Message given to the Little Pebble – 28 February 2016

LITTLE PEBBLE: After Mass after Communion and the presence of Jesus remained due to priest and the acolytes giving out Holy Communion. Jesus Appeared on the Altar so handsome and beautiful. He held a Crozier in His right hand as a Shepherd and said:

JESUS: “Peace be with you My son, peace. Be not troubled in heart as all will go well. I am the Good Shepherd who comes to assist My sheep because My sheep know me — as these are difficult times of the tribulations, and I am the Father of Mercy — who loves My children. Those who seek justice and truth will receive it now, because the time when conscience will be laid bare — is very near.”

“Son, I wish you to make available the two messages of great importance at this time of Lent, given to My daughter Luz de Maria — the 24th of February and the 13th of February, by Myself and My Mother. These messages are a reflection for this special time of Lent.”

“Be not afraid My son, as God watches over His children. Look to the Heavens My children for many signs will be given. These signs — are a sign to you to know the times that you are living in. Peace be to you My son, and My children. Jesus then Blessed us three times.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: He spoke to me about private matters and left, with the parting words:

JESUS: “I am the Good Shepherd.”