Vision of the Little Pebble – 20 March 2016


LITTLE PEBBLE: Today at Mass, during the Consecration, Jesus appeared on the cross. I saw Our Lady kneel close to the cross, also close by was Saint John and Saint Mary Magdalene. Then the Eternal Father appeared above Jesus with the Holy Spirit above the Eternal Father – much larger than all – spreading His Wings.

Jesus spoke saying: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!” I heard a heavy thunderclap in the Church. Then appearing on the Altar I saw a White Lamb to the left of the Cross and to the right, also on the Altar, a Goat – both were bleeding. Kneeling at the foot of the Altar to the left before the White Sheep, was Pope Benedict and kneeling in front of the Goat was Pope Francis.

Then Pope Benedict was on the Altar with a dagger in his heart and Pope Francis remained kneeling, but a knife was in his back.

Saint Michael came and placed a sword in the Altar and it split. Behind the Altar near the Tabernacle, appeared Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome and Saint Michael placed his sword through it and it split. Then I saw a Black Sheep on the Throne of Peter. Behind that scene I saw the sky on fire and Meteors were crashing to the Earth. A huge Angel was standing near the Altar with fire in his eyes and he held a large sword.

These are the areas Heaven showed me where the Meteors had landed:

  • In the Atlantic Sea near Puerto Rico; The Sea between Europe and the United States, Canada, was the Atlantic area.
  • The China Sea between China and the Philippines
  • One in the Middle East in Europe and the Middle of the United States.

The Great Angel spoke to me about private matters and the vision was gone. However, where the Meteors landed, the Earth quaked and the Seas rose to great heights, flooding many Islands and entering several Mainlands.