Easter Retreat 2005 – Our accountability to God

Gethsemane Community – Cambewarra, NSW Australia

Retreat Talks beginning on Holy Thursday Evening through Easter Sunday. The Retreat was organised by the Little Pebble and attended by the various members of the Order of Saint Charbel in Australia.

The Theme of the Retreat is centered on: “Our accountability to God”

The talks were given in the Chapel of All Apparitions by the following:

The Little Pebble

Bishop Malcolm Broussard

Bishop James Duffy

Bishop Guido Colla

HOLY THURSDAY (24 March 2005)

1) Introduction to the Retreat by the Little Pebble

2) Opening Talk – Bishop Broussard

GOOD FRIDAY (25 March 2005)

1) Little Pebble Talk
2) Bishop Broussard Talk
3) Bishop Duffy Talk
4) Bishop Broussard Talk

HOLY SATURDAY (26 March 2005)

1) Little Pebble Talk
2) Bishop Guido Colla Talk
3) Little Pebble Talk

EASTER SUNDAY (27 March 2005)

1) Little Pebble Talk

End of Retreat