Vision and Message of Our Lord – 1 May 2016


Vision of Jesus after Communion – 1.15PM

LITTLE PEBBLE: After my thanksgiving prayers, Jesus stood by the Altar. He was holding two crosses – one black and one brown and behind Jesus was a White Cross, with the Holy Spirit as the Dove hovering over the White Cross and Jesus, with many rays streaming out from the Dove. Jesus then spoke:

OUR LORD: “Which cross will the world choose?”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus made me to understand the brown wooden cross was for His children, to pick up their cross and follow Him and make atonement for their sins. The black cross was death for humanity. Jesus then said He was Mercy! Then He showed me a huge Rosary with beads as large as apples and it looked like each bead had the Blessed Eucharist in it. He was lowering the string of beads to the Earth and said:

OUR LORD: “This is the most powerful prayer at this time. Should a soul only say one Hail Mary with true love – it is so powerful – His Holy Mother would reach out to that soul and bring it to Heaven, even if prayed for the Souls detained in Purgatory, as the beads of the Holy Rosary are a ladder that leads to Heaven.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus then explained that when the Rapture comes, it is in three stages:

  • The first being at the Great Warning;
  • The second at the Great Miracle;
  • And the third just before He returns to Earth

All these souls Raptured will be taken to the Garden of Eden and there they will await Jesus’ Return in His Second Coming, as they will rise to meet Him and [then they will return to Earth, which will be Renewed]. This in brackets is infused understanding. I then asked Jesus some questions, because people believe that there is life on other Planets. Jesus said:

OUR LORD: “No, but there are many dimensions on Earth.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then Jesus Blessed me and said He was Mercy: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”