Message 735 – 18 May 2016


NO. 735

[Listen to original audio version of this Message as given to the Little Pebble]

Feast of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians

The beautiful birds are significant to Holy Mother Church; they signify the gathering of the sheep – All that was written in the Book of Life and through Apparitions, will be fulfilled – It is not only prayer that will bring back Our children, but rather a heavy hand – Revolutions will now come; Seen in many lands: Anarchy, violence and destruction, not only of the physical buildings, but rather destruction of souls – A great schism will enter the Church – Directions will come from Rome that will divide the Church, far worse than the Reformation.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There is – like a big Eucharist – in the centre-beam of The White Cross and Our Lady has come through that on – it is not a beam of light now, but rather a stream of water – coming out of the Cross and Our Lady is on a small boat. There are three pelicans drawing this boat towards us with Our Lady on the boat, but the pelicans have got what seems like ropes attached to the boat, and in their beaks I can see fish – some fish are falling out of their beaks. They are beautiful and they are drawing Our Lady and the Baby Jesus very closer and now the boat stops in front of the building, but the water is continuously flowing. It is nearly like a waterfall and is so beautiful. The three pelicans hover now above Our Holy Mother and the Baby Jesus is watching them. Our Lady holds the Ark as well and is smiling. I haven’t seen Our Lady under this Title of today’s Feast for quite some time. The Baby Jesus is in a very happy mood – like a little Boy. He leaves Our Blessed Mother’s Arms and floats towards us and comes and kisses us on the forehead and makes the Sign of the Cross and He does this to every person here:

BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is very pleased and she places the Ark that She held on the side of the small boat that is harboured there. Now this little Ark of Our Lady grows into a very large ship, because it is the Ark of Noah. Jesus now returns back to Our Holy Mother and Our Lady and the Baby Jesus Bless us:

BABY JESUS & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LADY: “Greetings My beloved son and My sweet children gathered here before Me. I thank you for coming today to join with My beloved son, to give honour and praise to God the Eternal Father.”

“Today is a most significant day because the step towards the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, has begun. The beautiful birds I have brought with Me today are significant to Holy Mother Church, because they signify the gathering of the sheep, because you My dear son – as many others – are the fishers of men and these beautiful birds are there to gather the harvest that is now due to be gathered amongst the people of the Earth. I am the Ark of the Covenant between My Divine Son and Our children on Earth – the Ark, where all men must enter – as I will bring mankind to My Sweet Jesus – your God and Mine.”

“The Great Tribulation is upon you, My sweet children. As the days progress you will hear of many events in the world and in the Church, that will show you clearly that the end has come for this dying Earth, so that it can be resurrected to a new life in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in a short while, where all of you will be gathered before My Divine Son in His Second Coming.”

“In these many months and some years to come, all that was written in the Book of Life and through the many Apparitions throughout the world – all will be accomplished and fulfilled. Therefore, sweet children, as I and My Divine Son, Jesus, have often told you: Reflect now upon your lives; live each day as if that were to be your last day on Earth and recognise the times that you are living in. Confess your sins before My Divine Son. Go to the Priests of My Divine Son and frequent the Sacraments, so that you will be strengthened in perseverance in these coming times of the Great Tribulation.”

“Time has changed, sweet children – the hour clock has changed. Men have given themselves over to all types of atrocity and sin – not reflecting at all about anything that they do – not taking any responsibility of the actions that bring forth so much sorrow upon mankind.”

“I have travelled the world many times, dear children, but My Words have gone unheeded by mankind, even of My Son’s House upon Earth. Our Words are ridiculed and ignored by most of humanity. Therefore, you give little choice to the Eternal Father, but to allow the chastisements spoken of so many times, to fall upon an unrepentant generation. Yet, My Divine Son is merciful. He has given you much time to change your lives. Time has now run out, dear children. Look about you and you know this in your hearts.”

“The Mercy of God is Infinite, therefore He waits for His children to come back to Him. But as a child who strays away from his parents, it is not only prayer that will bring back Our children, but rather a heavy hand. Therefore, be ye prepared, My children – not only with prayers but also with actions. Reach out to your brothers and sisters – especially those who have drifted away from your household. Keep watch of the signs and then you will know when to make the moves to reach out to everyone of your children who have walked away from Truth.”

“I ask My children constantly, to pray. I weep many Tears. The Remnant Church of My Divine Son, Jesus, is being built now throughout the world, in preparation for times to come. Strengthen the Church – have faith in the Church, My dear children – even when the Church at this time is being misled by those in high places.”

“The revolutions will now come. It will be seen in many lands: Anarchy, violence and destruction – not only of the physical buildings, but rather the destruction of souls. But remember well My Words, from so many years ago when you see, when you feel, when you hear the revolution in the Holy City of Rome, know that the events of great magnitude, will unfold.”

“Pray for the clergy, for a great schism will enter the Church and many shall fall. My servants – the Priests – will not understand and be confused, for directions will come from Rome that will divide the Church – far worse, dear children, than in the time of the Reformation. Take up My Holy Rosary, which is the ‘weapon’ that Heaven has given you and united with all the Holy Souls in Heaven, on Earth and in Purgatory, the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will come.”

“I will not speak today of the many chastisements that will fall upon mankind, as I have spoken many times throughout the world concerning these matters. But I, as your Heavenly Mother and Queen of the World, ask all of you: Work together. Unite now as one body in Christ Jesus. Fight no more. Divide no more, but unite under the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus and My Immaculate Heart. Consecrate your lives, your families, your friends and your country, to Our Immaculate Hearts, every day. In this you will be protected, because We love you and We seek only your salvation and eternal happiness with Us.”

“The world is now flooded, dear children, not only with sin and corruption, but also with the Holy Spirit – My Divine Spouse – Who has Descended upon humanity, to awaken the hearts of men before it is too late. The fulfilment of the Words given at Fatima will now be fulfilled. Therefore, pray – pray for Russia so that it will be converted to Truth. Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart. If those in high places do not wish to do this, then let My children – my little children – do this and at least in part Russia will be converted. But for now, Russia will continue to spread its errors of atheism and communism. Pray, My dear children. Today, on this Feast Day, every soul dedicated to Our Immaculate Hearts, will be given another Saint from Heaven to help you.”

“And you, My sweet son, Our little White Rock, it is indeed a Blessed day for you and the Blessings from this will go throughout the world and Holy Mother Church and in time My children will understand. Continue to walk forward in and through My Immaculate Heart, for soon all those who oppose the Work of God – not only here, but throughout the world – will be either converted to God’s Truth, or removed from God’s Truth, so that all may understand that no man can interfere in the Plan of God.”

“I Bless you My son and My children and this Blessing goes throughout the world, so that he who hears My Voice will receive this Blessing interiorly, in their hearts and they will know that it comes from their Holy Mother: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady now goes back on the boat. Our Holy Mother is already near the White Cross and the Baby Jesus, He just waves and Our Lady makes the Sign of the Cross again, with the Baby Jesus.

BABY JESUS & OUR LADY: “In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”