Message from Jesus to Little Pebble – 29 May 2016


My dear people of God,

Jesus has asked me to give you His Words — that He loves you very much. With this Message I also wish to give you the wonderful words of “Reflection” from the seer Luz de Maria, written on the 15 May 2016.

God bless,

William Costellia

Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians crying tears
Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians crying tears

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came through the Blessed Eucharist exposed on the Altar. Saint Melchizedek (he had wings) stood to the right of Jesus and Moses was too the left of Jesus. He held the Chalice and the Blessed Sacrament, then said:

JESUS: “I Am the God of Love and Mercy. I Am The Bread of Life. Men must prepare, for very serious days are ahead, all the main events prophecied will be fulfilled from now to the end of 2017”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then from The Blessed Sacrament they turned into the Sacred Heart. Jesus then said:

JESUS: “William my son, tell the World how much I Love them, that I hear all prayers and all prayers are answered according to the will of My Father in Heaven”.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus then blessed me and all of mankind.



[Luz de Maria Website]

Brothers in Christ,

I am not an expert and least of all an expert in theology or dogmatic philosophy; I am only an instrument that after 24 years of receiving the Divine Word, my Divine Teacher and my Most Holy Mother have taken me on journeys I never imagined, giving me visions and personal revelations that will be announced at the precise instant.

Based upon what I have learned from our Savior, I wish to share with all of you a humble opinion about the scenario in which we find ourselves, because “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48), and also I do not wish to sin by omission or complicity. We live in a world situation which we can say is not normal or tolerable for a globalized humanity with an advanced technology into which the man of science managed to venture, for better or for worse, taking science without a conscience to become a priority in the constant domination of man by man. In this incessant struggle for global power, the innocent are the ones who have paid, with pain, each experiment by the great nations or by dehumanized creatures that have plunged like birds of prey against defenseless people.


There is one aspect in man’s development that cannot be left off the list of disorders in which we live. It is an important aspect that, under the sponsorship of elites that drive humanity and make decisions for us without our knowledge, technology has been the means to dehumanize man and to invade his mind and all his senses in order to allow insensitivity to overshadow the place of God in the human creature, and have man take evil as good and have his mind involuntarily influenced, by means of subliminal messages, towards all that is improper and, therefore, sin.

All this until man comes to accept voluntarily everything that comes his way, because not being able to discern turns people into automatons. The holy patriarch Job comes to mind, the great man of trials and tribulations in history, who nevertheless remained faithful to God; he is a model for us at this instant because his life prefigures what will happen to this humanity.

We face the great trial; and how much will each one of us be willing to give if at this instant God decides to test us?… Can we respond like the holy patriarch? “… the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21) … This kind of patience is not improvised; it is the result of a fruitful relationship with God, of prayer.

Man has deteriorated slowly, little by little, silently, without humanity feeling or perceiving it. This is the slyness of the devil. At this instant, as Jesus Christ tells me, man’s mind is conditioned by rage to attack for pleasure, because man’s mind is deteriorated, worn out, due to the invasion of all the things that the technological industry invents to deviate man from where he should remain in order to facilitate the way to the antichrist.

Our Mother tells me, “The spiritual listlessness is reflected by man’s physical body. Man lives without motivation, without paying attention, without the desire to create so as not to awaken the mind from the lethargy in which it has been placed. Man looks for the easiest thing, for that which does not imply using some of his bodily or mental energy, and least of all spiritual energy.”

It is the supremacy of the strongest one, and the great indifference of the children of God who do not want to feel scared by the messages filled with warnings. This includes several prominent theologians of our Catholic Church who, adducing Divine Mercy, have unleashed a wave of incredulity towards the explanation of the Divine Word to make this generation emphatically deny the existence of sin in some cases and, in other cases, totally ignore it.

Jesus Christ tells me that this is not what He came to Earth to preach; that He did not come to indoctrinate; He came to plant Faith, Obedience, Love, Charity, Forgiveness, Hope in His children’s hearts. Christ tells me, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one letter, [a] not one stroke of a letter, will pass from the law until all is accomplished. Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, will be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 5: 17-19) And I say to you, “Let anyone with ears listen!” (Matthew 11:15) …

Confusion grows in some children of God’s People. This is why our Mother always calls us to delve into the Holy Scripture; She calls us to deepen the knowledge, and to live asking for the help of the Holy Spirit so that He will give us discernment. The Christian must grow precisely in his spirit, he must belong more to Heaven; he must live on Earth but with the Teachings of Christ in all his acts and works. In order to discern, we must give our quota of willingness and knowledge, because the Christian at this instant cannot half-live, he has to commit himself in truth and spirit if he wishes to save his soul.

In His Second Coming, Jesus Christ will not distinguish some people from others: I myself enjoy Divine Mercy, but I know that Divine Justice is necessary and that God uses it; otherwise, He would not be the perfect God as He is.

We have all the signs that Earth behaves in unusual and unexpected ways which even science cannot predict. But it is easier for man to deny the signs of this instant than to embark upon the hard work of believing or accepting the signs and decide to walk against the worldly current … Earth is willing to express its power and at the same time to show its weakness of which man is responsible. Slumbering volcanoes awaken; volcanic activity will become more and more intense, the elements will definitely be relentless and decisive with this generation that forgets, disobeys, and then, after turning everything into a routine, holds on fast to incredulity, because this is the way indoctrinated man has been created.

MAN IMPLEMENTS HIS JUSTICE FORGETTING THERE IS GOD AND THAT HE IS ABOVE ALL MEN, AND THAT CHRIST IS NEAR IN HIS SECOND COMING AND THAT NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO HIDE. The gift of life is despised each instant. In the face of this terrible abomination, the Universe shudders so much! Persecution has been unleashed without control, crimes against life are horrendous, vexations are constant, and everything converges in man’s ignorance regarding God and His Divine Will for man. Man lives according to the way he has been trained by the world powers, submissive, even when he sees the mistake; and this has a single purpose, to make humankind fall prey to the antichrist through the lack of knowledge of many brothers because they have been denied that this will happen and that the antichrist will come.

It is unfortunate that due to the lack of knowledge — because of the ignorance in which some members of the Hierarchy of the Church keep God’s People by omitting to mention the great ultimate truths and their actual happening in our time—some brothers blindly follow the usurper, the antichrist, without discernment. When he starts to perform fake miracles with the help of satanic power, including the raising of the dead, these brothers of ours will fall prostrate and, in deception, will follow the king of lies (Ref 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11).

Unfortunately, there is an earthly god or idol that man follows, money; and money has corrupted all, absolutely all institutions of all kinds to undermine credibility, making man rebel, people against people, nation against nation, and so on and so forth, and thus WHAT IS WRITTEN BE FULFILLED. The convulsive humanity is not an allegory, it is a truth that we see through the media; natural disasters are constant, new diseases attack the human organism, crops are lost due to climate imbalance, nuclear energy will be man’s great scourge. Humanity sees this, lives it, feels it, and nevertheless obstinately denies that what happens is abnormal.

The sun emanates its most powerful solar ejections toward Earth, animals come out of their habitat and throw themselves to the ground, and ecosystems have been broken. All of this happens and man still does not believe. Asteroids and comets come near Earth and threaten the planet, but man does not believe, maybe because it has been announced since before its fulfillment, but now, at this instant, it is not another announcement, it is the announcement prior to the events. That was also the case in the days of Noah, the patriarch, and our Lord said it will be so again, “For as the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37)

What will happen when fire falls from the Sky without an explanation? …

Will man continue to deny that what happens is not compatible with the order the solar system has kept until now? …

Maybe some will not convert until the asteroids arrive on Earth and only then they will flock to the churches for forgiveness? …

I will not finish without remembering that our Most Holy Mother in Fatima (1917) referred to the following:

“Satan will try to seduce the spirits of the great scientists who invent weapons, with which it will be possible to destroy much of humanity in a few minutes.”

“He will have in his possession the powerful governing peoples and he encouraged them to make an enormous amount of these weapons. And if humanity is not opposed, I will be forced to let go the arm of my son. Then the day will come when God will punish men with such severity as He did not do with the flood.”

In these Messages I receive, more precisely this past 13th of May, on the 99th anniversary of Fatima, our Most Holy Mother tells us:


“A weapon superior to the ones you know is in the hands of a Power, and it will not hesitate to use it if it feels threatened. The great insanity of man created the weapon that can cause the greatest devastation on Earth.”

Let us meditate because man will be examined in God’s Light, one at a time in the same instant, and no one can help himself or others, as each will be in his own examination of conscience. The Great Warning is neither fantasy nor has it happened already; it is a reality that Heaven will pour over His children as an act of Mercy.


Note: The Bible used is the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition