A second Warning to the European Union – 25 June 2016


LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came to me this morning and spoke to me about the events that have taken place in Britain. He said this decision to leave the European Union will bring down the Nation, because this move will bring forward the threat from Russia, who needs Europe to divide before it begins its invasion. Jesus said:

“United you maintain strength – divided you fall.”

The decision made by the people is a sign that the voice of the multitude is not always right. Satan has worked to bring disunity in the continent of Europe, as he works to bring forth the Ten Kingdoms.

Jesus calls the Nations of Europe to remain united, as the enemy of the free world, Communistic and Atheistic Russia, will invade its territories. Jesus warns that other members of the European Union will also leave, precipitated by Greece and Spain. Terrorists will take advantage of the instability of the Nations.

Britain – more so England – will make new alliances with an unexpected Nation, detrimental to its stability. Jesus calls Mr. Cameron, the Prime Minister, not to step down – not to allow England to sink – as it will.

All these events are a sign to mankind that the Great War is near. Revolution will be seen – violence and rebellion.

Jesus says mankind must pray, as very serious times are ahead. More and more natural disasters will be unleashed upon the world and upon the Continent of Europe.

Remember these Words: “United you stand – divided you fall.”

Jesus Blesses us and says to pray for the children of Britain.

William Costellia


One year ago, almost to the day, the same admonition was given by Our Lord

A Warning to the European Union – 23 June 2015

To all God’s children of the European Parliament and the People of God.

Please listen to me carefully, the enemy of Europe is the same enemy that was formed in 1917 – the totalitarianism of Communism.

The Red Dragon and the Bear wish to annihilate you — you who once were proud to be Christian must now return to the foundation stone of your civilisation.

You must help Greece now more than ever — because should you allow Greece to fall — so will the Union all your Nations; and in these weak moments of unrest, the enemy of God will triumph and the free Countries of Europe will crumble — and Communism will rule.

You must not let this happen!

My prayers remain with you, to all leaders of a free Europe.

William Costellia,

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