Message 738 – 6 July 2016


NO. 738

What is prayer – but only a way to communicate one’s love; every word uttered to the one you love, is special – The Asteroid is coming and millions will die – Those on the Mainland to leave the Coastline once the bright star is seen, as a tsunami will be driven at 100 metres high and flood many Coastline Cities.

LITTLE PEBBLE: As I woke this morning Jesus stood at my right, at my bedside. He told me that He just wanted to speak to me.

Jesus said how we must truly know how to pray and said:

OUR LORD: “What is prayer – but only a way to communicate one’s love!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus said:

OUR LORD: “Think of it this way: How do you feel when someone tells you that he loves you. Do you not feel warm, loved, respected and wanted? This is what prayer is like. Every word uttered to the one you love is special. God seeks this type of prayer. If men would only pray like this and a third of the world prayed – the whole world would be converted and there would no longer be a world in a state of total destruction, as it is now. Love is prayer – prayer is love – God is Love!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then Jesus spoke of events that sadden Him:

OUR LORD: “The Asteroid is coming and millions will die. Mankind – those in Power – are aware of this, but do not wish to tell the world, but secretly are preparing to shoot it down with rockets – like a story, was depicted in the Movies, well known by man – Armageddon and Deep Impact.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus said, this will happen very soon.

OUR LORD: “The Asteroid will be broken up into smaller pieces and will still head towards Earth and do great damage – one part in the Sea of the Atlantic – the other part on the soil of the United States of America and other smaller parts in Europe, Australia and the Pacific Ocean.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus says for the people of the Eastern Coast of the Americas North – especially Florida, New York, Mexico and the Caribbean, must prepare. Those on the Mainland, to leave the Coastline once the bright star is seen, as a tsunami will be driven at 100 metres high and flood over many Coastline Cities. Those who cannot move – trust in God’s Protection.

This is one of the three signs which make up the Great Warning. The other is the Third World War, and the smaller warnings. Jesus said it is because of this He was very sad. Jesus told me before this, that men will see major changes in the Sun.

Jesus wants us to pray, but said how powerful a few words of love were and how simple – just a few words said over Bread and Wine brings forth Jesus in His Transubstantiation of His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. This was and is His ultimate expression of His Love.

Jesus then said:

OUR LORD: “Is this not simple, My son? Pray! Love is the essence of prayer. I am your Jesus Who Am. Love Me children! Love your neighbour!”

Dear People of the United States of America, Mexico and the Eastern Coastline of the Americas,

As you can see by the tone of God’s Message given on the 6th July 2016 and even previous ones – not only from myself but from many other Seers: An asteroid and meteors are going to hit our world very soon. I ask therefore, if you could please send this message to the Press in your countries, so that the people are alerted and can prepare.


31st December 2008 – No. 655: “… Behind the Angels the stars fall from the sky and I see our solar System. The sun explodes – giving off huge fireballs, which shoot towards the Planets causing them to move out of their normal orbit – at least that is what it seems. I notice the Earth being affected by it causing more extreme natural disasters. I see the Earth split and fire and sulphur spew out of the ground. I see this like as if the Biblical plagues of insects hits the Earth, and I see dark figures, like black angels, enter upon the Earth blotting out the sun.”

18th May 2013 – No. 682: ” …The world will soon see a falling from the Heavens of many meteorites, as the stars move their place in the Heavens. The Southern Cross will no longer be seen in the South, as the Earth moves its orbit around the sun. The alignment of the Planets will cause much destruction …”

13th August 2013 – No. 687: “Meteorites will once again hit the Nations to show man that the Heavens are shaken.”

1st January 2014 – No. 697: “Watch the Heavens as meteorites will come and strong phenomena and enormous ecological changes are seen on Earth.”

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

Thank you – God Bless

William Costellia