Blessed Sacramentals given by God

Our Lady of the Ark, Mary our Mother, Help of Christians
Our Lady of the Ark, Mary our Mother, Help of Christians


7th October 1983 – No. 66

OUR LADY’S TITLE – “Concerning the Title I wish to be honoured under at the Spring and the Grotto was revealed to you by the Angels. I reveal it now to all: “Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians.”

ST JOSEPH’S SPRING – “Concerning the Spring – the waters have been Blessed by the Eternal Father for the purpose of body and spiritual cures. People are to drink it and bless themselves with it. They are to use it by making the Sign of the Cross on the affected part and invoke the Blessed Trinity and invoke Me under the Title just mentioned.”

“The Spring is to be dedicated to Saint Joseph and a statue is to be placed near it. You are to call the Spring ‘The Healing Waters of Saint Joseph’. The Grotto is to house a statue of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians. There is to be placed a Stations of the Cross above the portion of land near the Grotto and it is to finish near the Spring.”

5th January 1984 – No. 71

MEDAL OF OUR LADY OF THE ARK – Our Lady: “I ask that you cast a Medal of My Image of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians. Whoever wears this medal must invoke Me under this Title. Many will be cured and converted through this Medal of Grace.”

STATIONS OF THE CROSS ROSARY – Our lady: “…For those who say this prayer – The Stations of the Cross Rosary – 10,000 souls will e released out of Purgatory;, each time the prayer is said and 100 souls are saved and given the Grace to enter the Kingdom of Paradise.”

“My dear son William: I now reveal to you something which you have always wanted to know in reference to the Stations of the Cross Rosary. My Divine Son – through the Seer, Portavoz – never revealed to you how many souls would be released from Purgatory, through those who say this prayer -but so you understand the great power of this prayer, I reveal to you now – through the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus – this wonderful Grace. There are ten thousand souls released out of Purgatory, My son, each time this prayer is said – and with this, one hundred souls are saved and given the Grace to enter the Kingdom of Paradise. You see, My children, the Mercy of God has no end. He Loves you all so dearly, He embraces you with His Sacred Heart and Blesses you all from the Throne of the Kingdom of Light. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Ghost. Amen.”

2nd February 1984 – No. 2

HOUR OF GRACE – Special Promise – Our Lady: “I ask a special request of you, that you honour Me on the 13th of each month, that you pray and do penance and sacrifices on that day of love – honour Me under the Title of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians.”

“For those who can, I ask that you say the Holy Rosary at 12noon on that day and if you invoke Me under this Title, I promise you that whatever Grace you ask of Me and of the Eternal father in that hour, invoking My Title, you will receive that Grace. This Title has great power in Heaven.”

15th April, 1984 – No. 8

SCAPULAR OF ATONEMENT – Our Lady: “I Bless all these Palms and Roses. Send them out to the world – they will be instrumental in cures and conversions.”

“…. another gift of Mercy. I offer the world a new Scapular: It is the Scapular of Atonement. It will be purple in colour. It will have a large Cross on the front with My Immaculate Heart placed on it and on the back the Ark with the Church on top. This, My child and My children, is another grace that Heaven offers you for the salvation of mankind. He who wears this Scapular will have the Grace to live in the Reign of Peace.

“… for those who wear this Scapular of Atonement will atone for all their sins. That is why it is called the Atonement Scapular. I Bless this Scapular, now, My child and My children, as I Bless all the different graces – different Sacramentals and Scapulars – that Heaven has given to mankind. I and My Divine Son, now Bless them: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

13th July 1984 – No. 14

MYSTERY OF HEAVEN – Assumption of St Joseph – Our Lady: “I wish to reveal to you a wonderful Mystery of Heaven. The Fathers of the Church have spoken about this over many centuries and it concerns the Assumption of St Joseph, My Spouse – also of My Mother and Father. They too, are body and soul in Heaven.”

15th August 1984 –No. 15

HELL IS CLOSED – Our Lady: God, the Eternal Father, has granted to man certain days of the year when Hell is closed: The Assumption, the Ascension and the 13th of the month.”

October 1986 – Private Home

18th May, 1985 – No. 29

SCAPULAR OF ST CHARBEL – Our Lady: “You are to produce another Scapular – a scapular of St Charbel. This Scapular will be a singular Scapular, to be worn on the chest of Our children. The cloth is to be black and the front-print will have Saint Charbel – only the bust – My dear child. Upon Saint Charbel’s chest you will place the initial, in white, “M” and through “M” will be “J”, for My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. In between the cloth and the print, My child, you will place a small amount of Saint Charbel Oil. You will dip a small portion of cotton into the Oil and wrap it with plastic and sew this in between the cloth and the print.”

“This cloth – this Sacramental – will cast out demons and hurl them back into the pit of damnation. Many people will be cured bodily and spiritually and many will be converted to the Faith. My children, you are to wear this Sacramental throughout the world. It is a powerful weapon against Lucifer in these last days of the ‘end of time’.”

“This Scapular will be worn not only by the Roman Catholic, but also by the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Through this Scapular the Eastern-Rite Church will come into the one fold. Many Protestant denominations throughout the world, will take this Scapular and come into the fold, as many souls will be cured through the power of this Scapular, given by the Eternal Father. This is part of the key, My child, that Saint Charbel spoke to you of: The key that will open up unity between the Christians throughout the world.”

31st May 1985 – No. 30

ROSARY NOVENA OF THE HOLY GHOST – Our Lady: “I come today, dear children, to bring another Prayer Novena of great power. This prayer is not one of days, but one for the rest of your lives. This Novena of prayers will enlighten your mind and heart. We will call it the Rosary Novena of the Holy Ghost. You are to say seven Rosaries each day in honour of the Holy Ghost. The Paraclete. There are seven great promises attached to this Rosary Novena.”

13th July 1985 – No. 33

ST CHARBEL HOUSE OF PRAYER – I seek 100,000 prayer groups throughout the world – Our Lady: “You, My child, are to form what We call Saint Charbel Houses of Peace, Unity and Reconciliation. You are to form these Houses of Prayer throughout the world to bring peace. For those who join you in forming these Prayer Houses, I and My Divine Son, the Infant Jesus, Saint Charbel, Saint Joseph, your Patron Saints and Angels will come to these homes at 8.00pm on the First Saturday of each month. We will come to bring Graces for cures and conversions in these homes.”

26th July 1986 – No. 96

HOLY WATER FOR NUCLEAR FALLOUT – Our Lady: “When the Nuclear Fallout falls upon the world – upon every nation – upon the rivers and the seas – upon your food – you are to water down the food that you eat; you are to place one drop of Holy Water in the water that you use and this will cleanse the contamination. If you do not listen and obey, you will have many diseases of the body.”

MEDICINE – HAWTHORN BUSH – Our Lady: “You are to grow them well and dry the leaves, for it will be needed by many of Our children throughout the world, for great healing power is in the leaf. Use the Sacramentals that I have given you throughout the ages and in particular, use the Saint Benedict Medal. Place the Medal also in the waters and all harm shall go away from the waters. For those who are cooking: Place one drop of the Oil of Saint Charbel in this oil and all will be protected.”

22nd December 1986 – 125

MEDICINE – HAWTHORN BUSH – For Flu Epidemic – Infant Jesus: “Concerning the Hawthorn Bush – it can be used in any form that has been made available. This too goes with the ginger and garlic to combat the influence of the flu, which will be deadly for many:

“Crush ½ large fresh garlic clove and several slices of fresh ginger root in a cup. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Pour in boiling water and let the mixture set for at least 5 minutes. Do not boil. We are to begin drinking this drink every day, about one hour before bed time. If one already has the symptoms, they are to drink a cup of this drink 3 times a day. A garlic pill or capsule may be substituted if one cannot take fresh garlic.”

6th January 1990 – No. 263

90 DAY COMMUNION NOVENA – Our Lord: “Many years ago I gave Great Promises for the salvation of children – the 90 Day Communion Novena. Many years later I reduced this to 30 days because of the shortness of time left to mankind. I am going to reduce this yet again so more souls will be saved: For each time Our children come to Holy Communion on the First Thursdays, first Fridays and first Saturdays of each month for three consecutive months, I will grant the salvation of ONE SOUL – a soul that you may name yourself.”

September 1990 – No. 301

MEDICINE – ST JOHN’S WORT TEA – To prevent and treat the Plague – Our lady: “As a preventative measure one is to drink St John‟s Wort tea. It must have been from the leaves of the plant without fruit and blossoms. One small swallow of tea during the day is sufficient to prevent the plague. If nausea and headache have already appeared, you must drink Ivory and Violet Tea, which also helps with chest pain and in the evening Yarrow Tea. At the same time you must pray : Father of Mercy!”

January 1991

FOOD LIST – for the Time of Tribulation – The Food List is for the survival of God‟s People during the time of tribulation. You will note that on these Lists, a Special Seal has been placed to indicate they have been Blessed by Jesus. The Lists are not permitted to be reproduced, sold, or handed out to any person at random. It is the direct Will of Jesus that these lists be given freely, only to those who ask.

It is suggested that you put aside the sort of food you normally eat and enough for two families to live for a period of three to six months. You should rotate the perishable items as you need them and replenish the items.

Our Lord has promised to multiply the food in the difficult times, so that there will always be something left on the shelves to eat. If you do not put food aside, then what you have will not be multiplied. It is necessary to store water.

4th December 1991

CHAPLET – OUR LADY OF THE ARK – Our Blessed Lord spoke to Hedgerose, Mystic & Stigmatist of Germany, regarding a new „test of faith‟ which will come very soon.

Our Lady: “This Rosary will be spread with the pictures of you and the present Pope. I will Bless all the pictures and everyone who prays the Rosary – with full belief – will enter the Ark of Salvation.”

21st January 1992 – No. 336

MEDAL OF GRACE – Souls in Purgatory & Limbo – The Eternal Father: “The Image that you see is the Image of the Triune God – the Image of how We operate through the Immaculate Heart of My Daughter, Mary the Immaculate – all Graces given on Earth through Her. On the back, dear child, are to be the Three Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St Joseph on a Cross. This will be the Medal of Grace for the Souls in Purgatory and those in Limbo. It will be through the Merits of My Divine Son and My beloved Daughter and St Joseph that these Graces can be obtained, by the offering of yourselves as victims for the souls in Purgatory and Limbo.“Those who wear this Medal shall obtain, each day, a release for a soul in Purgatory and Limbo. So take advantage of these Graces, for your salvation is then assured because of your faith and belief and trust in the Divine Providence of the Triune God.”

4th April 1992 – No. 359

GREAT MYSTERY – Our Lord’s Chalice – “This, My dear son, is what will be found soon. The directions you have already been given. There is a great Mystery behind My Chalice – for a Great Wonder shall be seen throughout the world through My Precious Chalice, which held My Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, for the Redemption of Man.”

13th June 1992 – No. 363

MEDAL OF PEACE – Strength in the times to come – Our Lady: “This Medal of Peace is to help My children when the times come, when My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, is no longer in the Tabernacles of your Churches. This Medal of Peace will strengthen Our children, because it is Graced by My Eucharistic Son.”

6th October, 1994

40 DAY MASS NOVENA – Our Lady: “My sweet Angel of Divine Love and Truth, through the Infinite Mercy of God and the shedding of the Precious Blood of My Divine Son, Jesus and through the Pure and Immaculate Blood and Tears of My Maternal Heart – the Triune God, through the mediation of My Immaculate Heart, has granted this very great Grace from God. Give thanks and praise to the Infinite Mercy of your God. The following Novena of Masses is to be strictly adhered to, in the state of Grace: A 40 day Novena of Masses attended – with the reception of My Divine Son – in the state of Grace – with the reception of the Sacrament of Penance at the beginning, with prayers for the Holy Father and Vicar of Christ – with the intention of gaining the daily Plenary Indulgence, which shall be communicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory – the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary and the Litany of the Most Precious Blood – the Triune God will accord the following Graces:

• 40 Souls, not named, will be saved.

• 4 souls, named, will be given the Grace to be saved.

• 40 Souls will be released from every Level of Purgatory from the gained Indulgence of those offering up this Novena.

• And finally, the assured salvation of your own souls and those members of your family.”

“I desire you to know that, yes, this Novena has been revealed to you by Me, through My Immaculate Heart. You are to know that it is to be accomplished during the time of Lent.”

13th December 1994

CHAPLET OF ST CHARBEL – Perseverance during the time of Tribulation – Our Lady: “This Chaplet will have a special Grace to persevere during the time of Tribulation and Saint Michael and Saint Charbel, will protect the soul who takes this devotion to heart. Jesus, My Divine Son, gives a further one-thousand days of Indulgence to all those who, with faith, pray upon these Beads of Love.”

24th July 1995

HOLY SOULS CHAPLET – The Little Pebble received a new Chaplet of Love for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Our Lady told him, in answer to a question he asked, that there were 13 levels in Purgatory and when the Chaplet is prayed with great devotion and love, uniting with the Holy Souls, 500 souls are released from Purgatory and 500 from each level are lifted higher. The names of each level of Purgatory are named after each of the Holy Virtues.

October 1995

CHAPLET OF THE PURE SLAVERY OF THE MAGNIFICAT OF MARY – Perfection in the Virtues – Our Lady: “I desire you to know, that what I have revealed is true and those of My little children who pray this Chaplet with great devotion, will have My Magnificat engraved deep within their hearts and a firm and ardent desire to live within Our Holy „Virtues.

13th July 1997 – No. 546

ROSARIES – EXTRA GRACE & GIFT – Strength during the Persecution – Our Lady: “These Sacramentals have received an extra Grace and Gift from the Eternal Father, to strengthen you during the persecution. These Rosaries and many Rosaries of Our children who are not here and throughout the world, receive this Singular Grace from the Eternal Father. Each time you pray upon these „beads of love‟, invoke your Holy Angels, who will surround you with their love, comfort and protection during the time of trial.”

24th July 1997

CONSECRATION TO THE ETERNAL FATHER – Our Blessed Mother revealed to ‘Thornbush’ that this prayer was inspired to the ‘Little Pebble’

“O Eternal Father of Love and Mercy: I consecrate myself to You as Your creation of infinite value. Please take me and all that I am as Your little child, sinner that I am. Make me into Thy Pure and Holy Image, just as I was when I came out of Your Bosom, so when I turn to dust again, I will be as You desired me to be, so that I may live with Thee in Thy Divine Son, Jesus, and Thy Spirit, forever.‟

“Father, my Father: Forgive my daily transgressions and blot out my sins, that You may only see the Likeness of Thine Only Begotten One, in me. I Love You, Father and thank You for my life. Your child. Amen.”

1st November 1997 – No. 552

ROSES – For Colds

MEDIATRIX & CO-REDEMPTRIX WATER – An extraordinary Grace was placed on the water that was Blessed. It is called the „Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix‟ Water. The water was Blessed by the Holy Trinity; Jesus placed His Finger in the water and the Holy Spirit flew through it. Our Lady came and a drop of Blood from Her Immaculate Heart fell into the jar.

Jesus: “This water is highly Blessed and is to be called „Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix‟ Water. A medal of St Benedict and the Mediatrix Medal are placed in the jar. It is to be used for cures of all illnesses.”

5th October 2012 – No. 668

TRIANGULAR MEDAL – Seal of God written on it – Little Pebble: I see the Angels which formed God‟s Cloak as they disperse around the world. Each Angel held a golden chain, which had attached to it a triangular medal and written on the edge was the Father, Son Jesus and the Holy Ghost and in the middle the Blessed Virgin Mary, as a figure crowned with 12 stars standing on a half moon with Her foot on the snake‟s head. One of the Angels turns the medal around and I can read the Seal of God written on it – very small. The Eternal Father said, this will be made after the Warning.

25th December 2012 – No. 671

PRAYER, MEDAL/SCAPULAR – Puts to flight the demons of the end times – Our Lady: “As a shield to protect you from the arrows of the evil sent to you by Satan, his Antichrist and False Prophets, I give you the Medal or Scapular of the Divine Triune Triangle of Divine Light on the Cross of the Triumph of God, where your Holy Mother remains within this Sacramental. It is very powerful and puts to flight the demons of the end times. Unite your prayers with Mine gathered within the Holy Trinity, offering your prayers and sacrifices to rescue sinners before the final chastisement.”


“Oh Most Purest Mother Mary, Who Dwells within the Triune God, pray for Thy children who have recourse to Thee. Ward off the arrows of the power of the fallen Angels, who have been sent by Satan‟s instruments to bring eternal harm to us, Your children. Place us within Your Immaculate Heart, residing in the Triangle of Divine Light of the Eternal Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.”

(Our Lady: “The prayer I have given you today, when said in great faith, will rescue thousands of hardened sinners falling into the clutches of the Antichrist‟s Mystical Powers – the same that Satan used to persuade Adam and Eve to sin and fall. This prayer also will stop thousands of souls from falling into Hell at the hour of death, at the time of the Great Warning.”)

17th January 2016

MIRACULOUS PICTURE – Holy Ghost: I Promise, he who looks upon this Image in the time ofgreat need, with hope and faith, will obtain salvation.”

13th March 2016 – No. 733

ROSE PETAL TEA – Put on wounds for Healing – Our Lady: “Today I come with the Divine Paraclete, to every child, to every home, to every Holy Place and Churches where a rose has been placed and We will Bless them giving you exceptional Graces that you will need in the coming months. Dry these rose petals and use them in tea and on wounds for healing. This gift will now be afforded each 13th of the month until My Divine Son Jesus returns to Earth in a few more years.”

PAINTING OF MARY, MOTHER HOPE OF PRISONERS – Our Lady: “He who gazes upon the picture of Mary, Mother Hope of Prisoners and truly believes, in hope, will be granted their prayers in their lifetime.+”


DIVINE ESSENCE OINTMENT: The “Divine Essence” Ointment is made from the rose petals placed underneath a metal Crucifix which bleeds and perspires from time to time and which has been on the Holy Grounds in the Nowra community Chapel of All Apparitions. Our Lady told the Little Pebble to make the ointment from the crushed rose petals, to be used for healing of body and soul in the latter days. This Ointment can also be used for healing. (Directions: First apply to affected area, then make the Sign of the cross and say one Hail Mary and invoke the Precious Blood of Jesus. On the 19th May, 1994, Our Lady said that there were many ways in which we may use the Ointment. The above is a suggested one.

RHEUMATISM CREAM: On 13th June, 1995 Our Holy Mother Blessed all the rose petals in the Chapel of All Apparitions and asked that a paste be made, especially for curing rheumatism. This cream is applied in the same manner as the healing Ointment of „Divine Essence‟. It is made with pure ingredients of oils and lotions and is softly perfumed.

BURNS AND SORES CREAM: This cream has been Blessed by Our Lady, especially for Nuclear sores and burns during and after the first Warning. It may also be used for incurable diseases. Please say an appropriate prayer whilst applying.

ETERNAL FATHER CREAM: This cream is made from rose petals from the Eternal Father‟s Garden. They are to be used for the healing of any illness or pain. Please pray.

HOLY INNOCENTS HEALING CREAM: The Healing Cream for the Holy Innocents is also for the protection against the Evil One (many hours protection after application). It is not only for the children, but adults can use it as well. Please pray.


CHAPLETS: Our Lady of the Ark; Saint Charbel; Flame of Love; Holy Wounds; Holy Souls; Dolorous Passion of Jesus; and Mary Pure Slavery of the Magnificat of Mary Saint Michael.

PRAYERS: Consecration to the Eternal Father; Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Consecration to the Pure heart of Saint Joseph; To the Holy Guardian Angels; Exorcism Prayer; Saint Sentimintarious; Our Lady of Akita; Triangle of Divine Light on the cross of the Triumph of God; Saint Bernadette; Baptism of Love (for the aborted babies).

LITANIES: Of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Saint Joseph; Saint Charbel; Holy Guardian Angels.


SCAPULARS: Brown Scapular of Our lady of Mt Carmel; Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians; Saint Charbel; Saint Michael; and Holy Grant Duffy; Divine Triune Triangle of Divine Light of the Triumph of God; The Green Scapular.

MEDALS: Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians; Saint Charbel / Saint Michael; Medal of Grace; Ave Crux; Saint Benedict; Miraculous Sacred Head; Eucharistic; Mediatrix; Rosa Mystica.

ROSE PETALS: Blessed by Our Lady for: Cures and Conversions Heart complaints; The Dying; Holy Souls in Purgatory; (Mercy Petals) Perseverance; Special Graces for Vocations – Saint Joseph; Priests and Cardinals; Marriages and family Unity; Spinal injuries / bad backs Cancer (general); Cancer (especially bowel cancer); Possessed and mentally ill; Aborted Babies / New Born Babies; Sexually molested and abused; Incurable Diseases; Dismas – special Grace for dying Alzheimer‟s Disease; Enlightenment; Angelic Blessing and Protection; Resurrection (not available at this time); Pregnant Woman.

PALM CROSSES: Cures and Conversions

CORDS: Our Lady‟s Blue Cord of Purity; Saint Joseph‟s Cord; Saint Thomas Aquinas Cincture; Saint Philomena Cord.

WATER: Tears of the Blessed Virgin Mary – water for the cure of Aids; Saint Joseph‟s Spring water – also for cures and conversions.

TEA: Cures for incurable disease – Rose Petal; St John‟s Wort Hawthorn Bush.

OIL: Saint Charbel (has oozed from his body and kept for cures and conversions). Oil from Rose Petals saturated in the Precious Blood of Our Lord (take orally for removal of internal parasites).

PICTURES: Our Lady of the Ark; Saint Charbel

BOOKS: The Last Pope – Volumes I II & III; Highlights books – Volumes I to IX.

FOOD LIST: Available on request (for the time of Tribulation)

EXTENDING HOLY WATER & OIL – Obtain a quantity of pure oil (or water) – Light a candle – Say the Apostles Creed, Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be. Add three drops of Oil (or water) to the bulk, whilst praying. For anointing, the people must say the above prayers, then anoint each person on the forehead. In the event of future nuclear contamination, three drops of oil is to be added to cooking. With the water, sips may be taken and each person must Bless themselves with the water. This water (or properly Blessed Holy Water) must be added to all food when washing it, prior to cooking or eating. Three drops will do, to cleanse food of nuclear contamination. Everyone is advised to keep a supply of the Oil and Holy Water in their homes.

Further Additions:

7th December 1991 – No. 328

ROSARY OF THE MOST PURE HEART OF ST JOSEPH – (on regular 5 decade beads) Begin with the Sign of the Cross. On the Crucifix recite Our Father; on the three small beads:

1. Most Pure Heart of St Joseph – Pray that we may always do the Will of God

2. Most Pure Heart of St Joseph – Pray that we may be made Holy

3. Most Pure Heart of St Joseph – Pray that we may be pure of heart

Glory Be to the Father

Each Decade commences with Hail Mary and “Most Pure Heart of St Joseph – Pray and intercede for us. Then on each of the ten small beads you say: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, assist us now and at the hour of our death.” Ending each decade with Glory Be.

The Rosary concludes with, “May the United Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph reign over us now and always; May the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, Rest in peace. Amen..

18th May 1994 – No. 437

TEARS OF MERCY & BLOOD – The Baby Jesus has asked us to say three Hail Mary’s in Honour of Our Lady‟s Tears of Mercy and Her Blood, which She is shedding through many Apparitions in the world.