Message 739 – 13 July 2016


NO. 739

Men have forgotten My visitations at Garabandal with My urgent Message given to the world, so many years ago – China is about to make a very serious move against the free nations – There is a huge star getting closer to your Solar System; men will be astounded – Great Danger looms in Europe – Britain will not go well for leaving the European Union; more pain and division and Britain itself will divide – Bloodshed and Martial Law in the U.S.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I felt Our Lady’s Presence coming, even though She was not here. I began to pray the Rosary and I saw a White Cross in the sky, with the Solar System behind it and I noticed a very large star in the distance – it was very bright.

I see roses drop from Heaven and fall upon the Earth and a Sea from the Cross to me. I see great Saint Michael parting the Sea – like Moses did – but the Sea has many roses bobbing up and down. Saint Michael is leading the way for Our Lady.

I see my beautiful Guardian Angel kneel down, as Our Lady enters my apartment over the statue. I see Our Holy Mother at the age of 14 to 15. She is so beautiful. She comes as Our Lady of Mt Carmel of Garabandal, wearing a Scapular – like a dress. She wears a thin veil over Her Head and I see Mary Loli of Garabandal near Her and a Priest that died at Garabandal, Father Luis Marie Andreu and Joe Lomangino. All are smiling. Our Holy Mother is holding a sunflower in Her right Hand, wrapped with a beautiful blue Rosary and Mary Loli is holding a bunch of violets with a Rosary of the Unborn in her hand.

OUR LADY: “Greetings, My precious son of Light, My Angel of Divine Love! I come on an urgent errand today, because men have forgotten My visitations at Garabandal, with My urgent Message given to the world, so many years ago. Men have forgotten the Great Warning words of Our Warrior, Saint Michael.

“I have brought with Me one of My daughters, whom I appeared to – Loli.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Loli steps forward and says:

LOLI: “I am privileged by the Queen of Heaven and Earth to speak to you now. It is most urgent that the Messages Heaven gave to us children, so many years ago, be read again and acted upon, as the world is in great danger.”

“My sister in Jesus, Conchita, must now speak once again, of the Messages given at Garabandal – urgently – as all they contained, is about to come to pass.”

Love from Loli

OUR LADY“My child William, please make My Message known.”

“My children must pray very hard, because China is about to make a very serious move against the free nations, unless men pray. My holy servant, My Priest-son, who died of joy at Garabandal: An event will be seen shortly concerning him at My Holy Place. I call all children of the world to once again form many pilgrimages to My Holy Shrines, so that many souls will turn back to God. Pray My Holy Rosary, children – its power can change the course of the world.”

“As you saw in vision, My son, there is a huge star, noticed by the Astronomers and Authorities. It is getting closer to your Solar System – men will be astounded.”

“Watch and pray, My children – watch the events surrounding the Sun and the Moon – for many changes will come on Earth, as the Solar System changes in its orbit.”

“I send to you many Graces, My children. Be not afraid, but trust always in God’s Mercy and Love and call on Saint Michael’s Protection. The Legions of Heaven are with you and many of your families and friends who have passed away, are by your side helping you.”

“Pray for Europe as great danger looms there, with many more attempts of terrorism which will stalk the nations and Russia will flex its muscles, to bring disquiet upon the nations. Nature will continue to thrash the nations, because of much sin.”

“The Church in Rome will continue to go further into darkness, as mankind has replaced God with self. Pray for My Servants – the Priests – for their trials will soon come, as the Church truly begins to divide.”

“The matter of Britain will not go well, for leaving the United Europe [European Union] at this time, will bring only more pain and division and Britain itself will divide.”

“Pray for the United States of America, for much more blood will be shed and martial Law will be enacted, as white and black will go into a great conflict. The nation will be divided and the call for help will be given by the countries of Indo China, as a major conflict erupts and America becomes helpless.”

“The time is here, My children, where men must turn to God, while there is still time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael cries out:


LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady smiles and places the flower and Rosary on the table, as does Loli.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you My son – take courage, as I am always with you. Continue on the path We have placed you upon. You will triumph, when God gives the sign. I Bless all of Our children around the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Peace, My children, Peace! Pray, My children – pray and be not afraid. Remember Me always –

“Your Heavenly Queen and Mother of the Holy Rosary.”

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