Message to the Little Pebble – 31 July 2016


Dear People of God,

So many events are befalling mankind. Jesus and Mary are still conversing with their children, so that we are constantly alert to all that we need to be aware of.


LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came after Mass. He stood on the Altar, as the Hosts were still there. Jesus was very sad. His Sacred Heart was exposed and a dagger was in it. Jesus was crying Tears of Blood. He Blessed me and said that mankind was going to experience a major event that would shake the world – with many deaths. Jesus said He will send His Spirit – The Holy Spirit – to the world to prepare mankind, with millions of souls receiving Visions, Messages and Dreams, for the Warning and events to come.

Then Jesus said how unhappy He was with the undignified manner of the American election.

Jesus called all His children to pray. Then I saw from His Sacred Heart the Holy Spirit, as the Dove, come out and Our Lord held Him and threw the Holy Dove in the air and said:

OUR LORD: “Receive My Spirit!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: He Blessed me and all His children:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”


Set below are some of these important revelations given to various Seers, including myself.

Jesus and Mary have constantly told me that all is now imminent e.g.:

  • A Major earthquake for California
  • The Golden Gate Bridge will be destroyed
  • A major attack by terrorists yet to come to the U.S.A.
  • Two major eruptions from volcanoes will be experienced in Italy and other nations
  • Russia will invade Europe
  • Israel will be attacked
  • The Church will divide
  • The money will crash
  • A major event will come during the Olympics
  • The Eiffel Tower will be attacked by terrorists.

These are but a few of the revelations at our door step.

I asked Jesus for a time-line:

  • The Miracle mentioned at Garabandal will be Holy Thursday 2017
  • The Warning between now and possibly 28th December, 2016 or Holy week 2017.
  • The Third World War before the Warning
  • Money to collapse and the Church goes into schism with the arrival of the Antichrist.

Here is the answer from Jesus to Yellow Lily:


YELLOW LILY: I present myself to Our Most Blessed Lord after assisting at Holy Mass, the Sorrowful Mysteries Rosary and Divine Mercy, in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament before Holy Mass, then Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, with the Joyful Mysteries and Divine Mercy, another Divine Mercy at 3 pm and the Glorious Mysteries. I offer the Holy Face to our Father in Heaven, with the prayer for Priests and ask St. Michael to cover me in the Sacred Blood of Jesus. I present William’s questions:

Dearest Jesus, Your Little Pebble asks for clarification of the events surrounding the appearance of the Antichrist, the Warning and the Great War coming before Christmas:

I see Jesus in his spot, smiling down at His Elaine, so sweetly, a lovely deep smile! Jesus is dressed in a wonderful white tunic. Our Lord takes a step closer and I see Him very well! The tunic looks soft, with long sleeves that come a bit over Our Most Blessed Lord’s strong Hands. His Arms come across meeting at His Holy Hands, His fingers knitted together in front.

JESUS: “Be not afraid!”

YELLOW LILY: Our blessed Lord’s Voice is very gentle!

JESUS: “Peace be! My brothers and sisters are to know, the events laid out by My little son are true. The war will come quickly, as there are secret dark forces working on the ground – forces of the Antichrist to promote his coming. The Secret Societies have mobilized many factions to converge onto Israel and while at present, My homeland has not “been in the news”, she will be left defenseless, with forces above her shooting down and forces within her creating chaos. It will seem as a slaughter. This is not the worst part, as great cannons will be brought out and she will be threatened, as the ‘bringer of war’. Israel will be forced to surrender and her people – My people – yet enslaved in the worst ways.”

“The ‘Saviour’ shows himself in a turban and covered – swathed in blankets, as a Bedouin – he is darkness in form! He will emerge onto the world stage as one who understands both sides, speaking in riddles, of merely long sentences – he says everything and nothing. The world will be gripped by this ‘man’, who will move around the globe, appearing out of nowhere, to feed and clothe and house – but mostly to feed. It will not be just Israel that surrenders her sovereignty, but in the ‘interest’ of peace, the nations of Europe will further open their doors and give up all rights, in the hope of ‘peace’.”

“One does well to ask, how do the countries of Middle Europe assist a Middle-East Peace Treatise and yet so it is, the one possessed – the possessor Evil-Incarnate, will speak and his forces act to capitulate all, entering a guarantee to avert war, that will do nothing at all.”

“Many in Israel will be murdered, to fortify the plans of him – Satan.”

“The Warning – a Gift – will offer a brief respite – for those of Jesus, more so!”

YELLLOW LILY: (I watch as Jesus says these things and He is very sad! Poor Jesus, His faithful would do well to kiss Our God – Our True-Love – very often!)

JESUS: “The Warning will be further mitigated. Just as Easter came in the earliest part of the dawn, from the prayers of Christ and His Mother – as the coming events cannot be averted – the Warning will not begin until later in the day, giving more time for those I love – the world – to listen and prepare and decide.”

YELLOW LILY: I watch Our Most Blessed Lord move His Head to one side – like an internal sigh.

JESUS: “Jesus has waited long for these days. It has been wrenching to see so much wasted, but we have come to this juncture and I do not lament it and neither should you. Those of My Own, this is the time long since spoken of – a beginning culmination – as the door begins to swing wide and the events of revelation – nay, the Apocalypse – are laid bare, open for all to see! The Truth of the Bible, its origins, as from the Living God brought down!”

“Be at peace! While some nations – most of the world – will be forced – coerced into this false peace – the ‘might’ of the world will close as a fist around their own borders. Sweeping sanctions will be brought into play, controlling the Money Markets and all false wealth. Countries will be left defenseless in conforming to the ‘guaranteed’ peace and the Warning for all that it will do, for all that it signifies to souls, will be for far too many, dismissed as a ‘moment’.”

“How does the Evil One move past this great activity of God, uninterrupted? Claiming it for himself of course and it will take only the truly prepared, with many sacrifices, for those of our friends who know not, to discern the ‘truth’ of the ‘master’.”

“While the seducer makes himself comfortable on the big chair in the United Nations, (and watch how many bow down, indeed, kneel to him). He will speak in foreign tongues, of ancient texts – filth from the Pit. He will seem at times brighter than the Sun and moving from place to place out of invisibility – Sorcerer tricks. He will fill all homes with his message – broadcast through television and all form of Media – except the true communication of prayer.”

“The only way to combat the onslaught will be to create and form the Cenacles My Mother has been wishing for, for years – for this time and your protection.”

“The Warning is a cataclysmic event allowed by God, caused by evil men – encompassing the Earth – crumbling most of it. Find high ground and remember the words: ‘Where the body is, so the eagles will gather.’”

“With the men of God and faithful prayer, God Promises to still push the minutes, the last swings of the pendulum. This we know: God’s victory is assured. The Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church and the elect will not know death – familiar with the ‘Triumph of the Immaculate Heart’.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: My Jesus, when will the Church divide in fullness? Right now we see the deepening cracks, as Francis issues statements designed to divide the clergy of the world and confuse the people. When will this occur in earnest?

JESUS: “Right now we see the seams being stretched. There will be a deadly shaking of the hands, publicly, within the Vatican Palace and once again in the U.N. This will happen multiple times across many centers – in truth, this shaking of the hands (and sharing of blood as a pact), has long since occurred. My people remain awake.”


“Italy will find itself in great pain and persecution, because of those whose hearts are full of hatred and violence. Pray for Italy – the Devil will manifest himself with all his wickedness, against the Ministers of the Lord.”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: “A great Earthquake – a Great Tidal wave!”


6th July 2016 – “Humanity is on the brink of self-destruction. Repent of a life lived without God.”

28th June 2016 – “A Great Storm is coming and many will abandon the Great Ship.


24th July 2016 – “Pray for France – it suffers without respite. Pray for Germany – an event will shake it. Pray for Brazil – terror will invade the land. War will be recognized as such and those who struggle for world supremacy stop manipulative technology, that lies in wait for and ruins children and youth, in order to steal their souls.”

17th July 2016 – “Pray for Italy. Two Great Volcanoes are about to become active and a great danger for My children.”

14th July 2016 – “A Great Planetary Alignment is beginning and this movement is altering the entire Universe.”

“I call upon youth not to participate in riots, protests [or] become participants in massacres. On the Great Bridge they will find themselves facing death. Brazil weeps and together, with this land, the whole world will weep.


Heaven said that when the Nine Planets are in line, the Warning will come. See Message of 14th July 2016 given to Luz de Maria, Argentina.