Excerpts of Various Messages from Seers – 15 August 2016


15th August 2016

“He who loves, does no evil – He who does evil, does not love truly”

“Trust in God every instant! Trust in God – do not fear even though on occasion you must wait. “Do not fear, for I am with you!” [Isaiah 43:4] He has a Plan for each one of you and He knows what you need and when you need it, because He knows you from within.” [Our Lady to Luz de Maria 2 January 2016]

Dear Children of God:

Once again I wish to give you extracts of Messages given to the Seer, Luz de Maria, of Argentina and myself, from June 2016 until the 1st August 2016. As you will notice, the Messages are similar. We also include other Seer’s Messages of recent times, to show you how God and His Blessed Mother give the same Messages around the world, but it is very clear, the final events before the Warning – the Third World War and the Emergence of the Antichrist, are here. Please prepare yourselves and check with the natural medicines that Mary, Our Mother, has given us.

Your friend,

William John Costellia

5th January 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Our Lady: The ocean floor moves and is opening the Earth from its entrails, until it reaches the surface.

  • Pray for Japan, China and for India – the suffering will be great.
  • The instant when some countries become islands, is not far away
  • The dragon does not sleep and attacks My Son’s children – executioner, with seven heads.
  • Pray, My children, pray for England; it will mourn terror.

10th January, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: I have called you to stay away from video games … a human creature to receive evil constantly and willingly, during most of his life, in front of a screen, being trained to be part of a battalion or of an army, or being trained to kill.

Great countries will lose part of their lands and inhabitants.[Movement of Earth]

… a tentacle of the Antichrist called Mafia.

Volcanoes are activated simultaneously. The threat of the super-volcanoes hangs over humanity. The Etna volcano does not rest.

13th January, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: “This generation will face the Great Test of Faith. The wheat will be separated from the weeds. Italy will suffer.

The Government will keep people in their houses, beginning at sunset, in order to placate the anxiety caused by terrorism. Communism will use its weapons to take over World Powers.

The single coin comes to take the reins of humanity. I will feed My People just like I feed the birds.

Pray for the one who will be Protector of My people.

18th January, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Our Lady: My Son’s Church is oppressed so much. There will be an event torturous for My children, because of the treason of those who do not love Me.

The economy falls before man’s perplexed look.

Look on High – the Signs abound the uncontrolled desire for power over the world leads to an open declaration of war. In this instant war will be ruthless, because of great advances in technology. The devil is inside a great deal of men.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, do not be disheartened by those who will arrive to propose separating Me from My Son’s Church. This is a sign of the arrival of the Antichrist – Freemasonry empowered in My Son’s Church by the elite, to facilitate power to the devil incarnate.

21st January, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: Man has been led to see as normal, to have a chip implanted – but, My children must not accept it – it is the Sign of the Beast, by means of which they will become the Beast’s slaves.

  • Scientists will warn about celestial bodies approaching Earth.
  • Pay for Italy – the Volcanoes, Vesuvius and Etna will cause fear with their eruptions.
  • Pray for the U.S.A. – nature alerts its inhabitants, so they will not allow this nation to be the cause of the world war. The land will open up in Peru, causing horror.

24th January, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: This Impostor arrives during the bloodiest war, He appears as Saviour. His eyes, black, will confuse.

  • Rome will be invaded – terror will pounce in My Church.
  • Another danger – the hydrogen bomb.
  • My children must be prepared; although it seems that the sun shines in the same way every day, it does not.

28th January 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Our Lady: The Devil remains in a constant battle against My children – with a false doctrine, the Devil arrived and introduced himself in My Son’s Church, attracted over humankind the Satanism from ancient Babylon, to make it public. [They] call themselves Clubs, Mafia, Sects, Secret Societies, New Ideologies, New Era.

This is the Instant of Instants, when Ten Nations will take over the control of Earth and their Ten Leaders will be the Representatives of the New World Order.

The Antichrist makes his public appearance without prior warning – the one that will achieve peace.

The war advances dragging to destroy three fourths of My children, in a clear and sudden manner.

You will see in the sky what you have never seen before as a sign of the urgency of the instant.

The Vatican will be grounds for world news; those who do not love My Son will cause great pain.

Volcanoes will be the scourge of man – Mankind will suffer for this.

Man will see in awe how fire falls from the sky.

31st January 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Our Lady: What will be left of a country will be a small island and what will be left of a city will be rubble.

  • Pray My children, Jerusalem will suffer.

9th February 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: You are this generation that the Holy Scriptures announce: You will witness the fulfillment of the Prophecies, just like Noah’s generation did.

Surrounding the Sun you will see a new phenomenon that will presage pain. Man will wake up with a light that will destroy everything in its way – a light which descends because of the attack of the one that, before humanity, seemed to be asleep but was secretly preparing the lunge.

13th February 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Our Lady: The more numerous the given signs are, the greater will be the rejections of the Divine Announcements, just like after the Great Warning when men will deny the Warning as a Divine Sign.

Pray for Jamaica – the roaring of the land will announce the awakening of a Volcano.

Pray for Italy – it will suffer Nature’s fury and suddenly it will be world news because of a foreign terrorist attack.

The Vatican will suffer.

France’s attraction will fall.

The economy will fall and will not recover; instead, a new coin will come out to be used by men.

18th February, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: Europe is invaded – the invader remains inside.

24th February, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: Pray, My children – the United States will suffer when attacked unexpectedly.

  • The Earth will be shaken with great force next to New Zealand.
  • Rome will burn; the truth will come out.

28th February 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Our Lady: You will see the waves of the sea rise and go inside the land, with phenomena never before seen and not being precisely water.

Volcanoes awaken: It will be when the big volcanoes of the world erupt with the force they have contained and level entire cities.

Bilderberg Club and those who are their servile offspring are laymen from My Son’s Church; they are the ones who lacerate this generation.

6th August, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] – Jesus: The instant of suffering arrives the instant that I delayed.

Children, My people: Do not continue thinking that the Warning will not come – it is as near to you, as you remain near sin.

My Mother has given you the protection against the plagues: The Oil of the Good Samaritan.

The war is in its first phase – soon it will be unleashed without compassion and man will suffer as a result of misused science.

My beloved people, pray for Russia – the sleeping giant wakens and displays its power.

The one who seemed innocent will be uncovered, his wings have become stained with blood, giving power to terror. The United States will live its own internal war.

29th May 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Our Lady: Food will be scarce – Power denies food to the people. Nature interrupts the production of food.

  • Pray for India and Japan – they will be strongly shaken.
  • Water strongly hurls over Mexico and the Philippines.
  • The sun will give a spectacle.
  • A Leader finds death.

31st May 2016 – [Christine Gallagher] Jesus: There are many destructions coming to your world, more swiftly than the wind.

I will come in the sky and great fire will fall upon Earth. (Christina is aware at present of an earthquake coming very soon to the U.S.A.)

3rd June 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Our Lady: Time stopped being time. An Asteroid is divided by man, but a large portion falls into the sea, being the cause of terror and fear – while some other fragments penetrate Earth.

…Diseases not been previously experienced, and only with medications that I have given them will they be able to be healthy.

You will see Great Signs in the sky. You will discover that Earth not only inverts its poles, but also plunges itself against the same.

Italy will be invaded by Russia. ….will take the Basilica (Vatican).

The Warning is not far off. The Church will be desolate.

U.S.A. will be threatened by a Meteorite.

The Volcano, Mt St. Helens will erupt – the Yellowstone Volcano is larger than scientists think.

For illness, use oil of the Good Samaritan – raw clove of garlic, or oil of oregano.


I see Russia advance and the U.S.A. in pain. A Meteorite appears and heads towards the Sea, towards the U.S.A. It is intercepted.

5th June, 2016 – [Little Pebble] Jesus: The volcanoes [Italy], Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna – also in Hawaii, Guatemala, Mexico and Iceland – will erupt.

  • A major meteor would hit Sydney Harbour.
  • Terrorists would try to bring down the Eiffel Tower.

5th June, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: Technology, which has been used to keep man voluntarily imprisoned. You know that Earth will change its structure and its geography. Because of the sun, Earth is overheating.

You refuse to think about the drastic change that all of Humankind will undergo, due to the Third World war….

Look on high – the signs from above are on hand.

8th June 2016 – [Enoch] – Our Lady: A large rock of fire is approaching the Earth.

The banner of Communism is extending through many nations and very soon arrive in Rome

9th June, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: Rainfalls throughout the Earth will be massive.

  • Ecuador: Volcanoes will awaken.
  • Australia will be scourged.
  • Sun will cause sorrow for humanity.

13th June 2016 – [Little Pebble] The Holy Trinity: The Sun dances in its anger and will draw nearer to scorch the foundation of man’s arrogance.

  • Russia will advance upon the Eternal City, Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Germany. The Ukraine will be the entrance point.
  • Civil War in America. War in Mexico, China and Korea – will invade with missiles.
  • Indonesia will attack Papua New Guinea and North Australia.
  • The Antichrist is near.

15th June 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Our Lady: Heaven has warned you about the Elite, which manipulates Societies, governments, Humanitarian Aid Organizations, World Governments of Global Health Food – Religious Instruction for the young. Everything has been programmed this generation.

This Elite, composed of the Powerful Families and Companies, call themselves the Bilderberg Club. Its members belong to the Masonic and Illuminati and are within the Church. This Elite has prepared to advance the pain of humanity – unify satellite countries of Communism.

Children, you have been led to a lack of food and this Elite has decreed the fall of the economy in union with a wave of Global Terrorism. This will announce that day will end the hour they indicate and then you will not have freedom of movement.

  • Children, look up on high, the signs will not delay:
  • The climate is aggressive – the land continues to sink unannounced.
  • U.S.A. will suffer throughout Terrorism.
  • France – the lament is not finished – it will increase with the light of the Sun.
  • England will weep bitterly.
  • Russia awakens – pain comes by the hand of an Alliance.
  • Lightning falls with force on Earth.
  • A lake will appear in the U.S.A.

15th June 2016 – [Enoch] Our Lady: Mankind has already begun to walk through the desert of purification. The last moments of Mercy are coming to an end.

The violent death of one of the Kings of this world, will completely destabilize the peace of men .. that Nation will go to war.

A large sign in the sky is about to occur – the Cross of My Son. It will usher in the Warning.

The fall of the great rock of fire, will move the axis of the Earth.

18th June, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: U.S.A. This Nation will suffer in instants, when its destiny must be traced.

The Earth shakes and some coastal cities will suffer as never before seen. The land will not be land, but sea. England will suffer from error. Water will scourge it through a strange meteorological phenomenon. They have scorned me, supporting what is not Our Will.

Russia is arising in a temporary alliance.

Italy, how you will weep.

Pray for France – the music of bohemian nights, with the high tower cast down, this land will shake.

Venezuela and Argentina – the peace of these countries will be destabilized.

21st June 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Our Lady: In an instant you will face the Great Warning.

Pray for China .. the conflict of this Nation will spread all over Earth. Look at the sky, wonderment will be great.

30th June, 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: Look on high – an unexpected Asteroid will amaze humankind.

Pray for Italy, its lament will spring up everywhere … Terrorism wants to destroy images and relics of My Beloved Cross. Look on high, an unexpected Asteroid will amaze humankind.

3rd July 2016 – [Luz de Maria] St Michael: (Most Profound Words)The Most High Created the Sun for the benefit of humanity. If a human being does not want to look at the Sun, although he perceives heat and enjoys the light of the Sun, he will say: This does not come from the Sun, sit is another source that radiates both heat and light – so it is with the Most High: He denies him.

  • Pray for Europe, it will be prey to terrorism.
  • Pray for the Middle East, it will burn.

8th July 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: The outbreak of war is approaching.

  • England and Italy will be consumed in laments.

10th July 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: Pray for Asia, it will suffer excessively.

  • Paris will no longer smile.

13th July 2016 – [Little Pebble] Our Lady: An Asteroid is coming and millions will die.

  • A Tsunami will be driven at 100 meters high and flood many Coastline Cities.

14th July 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Jesus: A great Planetary alignment is beginning and this movement is altering the entire Universe.

17th July 2016 – [Luz de Maria] Our Lady: Violence would be a prelude to the Global Apparition of the Antichrist.

  • Pray for Italy! Two Great Volcanoes will become active – a great damage for My children.
  • Pray for France – it suffers without respite.
  • Pray for Germany – an event will shake it.
  • Pray for Brazil – terror will invade the land.

27th July 2016 – [Edson Glauber] Our Lady: Italy will find itself in great pain.

29th July 2016 –[Luz de Maria] Our Lady: My children should not expect the Organizations assigned for the protection of the earth, to alert you to the truth about the threats approaching from the Universe. Earth is threatened from Space by an Asteroid.

31st July 2016 – [Little Pebble & Yellow Lily] – Jesus said:

  • A major event is to take place, with many deaths.
  • Major Earthquake in California.
  • Golden Gate Bridge to be destroyed.
  • Major Terrorist attack upon the U.S.A.
  • The Italian volcanoes to erupt.
  • Russia would invade Europe.
  • Israel will be attacked.
  • The Church will divide.
  • The Money would crash.
  • A major event will take place during the Olympics
  • The Eiffel Tower will be attacked by Terrorists.

1st August 2016 – [To Luz de Maria] Jesus: World Power is on the shoulders of great contenders, against Our Truth. That Power is hiding what is coming to Humanity – what is in the Universe will come to impact the Earth.

Deformed sea creatures are emerging.

Pray! From Heaven you will see looming that which will make man tremble – fire is approaching.

13th August 2016 – [Little Pebble] Jesus: Watch the moon and signs will be given to astound man.