Letter to President Vladimir Putin – 20 August 2016

[To all who view this post, please try to get this letter into the hands of President Vladimir Putin. Some of you may have the means to do this — please entrust this letter to him. Thank you. May Jesus Bless + all who read these words]

20th August 2016

President Vladimir Putin,

Krasnopresnenskaya nab2

The White House


Most Honourable President Vladimir Putin,

My name is William John Costellia. I am a Catholic Visionary and have been receiving Messages from Jesus and Mary since 1967. I have been persecuted by the Church since 1984. In 1985, I met Pope John Paul II in a private audience and in 2005 I was wrongfully imprisoned. In the last few days Jesus asked me to write to you and tell you the following:

He loves you and the people of Russia very much. He calls you the ‘King of the North of the Book of Revelation and the Old Testament’ – like Cyrus of Old. You are like the Leader of the Old Testament used by God to test His people.

The Word of Jesus is this: He will use the Kingdom of Russia to cleanse the Kingdoms of the West, but says the ideologies of Communism are not pleasing to God, as they represent Atheistic manifestations of doctrines against God’s children. Remember your heritage of Christology, of Holy Mother Russia and change your country to this Glorious foundation Stone.

Do not think that God supports the Democracy of Capitalism, as this offends God also. The morality of the World’s Democratic Nation’s Ideologies were once built upon Christian values, but now have sold their Nations to Satan and his idolatries.

Your Nation is upon a journey to invade the West – Europe especially – to take over the Vatican. Do not proceed upon this path, as this will bring the Great War.

Jesus asks that you write to Pope Benedict, to enact the Global Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lord asks this of Pope Benedict, as he is the legitimate true Pope. Francis was not canonically elected and Benedict was usurped.

China is your ally and is planning to attack and invade all of Asia and the United States of America. You should not support this, as America will fall and China will turn on Russia.

Russia must stay out of the Middle East’s plans to invade Israel, as great sorrows will meet all those involved in such endeavours. The U.S.A. will fall, but will rise again to help your Nation, as once China turns against you, you will seek help.

Holy Mother Russia must turn to Christ and shake off the sins of Atheistic Communism. Then once China has been overcome, it will be converted to Christianity.

Jesus asks, President Putin, that you be careful, as the Antichrist lives and desires to take over your Nation, to bring forth the Great War. Understand that the Bilderberg family, the Russian Mafia and the Freemasons – with many Secret Societies – are well entrenched in your Government, who are a controlling force to bring your country into war. Therefore, you must turn to God, for only He can change matters.

Should you not receive help from the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church to Consecrate Holy Mother Russia, you are to ask the Holy Russian Orthodox Patriarch, with all Bishops and Priests – uniting all Christians – to Consecrate Russia to His Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart, for this will mitigate the Great Trials that will enter the world.

Jesus then Blessed you and the people of Russia and all His children who seek peace.

I remain God’s Servant and will pray for you and your people.

God Bless you.

William Costellia