Message 741 – 3 September 2016

Jesus Christ the King riding His white horse
Jesus Christ the King riding His white horse



NO. 741

Jesus Calls to Arms the Remnant Church

Australia: You have become so complacent, not caring about souls, while the rest of the world is deluged with multiple sufferings and natural disasters – Your freedom will be for not much longer, unless you now turn to your God. New Zealand: The sleeping giant will erupt and take many of you with it – The Warning is very near; I will give My daughter, Luz de Maria the date of the Warning very soon; prepare now – The Asteroid that is being monitored, circling the Earth, is not the Warning, but rather a chastisement that will come to the Earth soon.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the White Cross in the sky and behind it – above – is a Star or Comet with a fiery tail. Coming from it, to the right of the Cross, somewhat lower down, I see a Golden Dome. It has a symbol of the half moon crescent on it, with a sword crossing over it.

I see Jesus riding a white horse. He is wearing armour plate and on it are the two Immaculate Hearts. Saint Michael too, is leading the Army of Heaven and high in the sky, next to the White Cross is Our Holy Mother, also in armour, with the same symbols. Both Jesus and Mary wear Crowns. Jesus was holding a White Cross.

Jesus stands in my home at the corner, where Our Lady’s Statue is. He places the White Cross next to Our Lady’s Statue and greets me with the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My blessed son of Our Immaculate Hearts – God’s Prophet of the Sword. And what is this Sword, My son, but the Word of God that pierces the hearts of men.”

“My beloved children of Australia who have become so complacent, not caring about the souls, only pleasure and human fragilities having no care about anything, believing you have become untouchable while the rest of the world is deluged with multiple sufferings and natural disasters.”

“Wake up, My children, for your time is coming soon, when the earth will quake and many lives will be lost. The timing has been set – which is known by my instrument.”

“My Blessed Mother has come to your land many times, calling you to pray and repent of your sinful lives, of human pleasures, drowning your times in so much sport and entertainment, shedding your responsibilities as a Nation towards your children and family – thinking only of self and self-preservation – caring little for the down-trodden and those who seek truly for the truth and true justice – as your leaders and those in power seek only for self gain in corruption.”

“My children, seek you first the Kingdom of God while you still have your freedom and time, because soon a marauder will come for your land and enslave you. Those that are far away seek this country for greed, wealth and power.”

“People of Australia, your freedom will be for not much longer, unless you now turn to your God, Who only seeks your Eternal Salvation. The Earth will quake, the seas will rise and many foundations will be loosened, as a sign to you that your God is now an angry God, Who has begged you for so long, to return to Him. The children of the world continue to sleep, as the enemy of their soul slowly takes over their territories and crushes and enslaves the soul.”

“To My children of New Zealand, the warning signs have been given to you. Move away from the areas where the volcanoes lie. As I have warned you many times before, the sleeping giant will erupt and take many of you with it. But to My children who truly believe, you have nothing to fear, for God with His Angels are there always to protect you. I have given you My Most Holy Mother as your Intercessor.”

“Children, it is time for all of humanity to prepare, as the Warning is very near. I will give My daughter, Luz de Maria, the date of the Warning, very soon, but all need to prepare now. Remember the signs to look for: The Revolution in Rome and the fleeing of the Pope – then within a few weeks later, the Warning will come.”

“The Asteroid that is being monitored, circling the Earth, is not the Warning, but rather a chastisement that will come to the Earth soon – but remember children, all the sequence before the Warning comes. Unless you see the Great War begin in earnest with Russia invading Europe and China invading Asia and the United States of America invaded and attacked – and finally with the Son of Perdition revealing himself – the Warning will not come.”

“The world is on the brink, My children, but you are not to fear, for those who are of good spirit will be protected and it will be up to these children of Mine to offer their love, prayers and sacrifices, on all levels, to rescue those children who are in great need of God’s Loving Mercy.”

Keep strong, sweet children of the Remnant Church, for your rescue is near and the Triumph of Our Two Immaculate Hearts is but a moment away. Love is the power, with prayers, that conquers the world, dear children.”

“The Visions and Words I gave you son during the weeks, are to be added to these, for there are some leaders in the world who are truly blessed by My Hand as they are inspired by My Spirit to lead God’s children into truth.”

“And you, My son, being so tormented over these weeks – remain at peace, for My Mother and I are always by your side. These coming weeks will be of trial, but the end results are good. You please Our Hearts – and remember that My Mother carries you in Her Immaculate Heart, never to be erased, as you are Her Mystical Spouse.”

“An unsuspected turn of events will bring you great joy, as promised to you so many years ago. Trust and have faith, for the work We gave you many years ago, is reaching many souls, who in turn are drawn to Us.”

“One who is brave will step forward soon, to uphold the Mission given to you. I Bless you son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I Bless all Our children around the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Never be afraid children, trust in Our Love for you – take up the Sword of Truth, the Holy Rosary, because with this prayer and the Scapular of My Blessed Mother, the world will be converted. Take part in the reception of My Eucharistic Bread of Life and I will nourish you and cleanse your hearts with My Sacrament of Mercy and Forgiveness. These are the tools of Everlasting Life in God.”

“There is still time, My children. I am your Saviour, Jesus Christ – the Alpha and Omega Eternal.


28 August 2016 – A few Words from Jesus this last week:

LITTLE PEBBLE: As I woke up Jesus was there and said:

OUR LORD: “I call My Remnant Children to Arms! It is time for the Great Battle. Jesus and Mary need you,. A Soldier of Mine wears His Armour Plate, which are: the Scapulars and Sacramentals. The Shield is Saint Michael, the General of God’s Army. The Blessed Eucharist and the Holy Rosary are the Weapons.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then I read on the news that the German Leader, Angela Merkel, plans to tell the people to stockpile food and water for at least ten days, in case of an attack or catastrophe. Jesus then told me He had inspired this to Angela Merkel, as she is aware of possible events to take place soon, not only an invasion of Europe, but a possible Asteroid hitting the Earth.

Then I found out that an Asteroid passed the Earth at 53,000 miles. Jesus then came to me and said:

OUR LORD: “This is true, an Asteroid is currently circling the Earth, but the authorities are not revealing it. Soon it will hit the Earth.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then yesterday a privileged Soul phoned me, named “Little Grain”, who had an all night dream about an Asteroid hitting the Earth, but was broken up in several pieces by the Governments who sent up rockets. Jesus then spoke to her and said: “This will happen within fourteen (14) days from now.”

I then remembered Words of Jesus some time ago, about the Olympic Games: The Para-Olympics start soon from the 7th to the 18th of September. Then we have the words from the Mystic, Christine Gallagher of Ireland, who said: The Warning will be in February of one year.

Marie Julie Jahenny, Visionary of France, said the Warning will take place early in the year.

Then we have Mirjana of Medjugorje, giving a date of a major event – 18th March, and finally Genevieve of the Knotted Cord of love Rosary in the U.S.A. said: Jesus is giving us clues April showers bring May flowers.

And there were Messages given over the years from Seers who said to be aware of the “Ides of March”.