UPDATE #4: Asteroid to Hit – 25 September 2016

UPDATE #4: Asteroid to Hit – 25 September 2016


Dear Friends of the Earth and God’s Precious Children,

This is Part 4 on updates of the Asteroid.

Do not be troubled in heart, but trust in God’s love for you.

Information given out to the public is claiming that NASA has succeeded to diffuse the threat of this asteroid, by detonating it 5 times using nukes to steer this lump of rock away from the earth.

NASA is not revealing the truth! The 100 km asteroid has been splintered into many small parts with the main sizeable rock being knocked into the earth’s orbit – just like another moon.

However, NASA fails to mention that hundreds, if not thousands of smaller objects are accelerating towards earth.

Please read the following from several scientists of Astronomy and Amateur Astronomers.

Keep strong and be not afraid.

God Bless

William Costellia


From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 22 September 2016

To: William Costellia

Subject: New Sep 21 Important Update #4: Space Detonation(s) & Fragment velocity spread

New update (re: website). Ok to release.

Sept 21 Important Update #4 – Space Detonation(s) & Fragment velocity spread (incoming to Earth)

Dangerous and large fragments have been created that have an incoming trajectory path solution to earth (high probability).

Incoming exact timing is complex at this moment to determine due to the relative swarm of fragment collisions created from a number of sequential nuclear bomb detonations.

However, based on prior velocity trajectory speed and the effects of detonations, it is anticipated a window of days before Sep 25 and days after are the best estimate.

Space Nuclear Bomb Detonations on the Asteroid:

A number of nuclear bomb space detonations have occurred, two in surface detonations – to push the asteroid’s path away from earth – and two to three very large “direct hit” detonations to break up the asteroid.

(a total of up to 5 nuclear detonations on the asteroid)

Size of the Asteroid (before detonations):

This Asteroid is very very large, estimated to be 10E+14 kilograms in mass (close to a 50 to 100km diameter estimate). Thus the reason for so many nuclear bomb space detonations.

Velocity of the very large Asteroid (before detonations):

The velocity of the Asteroid, before the slowing from detonations, was near 108,973.79 km/hr in absolute relative velocity. The approach of this very large asteroid was 27.5 degrees to the ecliptic of the earth’s orbital plane and is closing from behind in the same direction of earth’s orbit.

As the very large Asteroid has an absolute relative velocity close to earth’s velocity, the closing speed to earth is considered very slow (near 2942 km/hr).

Necessitation of intervention (Asteroid) – falling into the “Gravity of Earth”:

The danger of an earth intersecting Asteroid trajectory, with such a slow relative velocity to earth, is that this very very large Asteroid could easily fall into the “gravitational well” of the earth and be pulled in for an assured collision.

Distance/Location of Asteroid:

The first intercept and nuclear bomb detonation on the Asteroid was close to 2.365 LD (Lunar Distance) away. The slow relative closing velocity provided an opportune rocket intercept & mitigation potential due to this speed.

Since the series of multiple nuclear detonations, the angle of the asteroid, relative to the earth’s ecliptic, has been deflected from 27.5 degrees to its current position of 16 degrees and has been slowed significantly (as of Sep 18).

(note: this translates to near 39.45 degrees North in Latitude with respect to Earth’s equator). The Asteroid is in the sunlight side of the hemisphere of the Earth. Thus sensitive earth based CCD camera telescopes will saturate in viewing in these conditions.

The large main body of the Asteroid is at/near 1.5 LD as of Sep 18.

NASA et al has not revealed the full truth:

This very large asteroid HAS been reduced in size, from the numerous nuclear bomb intercept detonations. However it remains as a dangerous sizable body that needs to be continued to be tracked.

This Asteroid is still very very large even with the reduction in its size from these detonations. This Asteroid threat has not been completely eliminated.

In addition, the reduction of size of this asteroid has been converted into a complex 3-D moving form of fragment – as “billiard balls” – that are colliding with each other. This resulted from the sequence of multiple detonations.

It is impossible to target every single fragment once the fragments have been created by numerous nuclear detonations.

Some information on the web has circulated that the only worry is just smaller meteors as the main Asteroid was broken to pieces.

This is not correct. Much larger fragments (est 1/4 mi or larger) and much debris exist that are at high risk to incoming to earth.

Indeed, the very accurate eye-witness information identified that the brilliant illumination observed in the clear morning of Sep 16, just after sunrise (see update #3) was near 1/4 the width of the moon (illumination via nuclear re-emissive radiation & refraction from sunlight from the debris field).

This is a very large debris field. Some of which has a very high probability of an intersect with earth. The distance of this Asteroid at the time of the brilliant debris field illumination was at/near 1.88 LD.

Immediate Concern(s):

The immediate concern are the spread an size of the swarm of significant fragments that exist to make up for the size reduction of the original Asteroid.

Air Traffic control, via the FAA and other governmental agencies must be made aware of the much greater degree of fragment sizes and meteor debris that could shower the earth.

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has full responsibility to notify the FAA of the full risk. A failure to do so could result in unfortunate airliner accidents that could have been preventable.

The full truth must be given to the public.

Further information:

New data indicates a total of three “direct hit” detonations have occurred, on the incoming object, in three consecutive days. The first two “detonations” revealed a perpendicular spread (& split of the main object) relative to its trajectory towards earth.

The third “detonation” revealed a notable elongated spread of illuminated debris (identified via re-emission of near infra-red wavelength). (note: this three direct hit detonation sequence started six days after the 2nd deflection detonation).

This greatly increases the complexity of an ability to track the debris & smaller, but damaging, fragments due to the illuminated “debris spread” showing a shallow angle to the trajectory of the main split sizable object(s).

After each of these “direct hit” detonations, the center and then the split centers of the “object” observably changed in their vector heading(s) – away from the original vector heading towards earth.

However, the largest objects (split centers) now have differing velocities, which has formed an elongated debris field at a relative angle close to the trajectory at/near earth.

As only the largest fragment(s) of the original main body of the sizable object are observable, there are likely a large number of significant but “un-observable” damaging fragments as noted from the source “illuminated” imaging.

The power of the detonations are revealed in the changes observed in the main body vector heading, including slowing. These powerful detonations are very likely causing debris/fragments to collide in a complex manner as the “illumination” of the elongated debris field reveals.

The energy transfer, in mass-velocity, is also revealed in the notable elongation of the debris field 24 hours later between the 2nd and 3rd “direct hit” detonations.

Even though the split “main body” is at a slowed velocity – now with a closing velocity of many weeks, the immediate issue is the potentially damaging fragments (debris field) that have been accelerated to a high velocity towards* earth from these detonations.

Thus, without the aid of space imaging radar or a near-earth telescope, any estimate of an arrival window, to the public, may only be detected by the earliest incoming debris (meteors).

If this “intervention” pattern of detonations were to continue, it would be feasible that another detonation, closer to earth, may be executed to further mitigate the debris field threat. Perhaps this is the “bright star” phenomenon that was mentioned – to look for.

(this would infer another rocket launch some days in advance).

Because of the “debris field illumination & observed ‘sudden elongated spread'” via the space detonation series, the window of Sep 25, days before, and days after are the best estimate – as derived from the original “object” intersect timing with the earth.

The remaining larger split objects – that have slowed and are considered the original “object” – will continue to be observed. Updates will be provided.

Note: * The evidence is clear that a major series of interventions, using rockets and nuclear device detonations, have occurred. This large scale intervention would not occur if government(s) believed there wasn’t a threat of this “object” to earth.

God Bless