An Overview of September 2016


An Asteroid and the Consecration of Russia


Dear Friends,

Over the past weeks we have given you updates of events. We have advised the Prophet, Luz de Maria of Argentina, of the Asteroid – even though she, like myself and others, have received the same revelation – though no timing to pin-point the event.

However, in Luz de Maria’s recent Message of the 23 September 2016, this is what Our Lady has said and Maria made a comment of great importance:


23 September 2016

OUR LADY: (A rough translation from Spanish) “Evil is increasing; will not stop until Antichrist makes his appearance. Pray children, pray. Sun sends its heat to the Earth and humanity will suffer. Pray children, the astonished look for humanity the moment the disaster that shakes the world.”

Luz de Maria's comments:

“We have been alerted about the different events from space approaching Earth and that will cause pain to man. We are called to prayer action.”

Our Website has gone viral on Youtube; millions of people have responded. Some have criticised, without knowing any facts. People are saying: “If it does not happen, what then? You are creating fear with false disaster messages.” I will say this:

When governments tell the public to store food or move to safe areas, as a hurricane is moving along the coast and it is a category 5 – do you ignore these warnings? No! And many times these warnings are later downgraded to a category 2 – would you not be grateful?

The same applies to an Asteroid or Meteor warnings. We prepare. If it passes by, we thank God for His care and Mercy and thank those brave souls who dared to warn men, even with a possibility of being ridiculed.

On the 6 September 2016, Jesus revealed to me that China was going to attack India and the week before, Brazil will suffer in a blood bath, as God’s children disobeyed Him; that the people of Scandinavia, Norway and Sweden to be alert, as Russia was planning to invade them.

On a lighter note, here is the result of the Consecration of Russia, which was made on the 8 September, 2016, around the world:


(Our Lady’s Birthday and the day of Consecrating Russia to Our Holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart)

8 September 2016

LITTLE PEBBLE: At 10.30 pm, after praying the Consecration Prayers, I saw Our Holy Mother arrive all in Great Glory. She wore a beautiful Crown and was dressed in blue, with rays coming from Her Immaculate Heart, streaming towards the Earth. I saw a Rosary – like chains – encircle Russia. Our Holy Mother was radiant and smiling. She greeted me and told me how happy she was with the offerings of all Her children, for the people of Russia and the Church in Russia.

Our Lady said that several million people had united with me Consecrating Russia – even Pope Benedict, in his heart. And the effect of this Consecration, though not fulfilling all that Our Lady has requested for the Popes and Church Bishops to do – because of God’s children’s strong faith – ten percent of the Great Chastisement has now been mitigated and millions of souls have been saved and rescued – even President Putin was touched by the letter that was sent.

God’s Mercy and Love, through the actions of little souls, can work great Miracles, through the Hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Final Victory will be with Her Divine Son, Jesus, through Her Immaculate Heart.

Jesus then also arrived next to Our Holy Mother and was very happy. Both Blessed me and all children around the world – and Russia in particular. I personally Consecrated President Putin to Our Holy Mother. She was very pleased.

Our Lady then said this would have a ripple effect and She will reveal it through countless Chosen Instruments and people in general. They Blessed us all and left.


8 September 2016

OUR LADY: “My dear daughter and children of My Heart: I thank you! I am well pleased with all that you have done today. Even though the chastisements will come, many will be saved, because of the prayers and Consecration to My Immaculate Heart.”

“Everyone here present at the Chapel and those unable to come, have received a special Grace, which you will all know in the future.”

“Be at peace, My Little Grain – all is well. Thank you for answering My call. Be not afraid, but keep surrendering yourself to My Beloved Son, Jesus, your Spouse. I Bless you and all My children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE GRAIN: I saw my sign and I felt so warm – especially at the Blessing.


(following the Consecration)

17 September 2016

OUR LORD: “My daughter I AM the Word Incarnate, the Great I AM. All who come to Me find Truth, Justice and Healing. Unite your heart to Mine!”

“Know, My daughter, that the Consecration was greatly appreciated by My Loving Mother, who asks especially for each of Her children. This Consecration was done very well by My children who took part in it and its benefits will change the face of Russia and its people, much quicker than if this had not been done. Know that many of My children who are suffering now will be given enlightenment – their hearts will be open to the Truth and hearts will change.”

“I Bless and thank all My children – with a Special Blessing – who took part in this Consecration. The Graces will be many that are poured down.”

“Go in peace and love, My daughter. More will be known later.”