UPDATE #7: Asteroid on Track but Delayed by Nuclear Detonations


26 September 2016

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 26 September 2016

To: William Costellia

Subject: Re: Sep 21 South America sighting – Orange colored meteor “large piece of rock with orange tail” report

Dear William,

Regarding a report, Sept 21 5:40 PM (South America) – “I saw a large piece of rock with orange tail … it seems to me that it passed in the High atmosphere …”

It is common for slower moving meteors to be observed in the red or orange. American Meteor Society (AMS) describes this phenomenon (below) referencing a slower velocity link to the color.

Given the observed slower differential velocity of the recent Asteroid moving in a vector “coming from behind and chasing earth”, there likely would be a greater probability of “red or orange” meteor sightings.


The velocity of the meteor also plays an important role, since a higher level of kinetic energy will intensify certain colors compared to others. Among fainter objects, it seems to be reported that slow meteors are red or orange, while fast meteors frequently have a blue color, but for fireballs the situation seems more complex than that, but perhaps only because of the curiosities of color vision as mentioned above.

God Bless



Jesus says to remain at peace.

Dear People of God, I know you are troubled in heart, that events have not as yet happened, but there is no need to be worried because God controls every moment of our time.

Jesus said that God’s Love and Mercy is always present — and the inspiration given to the Scientists regarding the Asteroid is from Him — that the Authorities will make a Statement and signs will be seen by the scientists in the stratosphere and hemisphere and outer space. Simply trust in God and prepare your souls. Jesus sends His Fatherly Love and Blessings.

Set below are excerpts of Messages given to the Prophet Luz de Maria on various occasions about the Asteroid — apart from our own Messages and from other Seers.

God Bless,

William Costellia


Excerpts from Messages to Luz de Maria (2014, 2015, 2016):

16 June 2014: “An asteroid is getting closer to Earth, causing great fear.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2014)

28 March 2015: “Pray, children, Earth will be touched by an asteroid; pray” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)

15 April 2015: “Pray, My beloved; an asteroid is coming without being seen yet. Indirectly it will cause great tragedy on Earth.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)

26 April 2015: “Beloved children, an asteroid is coming close to the Earth. Be aware of this. Maybe you’ll ask Me “What can we do? And I answer: WHEN THE HEART IS IN GOOD DISPOSITION AND THE MIND IS PREPAPRED TO KNOW THE DEPTHS OF MY SON’S LOVE AND OF MY MATERNITY, MAN IS PREPARED TO FACE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)


27 September 2015: “From the sky you will see a great light—asteroid—come down towards you … My People, do not fear! The Lord, your God, shelters you in the Palm of His Hand.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)

25 October 2015: “The unexpected arrival of an asteroid brings great suffering to My children.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)

11 December 2015: “… inactive volcanoes wake up, asteroids and comets are ever more frequent, thunder and lightning contain increasing power given to them by the contamination with which man has made Nature react uncontrollably.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)

20 December 2015: “I have called you to look at the sky to see the signs and remain attentive. Instants are near when humankind will be subjected to continuous threats coming from outer space; these threats will be greater and will cause fear when the comets or asteroids get closer than they should.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2015)

20 May 2016: “The trajectory of some Asteroids and Comets orbits towards Earth. Some have been recorded by man; others will appear in instants and will baffle the men of science. Some will fall in the sea causing tsunamis, and others will wipe out Towns.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2016)

3 June 2016: “Pray, My children, pray; an asteroid is divided by man, but a large portion falls into the sea, being the cause of terror and fear for Humanity, while some other fragments penetrate the earth.” (Luz de Maria Messages for 2016)

[See Website of Luz de Maria]


Excerpt Message 665 – 29 June 2012 (Given to the Little Pebble)

LITTLE PEBBLE: I see the White Cross enter me and my vision now opens like a movie before me. The sun is behind the White Cross in the sky and something is crashing into the sun causing a huge explosion. This causes a huge solar flare and I see the heated flare travel throughout the Solar System disturbing the planetary alignment, but from behind the sun comes two particles of a broken comet, moon or asteroid; both these pieces shoot towards the Earth. I notice the people of the world are shocked and stare at what looks like to them two Suns in the sky. The world at this time is at war, or at least parts of it in Europe and the Middle East, as I see news flashes and hear that Pope Benedict has left Rome. I am taken to Rome – it seems to me that there has been an earthquake and a revolution had occurred – people were panicking everywhere. I do not know the timing of this or how long this was occurring before the Pope fled. I saw Russia had attacked Poland and had invaded North Italy and I felt the Pope fled to help God’s children in a foreign land. The Angel that was with me took me in vision to see this. I noticed that the timing of the appearance of these two Suns was something like one week before the White Cross appeared in the sky. I was then shown a large crack in the fault line in the Pacific Ocean – this caused a large tsunami that went towards the East Coast of Australia and the West Coast of the United States of America. This happened some months before the Warning, as the Angel showed me a time-warp.

The Angel, Saint Petrosia, now holds a golden trumpet; he blows the trumpet, which is very loud, and the sound waves make the Earth tremble. He shows me Mars and its Moons and says:

SAINT PETROSIA: “Remember the Prophecy surrounding these Moons – the red dust that will travel to Earth?”