UPDATE #10: Another Massive Detonation – Larger Fragments Earth Directed

UPDATE #10: Another Massive Detonation – Larger Fragments Earth Directed

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 30 September 2016

To: William Costellia

Subject: Sep 30 – Another Massive Detonation – Larger Fragments Earth Directed

Dear William,

Here is Revised3 version of the update (ok to release): — Sep 30 update (newest):

New “Massive” Deflection Detonation on Asteroid (boosted to “Earth Escape Velocity”):

The incoming Very Large Asteroid’s main body core may have been boosted to just above the “Earth Escape Velocity”** as the result of a new and “Massive” space nuclear detonation at 90 degrees to the Asteroid’s flight trajectory.

This would be encouraging news.

However, a new and serious danger emerges as this extremely massive detonation has a radial ejecta pattern that likely will throw very large fragments towards Earth.

This Very Large, “Deflection” Detonation Further endangers Earth:

This “Massive Detonation” was performed on the surface of the Asteroid a few days ago, striking 90 degrees to the Asteroid’s flight angle. This Deflection attempt will most likely send more fragments to Earth as the “side hit” radial ejecta pattern includes an Earth directed solution. The radial ejecta debris would also be accelerated to a higher velocity by the detonation force-to-mass-velocity translation of the fragment size(s) and including smaller debris. The blast induced injected energy would shorten the arrival transit time of the new fragments/debris to Earth.

New Strategy executed – Boosted to an orbital velocity (or greater):

This Detonation reveals a last attempt, and possibly successful, intervention on the massive Asteroid – to boost it into an orbital solution with the Earth (or even a “sling-shot” solution away from Earth) *.

From x,y,z coordinates and flight trajectory of the Asteroid (with respect to Earth), this latest large detonation increased the Asteroid’s velocity from 0.6172 km/s to 0.7859 km/s ** and a 3.5 degree shift movement near 80 degrees to the line of flight trajectory. The new “corrected” Lunar Distance x,y,z (from earth) Asteroid location is at a 0.747485 km/s “Earth Escape Velocity” solution ***. This is a 0.038415 km/s higher Asteroid velocity – above the Earth Escape Velocity (to keep from falling into Earth from Earth’s gravity). Before this last detonation, the Asteroid was -0.130285 km/s too slow to escape Earth’s Gravity Well. Further measurements will determine if this result holds.

Recent “Massive” detonations on Megaton nuclear scale:

The detonation, considered to be massive in the nuclear megaton scale, and correlated/confirmed by other data (confidential), created a notable shift of the before/after x,y,z location and vector heading of the Asteroid (within a 24 hour period).

The relative size of the two recent “massive” detonations were significant in the emissive near-infrared, and including visible light spectrum, compared to the earlier less energetic detonations (i.e. prior 2 deflection and at least 3 “direct hit” detonations with lower Megaton yield(s)).

Timing – Large Fragments Earth Directed & Accelerated:

The Asteroid deflection was at 90 degrees to the Asteroid’s surface – with respect to the Asteroid’s incoming trajectory to Earth.

Because of this angled detonation, and the nuclear megaton detonation scale, there is a high probability that large fragments were broken off and ejected to a higher incoming velocity towards Earth.

This could result in large fragments and smaller pieces reaching Earth in the early October window (at or before the first week of October timeframe).

Tracking of Large Fragments:

As the “Main body Asteroid core” is very very large, its emissive signature, from space, it is clearly identifiable (requires data access + specialized equipment & image processing systems). However, large fragments, that can still be a significant threat to locations around the Earth, are only trackable by near Earth “space based telescopes” and/or Earth based space radar systems.

Hopefully, Government agencies will open up and provide adequate warning to the public.

22.5 degree offset from the Sun:

Earth based optical telescopes, if used to locate and track the “main body” asteroid, would require overcoming a significant challenge. The Asteroid, is very close to the centerline from the Earth to the Sun, with an offset close to 22.5 degrees from this centerline to the center of the sun (angle reference is from radius to Earth’s surface). (note: the offset has been changing from the interactions of all of the detonations and from the trajectory curving influence of Earth’s gravity).

Note1: * The new angular velocity is very close to an “Escape Velocity” (within margin of error) – thus Orbital velocity potential to Earth, it is possible that there may be in an elliptical orbit around Earth (if the complex Earth/Moon summation gravity “captures” this Asteroid. The “Elliptical” orbit is based on the current x,y,z and vector heading at a distance greater than 1 LD (Lunar Distance). An elliptical orbit will likely have a “precession”. The combination of these two factors could risk an eventual collision with the Moon if the inner elliptical orbit (Perigee) is within 1 LD (Lunar Distance average) or less.

Note2: ** Asteroid Absolute “plane of the Ecliptic” Velocity (~29.9km/s) is not reflected in these “relative Earth-Asteroid velocities. The Asteroid had been reduced in its original velocity from all of the prior “direct hit” and “deflection” detonations.

Note3: *** Escape Velocity calculated with Mass-Distance of Earth only – not included is the complex average of the effect of the Earth/Moon.

God Bless



LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came early in the morning around 2am. He was not happy as the world was not listening to His Holy Mother’s Words.

The Asteroid that will come towards Earth will cause the Moon to change its orbit, bringing it closer to Earth – interfering with the magnetic grid – making the oceans rise and bringing a tidal wave towards Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding region. Jesus said the plates will move causing much destruction to many lands. The volcano in New Zealand will erupt and part of the North Island will sink …

Jesus said that His faithful children have nothing to fear as God protects them, especially through His Holy Mother Mary, with the Blessed Angels.

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