UPDATE #13: Debris and Dust Cloud passing by Moon

UPDATE #13: Debris and Dust Cloud passing by Moon

Excerpt of Message 739 – 13 July 2016

OUR LADY: “Watch and pray, My children – watch the events surrounding the Sun and the Moon – for many changes will come on Earth, as the Solar System changes in its orbit.”

Excerpt From William’s Desk – 15 May 2016

HOLY SPIRIT: “… the meteor shower will be a major impact upon the nations, causing great sea rise.”


From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 08/10/2016 4:48 AM

To: William Costellia

Subject: >>>>>>> Finally: NEW Update #13 – Fragment impact(s) to Earth/Moon <<<<<<<<<<<

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Dear William,

Detonations have moved the main large body Asteroid/Object “to safety” re: Earth:

The very large Asteroid/Object is now confirmed to be safely moving away from Earth. The Earth to Asteroid/Object separation velocity is close to 28.32 km/s (away from Earth i.e. relative differential). Thus the Earth is safe. Long term orbital determination of this large Asteroid/Object may be determined by a series of measurements over time giving a precise orbit. To observe and locate this original “large body” Asteroid/Object, use the coordinates below and the observational steps to identify the Earth Ecliptic coordinate Longitude (or EE Right Ascension).

Earth Remains at Risk:

It is expected that Large Fragments from the recent massive detonations – to stop and deflect this very Large Object – are still on their way and may be Earth Directed and/or captured into Earth’s Gravity Well.

Moon at Risk for Impact:

The Large Fragment spread also poses a risk of impact(s) to the Moon.

New Technology confirms Debris & Fragments are passing Earth:

For the last 2 days, Oct 5 & 6, special instrumentation has revealed strong readings of excitation of the Earth’s Magnetosphere in using an advanced system designed to identify fast moving debris and/or fragments disturbing the Earth’s Magnetosphere (see below).

This co-incides with the recent video and photographic findings of “observed debris” moving between the Earth and the Moon in the last few days. The “debris” was observed moving in a consistent direction between the Earth and the Moon Oct 5 & Oct 6.

One example reference: See images and video at:


(For best observation: Use a computer/display of 27″ with a 2560 x 1440 high resolution (pixels) driven with a 32-bit color Graphics GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). View the still images and step frame by frame (full screen view) on the video (to see the debris motion).

Reddish hue “dust glow” around the Moon (same refractive color of Asteroid/Object “dust glow”):

In addition to “moving debris” between the Earth and Moon, there is a “reddish hue” observable around the illumination of the Moon.

This reddish hue is consistent with the “dust cloud” refraction that is currently observable of the main body Asteroid/Object with respect to the observer’s angle to the sun depending on the Latitude/Longitude/Time of Day of the observer.

The reddish hue refraction is from the illumination from the sun of the remaining dust cloud surrounding the Asteroid/Object after the numerous mitigation nuclear detonations. On a different angle to the sun and the observer, the Asteroid/Object may be observed as a bright illumination where this overshadows the weaker reddish hue.

Normally, Asteroids are very dark and thus faint in reflectivity while in space. However, since there has been a series of nuclear detonations on this very large object Asteroid, this would create a large “dust cloud”. Thus the cloud would have reflective/refractive properties similar to a massive surface area prism effect as meteorites are well known for prismatic reflective hue refractive qualities. This prismatic reflective property was observed Sep 16, 2016 from a technical observer who reported the sighting. As the sun angle changed, the brilliance of refracted yellow to white light changed dramatically from just a slight change in the rising sun angle (with respect to the “closer to Earth” Asteroid/Object body). Note: this reddish hue was determined to be not from any atmospheric refraction.

What is causing any reddish hue illumination around the Moon may be from a solar wind driven “dust cloud” from the prior nuclear detonations on the Asteroid/Object.

This “dust cloud” also provides a volume illumination refraction in space such that any sizable fragments, that are missing the Earth, may be cast as shadows moving across the backdrop of the Moonlight.

The large body Asteroid/Object observes as “brightly illuminated” (like a sun):

Since the large body Asteroid/Object is near 4 Lunar Distances from Earth, and this Asteroid/Object is close to the sun view in the sky (depending on the observer’s Longitude/Latitude/Time of day), the object will look to be illuminated as some believe it is another star (sun like). The source of the illumination is from the sun as the object is creating a form of a sunlit shadow. One characteristic that observers have seen is a reddish hue from this sunlit object given a certain refraction angle of observation (Latitude/Longitude/Time of Day).

The Large body Asteroid may likely be retaining a powderized form of a notable “dust cloud” by its low gravity field – similar to a comet surrounded by a similar fine debris cloud.

As of this writing, the debris & fragment detecting Earth’s Magnetospheric Resonance readings are continuing to increase.

NASA continues to be silent regarding the current developments.

================= Coordinate information (main body Asteroid)

— Updated coordinate & velocity information: as of Oct 4, 2016:

Declination of large body Asteroid: 6 degrees South of Earth’s Ecliptic (at/near Declination of 0hr 24′ 0.00) or 17.45 Latitude South relative to Earth’s Equator.

Using the Earth’s Ecliptic Reference:

Below would be the recommended approach for an Astronomers (Amateur or otherwise) to quickly locate the “object”.

(this process would allow a swift determination of the Right Ascension and Declination coordinates on the “object”, using a celestial telescope, and a few steps.)

Earth’s Ecliptic Declination “to main body object” (Oct 2, 2016):

The current Declination of the “object”, as of Oct 2, 2016, is minus 0hr 15′ 12.00 to Earth’s Ecliptic (i.e. 3.8 degrees South of Earth’s Ecliptic) [or Earth’s Equinox 22.45 degree tilt – 3.8 degrees = 18.7 Latitude South to Earth’s Equator]

NOTE: the object is moving approximately 1.5 to 1.8 degrees per day further south of the Earth’s Ecliptic. Sighting adjustment(s) would be required for the day of observation.

It becomes brightly illuminated just prior to and during Sunrise:

Only a small 10 to 15 minute window of time, at a clear day sunrise, is optimal for a “bright” observation of the “main body object”. This believed to be from a precise differential refraction effect** from the sun, to the object, thus refracting a bright illumination of the “object”. Note: The object will fade quickly as the sun rises and thus changes this optimal refractive illumination.

Use a filtered camera or image filtering software:

Use a filtered telescope or an equivalent color compensated setting on a telescopic imaging system (or with image control software), filter the peripheral rays of the sun such that the “object” appears as in this photograph.

This “sighting” was taken in the Northern Hemisphere where the angle of the rising sun and the Right Ascension were very close. The object has moved to the right of this “sighting” over the days due to the sum of trajectory changes.

The object has also moved near equal in Right Ascension to the sun (“leading” within 1.5 degrees or 0hr 6min 0.00 sec) as of Oct 2, 2016.

Use the current declination above in combination with the appropriate celestial equipment and filtering to observe the current coordinates of the “object”. It may be possible to identify the “main body object” later after sunrise with the appropriate sun blocking techniques.

Note: * Use an estimate of 4 LD – initially – as a distance from earth.

Note: ** The transient illumination is inferred from refraction of sunlight due to the observed behavior of this object. When the refraction angle changes outside of the optimal illumination, the object fades quickly to a faint red blur with typical spectrum video camera pixel arrays.

====== Magnetospheric Resonance (specialized technology to detect asteroid debris & fragments)

Using a VLA (Very Large Array) earth crustal based antenna, and specialized nanovolt amplifiers & filtering systems coupled to an 3.125 kilosecond FFT milliHz processing system, the Earth’s Magnetospheric resonance levels have been monitored for any increase in base levels. All Kp index levels are accounted for from solar wind and/or CME buffeting of the outer Magnetosphere & Bow Shock Region(s).

An unusually strong series of 33 to 128 milliHz emissions, have been observed on a near continuous basis when debris and fragments are stimulating the Earth’s Magnetosphere.

Although this privately owned research, it is very advanced. This data may be important to share as there may be an indicator of “disturbances” that cannot be accounted for by natural means. The “disturbances” indicate a large amount of cloud like debris, including fragments, passing the earth.

A source of outer Magnetospheric disturbance would be from high velocity metallic material, such as iron/nickel fragments, transiting through and inducing oscillatory voltage gradients & currents that would couple into the sun’s current sheet (heliosphere) and thus to the Outer Bow shock region/Outer Magnetosphere of the Earth. It should be noted that these signals may be large in oscillations** – near equally balanced in peak to peak – instead of just a DC form of a signature. This again points to a Magnetic Induction signature from a set of conditions identified above [i.e. high velocity iron/nickel magnetic fragment/bodies] (See Faraday’s law of induction & Lenz Law of magnetic induction).

See publication below* for Magnetospheric Boundary, Bow Shock, Solar Wind plasma flow, and Magneteosheath cascades & resonances.

The purpose of this private research is to identify “early detection” of micro disturbances in the Outer boundaries of the Earth’s Magnetosphere.

NOTE: Until this research data is confirmed, these results are conditional. However, the circumstances of the events that may be unfolding, regarding iron/nickel asteroid fragments and/or a debris field possibly incoming to Earth, would provide an exception of an early release of this information.

Note1: * Scientific Publication on Outer Magnetospheric Resonances: (On Nonlinear Cascades and Resonances in the Outer Magnetosphere)


Note2: ** With respect to the nanovolt sensitivity, filtering, and dynamic range of the advanced technology.

God Bless


From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 08/10/2016 4:05 AM

To: William Costellia

Subject: No wonder China, Russia, USA discovered the Large Body Object (see this compilation of witness videos – youtube)

Dear William,

It is clear that this object was seen around the world (in the right sun rise conditions) many months ago.

These videos (on this youtube) are very profound on the refraction of brilliant illumination of sunlight. These videos go back months ago including March 2016.

All of these new videos are surfacing now. This is good as it forces the Amateur Astronomers to take this object seriously and look for it.

See youtube: