Those who condone, or are involved in any way directly, or indirectly, ending the life of an unborn, are guilty of murder – Children, do you seek life, or death? The decision is now yours.

WILLIAM: Early this morning Jesus came to me and said:

OUR LORD: “Son, I will dictate a letter via yourself to My children of the United States of America.”

“My beloved children of the U.S.A.,

“I wish to address you at this crucial hour for your Nation. I say to you: You are either with Me or against Me! I will not accept a soul to remain indifferent to their responsibility as My creation. This current warning is not only for you, but also for the whole world. What happened to Sodom – to Gomorrah – to Nineveh – will also come upon this generation, should you choose to do so! The decision of My people of the U.S.A. will have major repercussions upon the whole world.”

“Once again I say: ‘Abortion is Murder’! Millions of little children have had their lives shortened due to selfish women and men. You have no right over your bodies, My children, when you decide to end a life. I, only, have that right. I Am the Beginning and the End of everything.”

“You have a vital election of Senators representing your way of life – the Candidates who represent two paths. There is only one choice, dear children – and that is life. No Catholic – no Christian – no Muslim – no Mormon believers have a right to choose the right to abort life in the womb.”

“Every person who claims to believe in Me – their God – or even in My Father, the One True God; those who believe in My Father, concerning the Jews – or Hebrews – or those of the Islamic faith – all have no right to end life.”

“But I also say: Those who condone, or are involved in any way directly, or indirectly, ending the life of an unborn, are guilty of murder. I say to you as your Living God and Father: Let no man choose the Candidate who prefers death to life. Should man choose the path that leads to death, know this – your God and Father will follow through with the final purging of your Nation.”

“Pray, My children, pray! Do not look at those who use their role in the entertainment field, to be a leverage to those who influence the minds of Our weak children.”

“Children are being hijacked by Media Propaganda. The Media in general are controlled by the ‘Elite’ and ’Secret Societies’ – the Freemasons and the Illuminati – who are seeking to control you and the world, to bring forth the One World Government.”

“Why have not My Priest-sons – those of the Red hats and Purple Hats – stood up for the truth, to protect the unborn?”

“So, My children, do you seek life, or death? The decision is now yours.”

“To My children who are courageous to stand in the truth – I Bless you. You are the Blessed of My Father.”

“Pray for all dear children – all those who choose the path of death: I wait for you in Mercy.

“Your God and Saviour, Jesus Christ”

(Vote for Donald Trump and pray for Hillary Clinton)

WILLIAM: Jesus was holding some Scales: on one side was a baby and the other side was a “?” with a sword through it.

William Costellia


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