UPDATE #20 – Giant Asteroid Found – Deflected by Nuclear Detonations

UPDATE #20 – Giant Asteroid Found – Deflected by Nuclear Detonations

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 3 December 2016 at 9:33:48 pm AEDT

To: William Costellia

Subject: Update #20: GIANT ASTEROID FOUND – Deflected from Earth by Nuclear Detonations

Giant Asteroid Found - Deflected from Earth by Nuclear Detonations
Giant Asteroid Found – Deflected from Earth by Nuclear Detonations


Dear William,

The Giant Asteroid has been found. This zoom photograph is of the Giant Asteroid. It was deflected from Earth by a number of Nuclear Bomb Space Detonations in September*.

This Giant Asteroid exhibits an unusual “bright flashing” phenomenon at rare moments. The cause of these flashes are from smooth concave formed solidified molten rock crater(s). This acts as a form of a directional “reflection mirror”.

The smooth mirror like “reflectors” were created from the Nuclear bomb detonations on the Giant Asteroid. When the rotation of the Asteroid causes a one of these craters to align with precise Sun-to-Earth angles, a sudden brightening of Earth directed light will result.

The intensity and size of the “bright flashing” phenomenon reveals the magnitude of the Nuclear Bomb(s) used to create such large craters. In addition, the existence of such large crater(s) implies the significant mass & size of the Asteroid to withstand the “intact” creation of these large craters from massive nuclear detonations on its surface.

Any Astrophysicist would know that “natural” Asteroids wouldn’t have reflective concave mirror-like features imbedded within its surface. It’s impossible. Only a thermonuclear event, on the surface of the Asteroid, could create the molten rock & radioactive glass reflective crater.

The Giant Asteroid was found through exhaustive searching of night skies along the trajectory of the Earth Ecliptic coordinates provided in updates.

NASA still remains silent regarding this Giant Asteroid.

This fact is astonishing since the main tracking trajectory and detonation identification* has been from NASA’s own internal telescopic data. NASA’s own markings on the hi-res telescopic data show that they were tracking this object.

This “bright flashing” phenomenon should serve as a confirmation Warning in that it reveals that dangerously large fragments were ejected into space. Since the Nuclear Bomb Space Detonations occurred inside and outside of the Earth-Sun gravitational balance “Lagrange Point (L1)”, very large and dangerous fragments may spiral for many months before hitting the Earth.

Our Blessed Mother confirms that this Giant Asteroid was deflected and would have been catastrophic had it collided with Earth**.

NASA, through the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), is seemly leading the public astray on NASA’s own internal knowledge of this Giant Near Earth Asteroid & the incoming dangerous fragments***.

God Bless

***See recent Nov 30 article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-30/the-man-who-stands-between-earth-and-asteroid-armageddon

(Article: “The Man Who Stands Between Earth and Asteroid Armageddon”, “Because every day could be ‘asteroid day’ for NASA’s planetary defense officer”)



MESSAGE NO. 742 Little Pebble (excerpts)

“…It is due to this and the Asteroid, that came close to the Earth some weeks ago and has been bombarded by nuclear bombs, through various Government Bodies, has broken parts of it – but the main body was pushed away out of range. For had this Asteroid hit the Earth, there would be no life left.”

“…but the large Asteroid that was deflected ..”


*Nuclear Detonations on Giant Asteroid (deflection and/or slowing towards Earth):

Note: specific information on date timing kept confidential for source reasons.

1st detonation: between Sep 3 to 4

2nd detonation: between Sep 8 to 9

3rd detonation: between Sep 14 to 15

4th detonation: between Sep 16 to 17

5th detonation: between Sep 17 to 18

6th detonation: Sep 21 (massive – much larger than 1st to 5th, caused greatest velocity slowing change towards Earth)

7th detonation: Sep 27 (massive – much larger than 1st to 5th, caused greatest angular change and velocity boost away from Earth)