8 December 2016

Large Incoming Comet –

Meteor explodes over Siberia –

Meteor explodes over Norway –

Message 742 – 16 October 2016:

OUR LADY: “The reflection of the Second Sun is a large Comet, which is approaching the Earth and this will become the Second Sun. The Second Sun is the Comet, which will form part of the Great Warning, but the large Asteroid will collide with this large Comet. The Poles will shift – the Sun will eject a Major Flare not previously seen. It will distort the Magnetic Field of the Planet and other Planets.”

4 December 2016 – Luz de Maria: Jesus: “Some of the Powers in the world know the proximity of threats from the Universe and that they will cause major alterations in the Earth”

10 November 2016 – Luz de Maria: Our Lady: “With amazement they will see the sky take on the colour of blood and they will see how fireballs will descend towards the Earth.”

25 August 2016 – Luz de Maria: Jesus: “The Star in the sky will not delay. The Earth will seem to burn.”


5 September 2016 – Messages given to the Seer Ebson, from Brazil:

EBSON: Russia will invade Europe – can happen immediately.

OUR LADY: “Seek strength in the Words of My Jesus and in the Eucharist.”

EBSON: Means, go to the Church – specifically participate in the Holy Mass. Has the Sunday Mass participation in the Catholic Churches increased after the recent terrorist attacks in France and Belgium? It awakens Europe for the conversion, penance and prayer.

6 September 2016:

OUR LADY OF ANGUERA: “Dear children, I am your Mother and I come from Heaven to call you to conversion. Do not stay stationary in sin. Repent and return to My Son, Jesus. You are important to the Lord. Don’t contain. He’s calling you. Listen to the Voice that speaks to your hearts. Humanity has become spiritually blind and My poor children do not know what way to take. I want to help you. Be docile and everything will end well for you. Great disorder will spread throughout Europe. The fierce bear will cause suffering to My poor children. Bend your knees in prayer. I suffer for what comes to you. Seek strength in the Words of My Jesus and in the Eucharist.”

Whatever happens, don’t retract. I will be by your side – courage! This is the Message I bring you today on behalf of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for letting me be together here [with you] once more. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you.”

9 June 2016 – Message from Notre-Dame D’Anguera:

OUR LADY: A great mess will spread throughout Europe. The fierce bear will cause the suffering of My poor children. Fold your knees in prayer. I suffer because of what is coming for you. Look for strength in the Words of My Jesus and in the Eucharist. Whatever happens, don’t retract. I’ll be at your side. Cheer up. This is the Message that I bring to you today in the Name of the Holy Trinity.

NOTRE-DAME D’ANGUERA: I meditated yesterday about the new life in the Holy Spirit and I prepared to receive any Message from the Spirit at the end of meditation. He inspired an image of Christ who prayed aloud on the Cross: “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me”?

From noon until three o’clock in the afternoon, there was darkness across the country. Around three o’clock in the afternoon, Jesus cried out loud: “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?” – That is, “My God, My God, why did you abandon me?” (Mt 27:45-46)

So the Holy Spirit presented the same Image, but with: “Europe, Europe, why did you abandon me?” The thoughts of terrorism, a Russian invasion of Europe and its bid to the Antichrist, followed in a gloomy flow of consciousness. Finally, I perceived the assertion of Christ as the precise timing of the conversion, penance and prayer in Europe, to alleviate the fate on the Continent. Christ recommended an immediate participation in the Sunday Mass.

29 October 2016 – Manuel Silveira:

WILLIAM: Jesus has told me that the Antichrist will arrive as an Alien and the Governments will tell the world he has come to save the world. Could you ask Jesus about this please?

JESUS: The Antichrist was born of Jewish parents and he is already operating in the world through secretive elites. He had influenced the recent U.S. elections to elect the globalist candidate, to pave a satanic path in the world. Fortunately the power of prayer and the Grace of God allowed us to prevail over evil.

The Antichrist may look like an Alien for his disciples, because he was Heavenly gifted until his expulsion from Heaven, along with Lucifer and other rebel angels. Lucifer became Satan and the Antichrist is the Son of Satan, which hints to his extraordinary powers. There is no living human that compares in skills to the Antichrist – therefore, he will possess magnetic persuasion with satanic deceit.

Christians have been warned of the Antichrist and his plan. He is the instigator of World War III and also its peacemaker, which will induce world leaders to herald that the Antichrist is the Saviour of the world. In fact, we will have 42 months of peace after World War III, which will allow evangelization and the construction of the third Temple of Jerusalem.

The Antichrist will evidence his real intents on the Abomination of Desolation, when he will occupy the Temple of Jerusalem and will render himself as an object of worship and adoration until Christ’s Second Coming.

The Archangel Michael is constraining the Antichrist, but after a certain time he will be let loose and will then cause immense horror on Earth. Christ invites us to seek refuge in the Holy Spirit during this hellish period of 42 months – the Great Tribulation. The Holy Spirit is an Infinite source of Power operating in the Church until the End Times.

October – November 2016 – Visions the Croatian Seer, Matija Mihalj:

25 October, 2016

MATIJA: We pray a Novena for the Little Pebble. I can see a group of Priests walking single file down a hill into a beautiful field and then into a white Chapel. Now I see a group of Virgins walking to the front of the Chapel and they are going in the door, inside the Chapel. They are like the Virgins from the Scriptures, carrying lamps and dressed in white. The Priests are also dressed in white. There is a forest covered in brown seeds.

We pray the Exorcism Prayer for the Little Pebble. There is a green forest and I can see two Tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The Tablets appear to be made of glass. Now I can see a young man – like a soldier – but he is a small man riding a small horse – very high up on a hill. The soldier is looking down from the hill. I do not know who he is.

We pray for the Little Pebble – I can see a blue light going into his heart – it is round, like a Holy Host. I can see a lady crawling on her hands and knees up the steps of a Basilica in Rome – then she comes up in front of a window, which is very tall. This lady looks like the same person who was with Our Lord at the Scourging at the Pillar. There is a lady inside the Basilica who looks like Saint Claudia and the two ladies look at each other and then the first one turns around and crawls back down the steps again. I don’t know who she is.

We pray for the Little Pebble – I can see a King and on his face appears the letter ‘x’. He is wearing a crown. I can see a river surrounding a hill and there is a boat on the river. On the boat I can see a yellow and white flag of a Pope and there are people inside the boat, but I can’t see who they are.

We pray for the Little Pebble – I can see a river with a green field on one side and on the other side is a pathway and a forest. I can see Father Richard sitting in front of what looks like a division of the field and now a man comes to embrace Father. Father Richard is very happy to see him and to be together.

We pray for the Little Pebble – I can see Saint Amor Dei, going into his heart. I see water pumping out of the ground turning into a river, but the water is blood red. There are some people going into the river and when they do, the water becomes clear.

15 November 2016

MATIJA: We pray for the Little Pebble and I can see Our Lord in a white gown come down between two white rocks. Our Lord then disappears and Our Holy Mother comes with many Angels.

We pray a Novena for the Little Pebble and I can see an Angel looking after a little girl. There is a white cloud – like a small hill – and in front of the cloud is the Little Pebble in a white gown, standing on the cloud. I see Pope Francis, who Blesses the Little Pebble and now he is not the Pope but there is some Saint who actually Blessed the Little Pebble. Now I can see many Saints around him.

We pray for the Little Pebble – I can see a white coffin in a field. On the coffin is a White Dove and a group of Angels appear. All around is a forest. Over this coffin is a tree, similar to a Christmas tree.

We pray for the Little Pebble and I can see in front of him, a river of clear water. All around is a hill and a forest.

29 November 2016 – Answer from Jesus re Matija’s Visions (Raindrop (1)):

RAINDROP (1): I ask for the Holy Spirit to protect me and the Lord to take away My preconceived ideas – to open my heart to Jesus’ Holy Words. Speak Lord for your little servant is listening.

OUR LORD: My daughter, I AM the Great I AM, The Great Physician – He Who brings Truth and Justice. All who come to Me with love, will find healing. Know daughter, that at the beginning of this Vision are all those servants of Mine, who I will bring to My little son to help him. The brown seeds represent the abundance of Graces that will be sent down upon them, to be able to do My most Holy Will.”

“In the second paragraph, you see the green forest and the Glass Tablets with the soldier upon the hill. This soldier represents the forces that will come to destroy My Commandments and Holy Word, from all parts of the Earth. Then you see the Light (Grace) of My Mother entering into My little son’s heart, to bring him the Graces and guidance for his mission. The woman crawling up the steps represents all My suffering children, who seek to pray and be immersed in My Passion, to save the souls of My lost children and to uphold My Remnant Church, which is in great sorrow.”

“Saint Claudia will be sent back, with others, to help My Remnant Church. The King with the X on his face, is My sweet and little son who is My Representative – My last Pope – who shall be victorious and protect My children – those in the boat.”

“You then see the place where many of My Saints are being prepared to aid My son, uniting with him in this final mission, to save My children. The blood red water, is the blood of the Martyrs in this, the end time. But as others enter this water they are made clean, as is the water. These preparations have been made and are being carried out even now and will soon be realized by all My children.”

15 November 2016 – Vision:

OUR LORD: “This is My Second Coming. The two white rocks are the two Peters. The First and the Last. Francis Blesses My son in an effort to show union, but then is removed, for he is not of this Office. My son is then Blessed by a True Representative of this office and the Saints join in, with great love and joy.”

“The white coffin represents My church on Earth, guided by the Holy Spirit. It will suffer a death and resurrection and Eternal Life, which is the Fir Tree and River of Living Waters all around the Shining Hill on a Mountain, surrounded by Forest – the Era of Peace.”

“Go in My Peace My daughter. Do God’s Will and pray without ceasing. My Peace and Love is upon all My children.”

5 November 2016 – Question to Our Lord from William:

WILLIAM: My beloved Jesus, You know well my heart. I, as well as many souls who love You, are confused about events in the line of a time line as to the Great Warning.

In some of the Messages and even from the Saints of the past, we are to believe that the first Three Days of Darkness is part of the Warning, where we use the candles to light up the darkness, during that time and this period is the Illumination of Conscience, where millions of souls will perish – but the whole world will be converted and it will be a time of the re-evangelization of the whole world – a Short Reign of Peace – the one promised by Your Holy Mother.

But before this, the Third World War would come in the Middle East. The Antichrist would show himself and bring peace, that the U.S.A. would be invaded and the Asteroid parts would hit the world, then the invasion in Europe and finally in Italy, the Pope fleeing Rome. The crash of the money. The Division of the Church.

During this Great Warning, parts of the Poles shift – that is what I personally believe. However, in other Messages the Warning comes and kills two-thirds of the world’s population – the world is in poverty; we go back to horse and buggy; the technological age is gone; the Antichrist comes into power and takes over the Vatican, as there will be no Pope. The True Pope will be in hiding and a new currency comes – the One World Government, the One World Church, the Mark of the Beast – for three and a half years.

Then comes the second Three Days of Darkness with the Comet, Wormwood. We also light the candles. Then comes the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus. I personally believe in the first scenario and part of the second is part of the first.

The reason I say this Lord, is because, how can You destroy two thirds of the population before the people have the chance of Your Mercy during and after the Warning?

Please, My Jesus, help us to understand. Thank you, My beloved Jesus.

18 November 20126 – Answer from Jesus through Raindrop (1) for William

OUR LORD: “My dearest daughter, I AM the Word Incarnate, I AM the Great I AM – the Great Physician. I wait patiently for My children to seek me out. Even when they do not, I come to them.”

“Know this, My Son, you are correct in your evaluation of the first scenario, but also the second fits in there also. Some things have changed, but My Mercy is always there waiting, so patiently, for My children’s ‘yes’. This could be before or even after their death. Mercy does not end until My children say ‘no’ to it. My Mercy is second only to My Love, for without love there could be no Mercy. Throughout time Prophets have been given the Will of God and future events, in the hope that My children will come back to love – to do God’s Holy Will.”

“The Warning is etched in stone; life and death are etched in stone; My Love is etched in stone. All other prophecies can be mitigated by My children’s prayers. Come to your Father and trust Him. Prepare with your love and prayers first – prepare how I have instructed you – the rest will be in My Father’s Heart. Go in Peace and Love, embraced in My Mercy.”

“Read the Gospel of Luke for this day.” (19:41-44)

WILLIAM: Jesus came tonight and gave a very beautiful message. He said next year is the year of many Miracles and many changes. Could you please ask Him about this?

RAINDROP (1): Jesus said:

OUR LORD: “My Heart is the greatest gift for My children. They must come to know and love It –immersing themselves in it.”

RAINDROLP (1): Jesus sends His Love and says:

“My son’s trials are about to come to a head, but I will be with him.

Wishing all God’s children a Blessed Christmas and a Holy 2017.

William Costellia