Jesus Speaks about ISIS



WILLIAM: Jesus came at 1.30 am and began to express His Sorrow at how the world was proceeding. He then said He wishes the Authorities and the Public to know that the Organization known as ISIS – an ideology contrary to those of God – they were not of God, but of the enemy of God and all that is good.

Jesus said that ISIS has revenge in sight, because of their influence in the events of war in Aleppo – as they were defeated for they had members of theirs involved – ISIS Headquarters was stationed in Libya.

ISIS has now an evil plan to attack the free Western World simultaneously, but not the conventional way. These are the places in the world that will be attacked:

  • Berlin — near the Triumph Arch — Germany
  • New York — Madison Square Garden, U.S.A.; Washington, The Pentagon — U.S.A.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Tunnel under the Harbour — Australia.
  • Paris — the Eiffel Tower, on the second level — France.
  • Brussels — the Financial Centre of Commerce — the place which holds the largest computer called “The Beast” — Belgium.
  • London Tower — England.
  • The Royal Palace — Spain.Moscow Plaza — Russia.
  • State of Nevada — Military Air Base — U.S.A.

Jesus said: Prayer and only prayers will avert these atrocities.


Prophecies that have been fulfilled in recent weeks:

  • The Great Freeze in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • That there would be carnage in Istanbul — Turkey.
  • That China’s man-made Island was built for Military purpose.